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A 2020 Imperative: Why the Left Must Reject and Elect Biden at the Same Time

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/06/2020-imperative-why-left-must-reject-and-elect-biden-same-time


This Progressive must teach the DNC that I will not VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO.

Joe Biden is a Disaster no matter how you evaluate him.

First and foremost he is a Warmonger, he is a Corporate Puppet who will never support Medicare For All, he is an Angry Senile Old Man who will Never change.

Maybe if Biden loses, the DNC will learn a lesson and run a Progressive next time.

Unless Biden selects Karen Bass as his running mate, I will be voting Green again.


Despite the Washington State primary ballot including 36 candidates for Governor I noticed that there were no Green Party candidates for ANY of the many offices being voted upon.

Will there be a Green Party POTUS candidate on November 3 ?


Another unbelievable choice thanks to the DNC and Obama largely. He called every black in the nation to have them vote for Biden and against Bernie. SC was ridiculous. What has Biden done for blacks? Don’t forget the student loan debacle. Can you imagine what happens when you are young and wakeup to realize that 200,000 you borrowed can’t be repaid in full ever? If you are not well it can push you over the edge. I ran into a Chiropractor who was sick and could not practice. Her 39% penalties for not paying got her to over 300,000. For a service that charges 40 a visit at most. Ridiculous. And again where is the article about Epstein, Dirshy, the Clintons and the Mosad? Why is the mainstream media totally avoiding a story where the local police had 40 charges of statutory rape etc. ready to file against Epstein and they all disappeared because “they were from bad backgrounds and not good witnesses”. This Dershowitz crap is a story in and of itself. Yet nothing. While Joe Paterno had about 50 stories and editorial pieces in the New York media, Joe’s committed no crime, he told the president of Penn State what he heard. However, he was destroyed by the media. I think the reason is obvious.


I’d consider voting for Biden if Bernie Sanders were his running mate and Biden had one foot on a banana peel (joking), otherwise fergit it.

Frankly, running with Bernie is about the only way Biden can make himself a pretty sure thing.
Biden can campaign from his usual center and Bernie can campaign from the Left. On his own with another running mate, the more Biden talks, the more likely he is to lose.

See: ~https://www.cbsnews.com/news/biden-cognitive-test-why-the-hell-would-i-take-a-test/

What Biden said to Errol Barnett might be considered by some to be racist. At any rate, Biden’s usual knee-jerk, footinthemouth reaction could not have won him any favors from the Black community. Barnett’s question was legitimate. Biden also slighted Obama similarly by saying he’s “clean.” Would he say that about a white guy running for office? Not bloody likely.


Howie Hawkins should be on the ballot in WA.


In response to the article, the same sh-t we hear every four years from the same people:

“We have to get rid of Trump, keep pressure on Biden”… “Challenge Biden on Day 1”

Keep pressure on Biden how? What does that mean? In what instances and using what strategies has this worked with past Democratic presidents? How are you going to challenge Biden ‘on Day 1’ when you just lost most of your leverage?

Just as an example, a general strike of teachers, students, flight attendants, “essential” workers, delivery workers, etc. could bring Trump, Biden, Pelosi or McConnell to their knees in a matter of days. But the chances of liberals and union heads ever backing such an action against Democrats is approximately nil.

Biden’s neoliberalism will ultimately kill us just as surely as Trump’s. And if history is any guide, a Biden presidency would be followed by someone who makes Trump look benign. Neither is acceptable. I’m far more interested in figuring out how to change course than shaming other people into spending ten seconds coloring in a circle.

Vote for who you want, then go back to work on revolution.


Agree. But I do not think the DNC cares if they win or lose. The train goes in the same direction. Just as long as a true progressive is not around, (even then there are so many hurdles, and so many levels, that it is impossible to go progressive). They just have to keep a progressive off the ticket cause they will have a great chance of being president. They even have to be careful that the Lincoln team, the higher ups, or even SNL, do not wound Drumpf too much, cause if they do too early, and Biden leaves the election, then Bernie…
two party no way. One party, with two platoons flanking any outsiders.


Norm comes for the sheep again, as he always does.

But the Most Important Election Ever! ™ follies must continue.

Pity the Democrats. For the lack of a single cycle of discipline and self-respect, we lose a world.


Those stridently demanding that everyone vote for the Dem branch of the Duopoly and denouincing anyone who dares to say the damned emperor is buck nekkid are a) very immature politically; b) suffering from so much anxiety that they’ve stopped being able to think and are perhaps on the verge of a serious health event; or c) being paid for their work.



I read your piece carefully and have the following feedback:

  1. It is amazing TX is a swing state - years ago, I always used CA and TX as the two states where presidential campaigning isn’t going to occur as the result is taken for granted. I’ll be interested to see just how close TX ends up being.

  2. You say there are a dozen swing states, but you only list 10 and it isn’t clear if ME and NE were intended to be the other two (due to a single EV being up for grabs in both). Looking at ~https://electoralvotemap.com/2020-battleground-states/, the states you didn’t list that they include are: Minnesota and New Hampshire (they include all ones you listed). Do you not consider these two swing states?

