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A Bad Day for Monsanto and a Good Day for Public Health in Europe


A Bad Day for Monsanto and a Good Day for Public Health in Europe

Aisha Dodwell

A battle of corporate profit vs people’s needs has been fought out at the European Union over the past two days as heated negotiations took place about the re-licencing of a chemical that probably causes cancer in humans. It just so happens that this very same chemical makes millions in profit for the giant chemical and seed company Monsanto.


Food: Monsanto's four-letter f-word...


Note how this tactic comports with the way government elites utilize "National Security" to keep plenty of The People's Business secret.

Secrecy, which is anathema to Democratic Representation, is the new business (fused with government = fascism) norm.

How about the hundreds of pages of legal jujitsu that compose the TIPP and TPP which were deemed too top secret for the public, no less many congressional members to know or even speak about!

The only reason a "twin study" has shown up with opposite results to the legitimate study--and hides behind proprietary secrecy "laws"--is that it's a devious device designed to skew the evidence.

Monsanto is guilty of war crimes. Period. They never did anything to redress their blood profits during the Vietnam War. And having sealed their bona fides with the U.S. military, Monsanto became inordinately profitable pushing its toxic products all over the world... leaving not just long trails of Cancer behind, but also destroying much of the natural world.

This is insidious, but very typical of THEIR practices:

"Having two studies with such conflicting conclusions is confusing for anyone who simply wants to avoid eating food that has been sprayed with cancer causing chemicals, or just wants to avoid using toxic products in their gardens. But what makes it worse is that this can’t be resolved by a simple process like having independent scientists re-visit the two studies, or even allow people to compare the two and make a decision themselves. This is because of EFSA's insistence that the data used in their study remains strictly secret and unavailable for any external scrutiny. The secretive study has also kept anonymous the names of the researchers. This makes it impossible to know whether any conflicted interests were at stake, which is particularly worrying given that EFSA's research into product safety are well known to be reliant on industry sponsored studies."

Right now, law allows trespassers lots of leniency since their crimes are cloaked behind the "presumption of innocence."

Instead of so many committed groups being caught up in fighting corporate polluters on so many fronts, the axiom must be turned around. And by that I mean, let these corporate behemoths so intent upon destroying ecosystems, the natural world, and human health PROVE the safety of their products in peer-reviewed tests before being free to plunder, poison, and turn the living world into what they prey upon.

Vulture capitalism, indeed!