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A A Category 6 'Big Money' Hurricane Is Coming. With FEC Gutted, the First Responders Aren’t.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/30/category-6-big-money-hurricane-coming-fec-gutted-first-responders-arent


Empty the jails of non-violent offenders, and fill them with the Greedy Old Prick party and all their enablers.


Maybe if Trump’s Mar-A-Lago gets trashed by a big storm (one is coming that much is a certainty) then suddenly Trump will believe that global warming is no hoax.


If your scenario happens, you will see the greatest FEMA hurricane response in this countries history. No government expense will be spared to rebuild Trumps resort, and the taxpayers will foot a lot of the costs. It’s doubtful it will move Trump emotionally on the climate change subject because he wont lose anything like average Americans do during a natural disaster.

I usually have pretty thick skin, but find the writers hurricane meme in the story in bad taste, when the season is in full swing, and a storm is barring down on the coast of FL., as we speak. That’s a shame, because the subject matter in the article is important.

First, it’s a bit odd that a president would appoint members of the FEC, as it seems an inherent conflict of interest.

Second, the horse has kind of already left the barn, wandered onto the highway and gotten crushed by several semi trucks when it comes to campaigns-as-bribery. Should we expect it could get worse?


why do you dislike the Republicans so deeply? reach across the aisle, not divide further!

I’m not on either side of your aisle. Never will be as the political establishment on either side of your aisle, has in the past, is right now, and will for the indefinite future continue to not provide equal representation to any but the very few in the top 1%.

Wake up to reality.

Oh, welcome to Common Dreams.


Hope that Dorian smashes Mar-A-L:ago to pieces

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Yeah, real specific plan of action this guy proposes… real helpful article - not.

You don’t reach across the your so called aisle and work with Hitler and his minions. You try and crush them… to save the world.

Trump will put the money he took from FEMA for the border back to FEMA to restore Mar-A-Lago.

mastema- Do you really have to ask?

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