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99-Year-Old Nuremberg Prosecutor Calls Trump's Family Separation Policy a 'Crime Against Humanity'

We shall do better pdq.

And we will continue the fight. Can you feel the energy rising among us as more and more of us acknowledge being suckered by those who have seized power of this so-called “land of the free.”

WMD are atom bombs. US Terrorism.

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Your anger is misplaced, counter productive and childish BS.

^^ That is an example of counter productive and childish BS.

The vast majority of people here did, and do, speak-out - and put their bodies where their mouths are!

Poppycock, this is purely media manufactured outrage. What Trump is doing with this “war crime” is what the last 3 presidents did. You know why this is done? This is because the parents go to a detention facility with a bunch of other adults.

Remember the old westerns where the villain is trying to make it to the Mexican border? This is to escape jurisdiction for a crime they committed. This still happens - both ways. Know where Roman Polanski is?

  • on racism, atrocities, war, and displacement of millions!

Oh golly, yes I remember all the protests that happened when Obama spent 8 years bombing 7 nations. He turned Libya into one of the most stable nations in Africa into a failed state still in civil war, that has slavery markets again.

Where were those protests? That jerk just got another peace prize. Obama was George W. Bush in blackface after a diction class. A Neocon through and through, but he did something Bush couldn’t do, he killed the anti-war movement.

Thru many presidents and regimes. If this article and statement of principle by the prosecutor and responses to it makes you angry,

A statement of principle? Don’t make me laugh. This “war crime” has been going on for over 18 years now. 18 years, and NOW, just NOW it’s a big “war crime” problem… Yeah, sure it is. You don’t want to put kids into a general population behind bars. Hey, if you went to prison, would you want to bring your kids along?

That’s the HORRIFIC crime that is happening, they’re not placing kids into a holding facility of completely undocumented people. All that is known about them is they are illegal aliens. No paperwork on them. They could be child rapists, regular rapists, murderers, drug runners, human traffickers. It’s not even known if the children that are supposedly the children of these people are their actual children.

don’t assume failure or silence by people - teach, and remind people who the perpetrators were…and are!

I’m not assuming anything. Again, where were all the protests about this issue in the last 18 years? This has been policy for over 18 years now.

We had a president that violated the GENEVA CONVENTIONS to lie us into a war in Iraq, and that scumbag still is walking around, instead of where he should be - executed. Where does this “man of principle” stand on that? Well, completely silent. We have real war criminals who have committed real war crimes.

Oh boo hoo, some kids are separated from some people that claim to be their parents for a period of time, not permanently, just until the parents are processed for crossing a border illegally. This 98 senile Depends wearer is calling THAT a war crime.

But it’s just fine and dandy to create the refugee crisis you see in Europe today after bombing 7 nations over the course of 8 years. THAT’S NO BIG DEAL - why talk about that?

Your rant makes you look like an arrogant fool…

Talk sense to a fool, and he will call you foolish. I don’t care what your opinion is of me, I’d have to respect you to care what your opinion of me is.

Now I will let you go back to your little fantasy land, and wait for a bunch of scumbags tell you what you need to be outraged over, no matter how trivial it is, as you ignore actual real things thinking people are justifiably outraged over but is never mentioned by the PROPAGANDISTS that run this site.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about what the gov’t of Israel is doing to the Palestinians.

There’s no point in talking about this. Israel will eventually take over the entire west bank, and probably Gaza as well, and will use the results of ending apartheid in Zimbabwe and South Africa as an example of why being an apartheid state is necessary, and not only necessary, but morally good.

If Israel was interested in a 2 state solution, they would have declared their borders 40 years ago and just made a defacto Palestinian state. They haven’t, because they are interested only in a 1 state solution that is controlled exclusively by Jews. They’re pretty much there right now, so what’s to discuss?

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You are absolutely correct! This is what Noam Chomsky said about U.S. presidents:
“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war [WW II] American president would have been hanged.”


Hello The Truth, Yes it will but the longer it continues the closer to the destruction of almost all of the life on the planet, whether animal or plant life!

What are you talking about? In 2016 it was “waaanh! Trump is going to bring us to nuclear war”.
Then in 2017 it was “waaaanh! Trump is a puppet of Putin”
Then in 2018 after Trump meets Putin it’s “waaaanh! Trump calls off Cold War 2.0”.

