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99-Year-Old Nuremberg Prosecutor Calls Trump's Family Separation Policy a 'Crime Against Humanity'


Nobody, including Ben Ferencz here, is saying other US presidents did not commit crimes too. So why are you using this story to engage in partisan politics?

Ending war and other crimes against humanity is not going to be achieved through existing tools of electoral politics and complaining about Democrats - the whole system will need reform through revolutionary methods and new radically more democratic state. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

But for now, the immediate task is stopping stop a descent into fascism - and at least the Democrats are not fascists.


Yeah, the America we all know and love is white northern European skin and English (but only if it is spoken in a white, Midwestern or California accent - like Boot’s Riley’s “white voice” in his movie). With heavy doses of ignorance and insularity and pride in being stupid and uneducated (but blonde) of course…


Of course Mr. Ferencz is correct, but until somehow the profits from wars are eliminated death will continue to win.


I’m 80 years old and remember how proud we were that we were not the Nazis. Preaching to the world what awful results fascism led to. Now we have Steven Miller the architect of the Trump empire and an avowed white supremacist leading the country. These people are evil to the core with their TIKI torches and they will not be defeated with logic, reason and kind words. Listen to such loudmouth deadheads like Jeanine Pirro at Fox or likewise, Sean Hannity and Tucker Calrson or that queen of testosterone and loud mouth hate Laura Ingraham. Tune into FOX and see what gibberish is all about. We ignore them, at our peril though. We have not made amends for our history of genocide toward our First Nation citizens or our past with slavery.


I would EDIT THIS to say, And yet we have not even admitted our history of genocide toward the First Nations or our past history of slavery let alone make amends. Many of us do admit to it but must be taught in schools and documented in the school books.
However education and its demise was the first target of the Koch bros and their elk


The prosecutor’s comments imply that Herr Trump and the entire chain of command down through ICE brownshirts would have been convicted of crimes against humanity if tried at Nuremberg. Jawohl!