  3. Since I’m sure this won’t be the last piece you write along these lines, I advise you not to use the phrase “magical thinking” as it is most definitely a trigger word for many. Those that decide they want the Democratic party to get the message that they can’t do basically anything and end up with just about any candidate and be assured of getting all progressive voters to come along for the ride. This is a very real argument. You can say your argument is better, but you (and Noam Chomsky) can’d deride the argument for voting third party even in swing states by calling it magical thinking (assuming you are writing to actually persuade).

  4. I humbly suggest you include an item that I’ve been harping on recently to add some sugar to your request for progressives who don’t want to go along to come along. Can you implore Bernie Sanders to endorse Lisa Savage for Senate in Maine as choice 1 and then endorsing Sarah Gideon for choice 2? You and every progressive I know is pushing for RCV in more places and here we have the perfect election where the independent (Savage, who will go back to Green after election) being the pro M4A, better on all progressive issues than the Democrat, absolutely no downside on voting 1/2 as I suggested, and not a peep out of you (or Roots Action more generally that I’ve seen once @Mr_Peabody alerted me to that fact) or a peep out of Bernie Sanders. What gives?

Note: If you care to see more of my thoughts on this topic, I said more at: ~https://commons.commondreams.org/t/dont-let-anyone-fool-you-says-sanders-primary-wins-show-progressives-transforming-american-politics/80840/134


Sounds like you might be registered as a Democrat. The Green Party held a primary in Washington on June 13 and there were several candidates on the ballot for President: In RCV the final round came down to Howie Hawkins and Dario Hunter. Dario Hunter won the primary with 55.4% of the vote - but the nomination ended up going to Howie Hawkins who won the vast majority of other states. Results can be found at

The Green Party national convention was held on July 11 where Hawkins got 59% of the delegate votes. His running mate is Angela Walker who had previously received 20% of the vote in her 2014 campaign for Sheriff of Milwaukee where she is from.


I took a look at ~https://www.dariohunter.com/on_the_issues and of course there is nothing I would see there that would make me say he is automatically better or worse than Hawkins (who I like, but I currently vote in the Democratic primary). Why do you think he beat Hawkins in WA? Is it related to an issue or personality or even identity politics? (I’d like to think not on that last point, but I’m not in touch with the Green party at all lately).

Dario and Howie were the two main candidates in every state - I don’t know why Dario happened to win in Washington. I favored Dario myself because he had actually been elected to something in the past, but both clearly had good platforms. As the Wikipedia article on him mentions that he is the first Muslim born man to be ordained as a rabbi, I also thought that might make for the kind of human interest story that would have gotten him some free publicity in a campaign. But now, I am not happy with him since he is continuing his run for President as an independent.


N.S. writes:
“To organize against a government headed by Trump is to push against a thick stone wall.”

True. That is definitely a true statement.

“To organize against a government headed by Biden holds out the real potential of progressive breakthroughs.”

I believe this is a false statement. “Headed by Biden” . . . . really???

We need to know who we are organizing against. It needs to be outlined clearly.

Biden can barely string a coherent statement together, let along “head up a government”.

It is delusional to think that Biden will be heading up anything.

Did you see his interviews this week?

Who exactly are we organizing against? Many names come to mind and we discuss them here but to continue to act as though Biden will be a leader is delusional-----as bad as the magic thinking N.S. mentions!

Who will be his VP who may very well end up being president? Who is making that decision and why?


Lesser evil is a failed, deadly strategy. See my article, “A Vote for Biden is a Vote for Trumpism” on substack.


Solomon’s calculus is cogently correct, but putting our faith in Sanders, Sunrise et alia to complete it is a dangerous gamble.

None of them have shone they’re truly committed to what it will take to save us from the climate cliff, and to create a truly just world.

If they’re the best we got

We got problems.

All you progressives with your nose in the air, oh I won’t vote for Biden, Bernie should be the nominee. Blah, blah, blah, same as 2016 when you said, I won’t vote for Hillary, Bernie should be the nominee.
You self-righteous people, and I would like to use a different word than people but I don’t want to get in any trouble, are condemning America to another 4 years of Trump. We have a 2 party system so voting Green doesn’t mean anything either. You are wasting your vote. It may make you feel better that you stood by your principles and in your mind, you can feel superior to the rest of us, but you are not helping America in any way, shape, or form. I don’t think Biden is the best but he is better than Trump so I am voting for Biden.


Just keep your blue no matter who nose in the air and keep being herded as a sheep. You’ll be doing the same in 2024, 2028, 2032. and etc. etc. etc. Never ever hold the DNC responsible for giving us Trump. It clearly was everyone who didn’t bow down and do as the DNC said who are the problem. The DNC loves ya. .


“You self-righteous people, and I would like to use a different word than people but I don’t want to get in any trouble, are condemning America to another 4 years of Trump.”

Democrats can’t inspire half the electorate to even come to the polls, but somehow ‘the progressives’ are the reason they lose.

But if you believe the U.S. can vote its way out of this bipartisan-created collapse, well, I think that’s the beginning of your error in thinking. Personally, I say vote however you please. Then find a way to make more fundamental change.


Primary Clyburn in 2022!