I wonder when if you will ever realize that the aggressive, expansionist, insane nation, is not Russia, but the US. There was no revolution in Ukraine, it was US coup. Russia didn’t seize Crimea, Crimea left Ukraine when the new nutcase Ukrainian leader was calling for the murder of “Russian speakers”, of which Crimea is 95%. Crimea is also Russia’s ONLY want water port.

The US left the ABM treaty in 2002 under Bush, then expanded NATO right onto the border of Russia, then started placing missiles in these nations, nuclear missiles.

Both Obama and Bush Jr. having been pushing us toward at least Cold War 2.0 with Russia, and maybe even a hot war, and now, maybe Trump is about to put an end to this, be re-opening dialog with Russia.

Everything your government tells you about Ukraine, S. Ossetia, Georgia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran is a complete lie. I wonder when you’re going to realize this, or if you ever will.

You guys gotta read a little history. Guantanamo Bay is a resort. When a certain flavor of politicians comes to power (you know the kind that bring the previous ones to “justice”) they create reeducation camps. There you get reeducated thru hard labor. The problem with those kind of guys is they usually don’t stop. And by the time the people realize it, it’s too late. Then you’ll have to fall back on plan B, the one that involves the “tree of liberty”.

Crimes which most of the countries behind the Tribunal commit on a regular basis, or in the case of America, an hourly basis.
Pretty sure we can stop pretending that the tribunal is anything more than political theater.

Please ignore the unhinged attack upon you by rich(dick)_wicks. He’s clearly a nut case that has no business being here.

I’ve long admired your comments here and his assault upon you (us) is totally unwarranted.

I would note he’s a newly enrolled troll – here since just Jul 3.

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I think you’ve got your facts a little screwy. Family separation, as a matter of policy, is new to the Trump administration. INS and ICE separated families for periods in the past, but it was not a doctrinal policy. As I understand it, the Flores settlement, named after a girl who fled El Salvador in 1985, required the government to release children to their parents or relatives after detainment. There were abuses at times by INS and ICE, but no administration flaunted the settlement, much less issued directives contrary to it, at least as I understand.

It really isn’t fair to downplay what’s happening now, pretending that all is normal or consistent with the past. The government is ignoring a court-ordered settlement on the orders of the president and his lackeys. And, might I add, this is why:


Now we’re talking; and, things are once again heating up over there. But, both Israel and its partner in apartheid are jumping on an imprisoned people in Gaza for fighting back and seeking their freedom. Bullies can only push a victim so far before the victim has to punch back if only to salvage their self respect. The next couple of weeks should prove interesting. At least it might just push Russiagate into the trashbin of history.

Why aren’t there more people in America like this man? What has happened to people in America, why are so many of us so mean spirited? I realize that life can be very hard, but it doesn’t help to throw hate and cruelty at other people because it just puts more meanness and evil out into the world. We have to care about one another, otherwise we are just too many rats in a box.

Good for you! Keep up the good work! I am with you!

Kidnapping, I believe, is an impeachable offense, followed by life in prison.

Men like Ferenz are nearly gone, and with them their first hand knowledge of what happened in the dark days of the 1930’s.
We are at a fourth turning (read the book The Fourth Turning) and we are about to relive those awful days of the post worldwide depression and World War II.

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I agree with this and your comments generally, Geronimo, but personally have problems using the term “liberals”. I know its only a descriptive, but after Phil Ochs “Love me, I’m a liberal”, I could not use it. How can I describe my position in the political sphere? Labels are less important that our actions, words, and activism, but do have substance - descriptive’s should reflect our intent. Peace! Keep the Faith!

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Bonzo the Chimp Trainer armed Saddam from 81 to 88 to murder Iranians who provided oil and gas to America in both World Wars I and II through British Anglo-Iranian Oil and the Dubya blew it all up to steal the oil. Bill Clinton did not overthrow Iraq or Iran; Ike overthrew Iran in 1953, Operation Ajax. Perhaps most importantly the West blew up the historical links to our ancient past. Have a nice day!

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Nobody, including Ben Ferencz here, is saying other US presidents did not commit crimes too. So why are you using this story to engage in partisan politics?

Ending war and other crimes against humanity is not going to be achieved through existing tools of electoral politics and complaining about Democrats - the whole system will need reform through revolutionary methods and new radically more democratic state. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

But for now, the immediate task is stopping stop a descent into fascism - and at least the Democrats are not fascists.

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Yeah, the America we all know and love is white northern European skin and English (but only if it is spoken in a white, Midwestern or California accent - like Boot’s Riley’s “white voice” in his movie). With heavy doses of ignorance and insularity and pride in being stupid and uneducated (but blonde) of course…