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A 21st Century Parable-The Lord and The Baker


A 21st Century Parable-The Lord and The Baker

Christopher Brauchli

The hippopotamus’s day
Is passed in sleep; at night he hunts;
God works in a mysterious way-
The Church can sleep and feed at once.
— T.S.Eliot, The Hippopotamus

The Lord works in mysterious ways and that explains the actions of Masterpiece Cakeshop owner and baker, Jack Phillips.


Excellent satire, as usual, Mr. Brauchli. If you taught law, your students must have been in for a constant set of intellectual treats. I love the subtlety you utilize when presenting examples of the folly that passes for rational thought (and sometimes, law) in this strange nation: an amalgam of enlightened progressive persons mixed with social and culturally challenged virtual Neanderthals.


So you adopt the full “sacred scriptures” with all their ugly warts? Seriously? And you believe that is some sort of “argument” in favor of public discrimination? Do you support stoning, or sacrificing an ox? Should our ceremonies create a pleasing odor for God? How do you decide which citations to focus on, and which to ignore? Or, where does Jesus condemn homosexuality?

A bunch of nonsense in terms of actually determining how we treat each other today.

Not super happy to see the recent flood of posts here, not just from you, waxing on about “sacred scriptures” and the “Holy Church.” i don’t believe your incessant citing of your “sacred scriptures” and waxing on about your irrational “beliefs” are pertinent to the purposes for which Common Dreams was created, and i think you should recognize this.

Oh and it’s not “Unique” at all, it’s trite and tired, very very tired.


Cool, Leviticus! So you do also support stoning, and slavery, and all the other horrific monstrosity in your “sacred” writings! Thanks for making that clear!

Look, i recognize that i should not feed the troll, and you will only take this as another opportunity to blather and prattle. Carry on.


I do not approve of Wal-Mart’s treatment of workers, in their stores or in the factories of their suppliers, so I don’t go to Wal-Mart to spend my money. It’s beyond me why any couple would want to ruin their wedding planning by forcing a mom-and-pop bakery to bake a cake that they don’t want to bake. Wouldn’t you worry about surprises in the cake if you were successful? If the Wal-Mart bakery refuses to bake you a cake, fine – sue them! But let the mom-and-pops come around on their own, when they see they are losing out on business they could have had. When you force people to do something they don’t want to do, you just end up with resentment and resistance. Find a sympathetic baker and plan your wedding with joy.


The Neandertal people were actually quite humane – moreso than many homo saps: there’s evidence from burials that Neandertalers supported their disabled family members throughout their lives, provided medical care insofar as they could, and valued those members at the same level as any other person.


And yet you do so cooperate, routinely.


[quote=“crabby7, post:8, topic:10857”]
It’s beyond me why any couple would want to ruin their wedding planning by forcing a mom-and-pop bakery to bake a cake that they don’t want to bake. … Find a sympathetic baker and plan your wedding with joy.[/quote]

I agree wholeheartedly. People who do that kind of thing are inauthentic game-players. It’s pretty unhealthy.


You speak of “sacred texts”

In Buddhism The Sutras are considered “sacred text”
In Judaism the Tanach and Talmud are considered “sacred texts.”
In Hinduism “The Vedas” are considered “sacred texts”
In Islam “the Koran and Hadith” are considered “sacred texts”
In Christianity the “Bible” is considered “sacred text”

Many of these texts contradict one another and many of the peoples that follow one and not the other do not believe those others are “sacred”.

The Council of Nicea where all of these various texts (for the bible) collected and collated occurred in 325 AD. What made that editing process “sacred” in your mind and do you dimiss those other “sacred texts” from those other religions as false?


Oh, that’s nae problem at a’: you’re judgemental (Matt 7:1, Luke 6:37,41, John 8:7), uncharitable (John 13:34, 15:12), and like the Pharisees are smug, self-righteous, and loudmouthed (Matt 6:5-8). Uncharitable is the worst, of course, but the others win you no prizes.

Rav Hillel, while standing on one foot, also named charity as “the whole of the law, all else [being] commentary”. I’ll say to you what he said to his questioner: go and learn.


Don’t kid yourself. We all do. We know you by your deeds. You’re the whited sepulchre in Matt 23:27, claiming righteousness but sinning against charity in every word from your mouth.