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A 2-Pronged Assault on Women


A 2-Pronged Assault on Women

Martha Burk

We heard a lot about the “war on women” during the 2012 election cycle — mostly over Republican attacks on abortion rights and birth control.

While the phrase has faded in this election year go-round, the war on women has not. The only change is that now we’re fighting on two fronts — reproductive rights and economic survival.

To a man, the three Republicans still in the nomination race oppose abortion rights.


As a woman who raised 2 daughters (and frequently doing so with an income under the poverty line), I fully empathize with and respect these two issues:

  1. Fair wages... particularly for working women/single Mothers
  2. Total sovereignty over one's own body and reproductive destiny

However, it's primarily these two issues (vital as they may be) that stand in contra-distinction to the Republican macho clown car that cause many intelligent women to look away from Hillary Clinton's foreign policy record... and the degree to which it immiserates so many women... from Honduras to Libya and all points between.

What a sickening devil's bargain that to have a modicum of control over our own bodies, many women feel their only choice is between a war-mad hawk like Hillary or the user-friendly Donald Trump?

Sanders is an advocate of women's reproductive rights, but these days, his right to see clear, honest voting stations in truly open primaries is under equal threat.

The posters who always turn matters around blaming those who have little power for what's done by those with lots of it... have a LOT of 'splainin to do. Of course, they'll just repeat the lies they're accustomed to parroting. Belief, honesty, and integrity... need not apply.