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'A Band-Aid, Not a Solution': Critics Warn Trump Eviction Moratorium Only Delays—Doesn't Prevent—Housing Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/02/band-aid-not-solution-critics-warn-trump-eviction-moratorium-only-delays-doesnt

Here’s Biden’s chance to promise a robust rent forgiveness plan–mortgages, too. Will he?

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Sounds like you’d have to be an idiot to pay your rent or mortgage now even if you can. Why not just wait and see what happens? put the money in the bank of course just in case, but if the government will pay it, why bother.

Expect more of these temporary relief measures to cover his ass until the election is over. Then the bills come due.


If Biden is elected, do you think they still wont come due? My daughter busted her ass and sacrificed for 10 years to pay off her student loans; now she feels stupid because her classmates (who spent their extra money on cars and partying) are going to get theirs forgiven?

Not saying that at all. The point was that Trump has, as the incumbent, some tools at his disposal that will provide temporary relief to the public until he gets reelected. Then all bets are off. Are you saying the government (allegedly our representatives) shouldn’t provide a mechanism to help out the people they are supposed to represent?

Depends on the mechanism. Debt forgiveness is a poor choice IMHO. My experience is that it just encourages people to go further into debt with the assumption that they’ll be rescued somehow by someone. Maybe a government loan that can be paid back with public service - 10 hours minimum a week - if public service unions would allow it.

I am just asking: what about landlords who own 1,2,3 properties even 5 does not make that multi millionaires. Maybe on owned properties they have a net worth of 1to 2 million dollars on paper and they are living on that rental income? I know several people owning rentals between 1-3.

How about the landlords who own 1 to 3 properties even five, they live off this income or saving it for retirement???

No. Five characters

and how in F’s name are you supposed to “apply” for that?

Pelosi blew it when she rushed to bail out her donors First. They got 3 trillion and nothing for the people . Except for We get the Tab. Trump the Clown out foxed Mama Bear.

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The only light in the Tunnel would be for her to lose to Buttar

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What we are finding is that there was very little value in many of the solutions in the CARES Act. The moratorium on evictions only applied to 10% of renters, and 30% of homeowners because it was only for low income housing and federally backed mortgages. It is the other 90%/70% that are being impacted greatly. The CDC moratorium at least applies to everyone, but it is still just going to delay the inevitable.

Rent forgiveness will not work either.
What about the landlords loss of income?
Rent Forgiveness and Compensating Landlords would be an elaborate, complicated mess. The Hill is good at making plans, but terrible at implementing them. They are also terrible at auditing to ensure that the result they intended was the one they got.

I say just give the American people a generous direct payment that includes a rent allowance, and let them pay their own rent. What a novel idea! If they don’t pay their rent with it, then it is their own fault if they get evicted. Programs are a waste of time and money in an emergency situation. There is something about governments giving cash payments to people…I can’t figure it out. The government should do what it needs to do, and leave us to take care of our homes and our families. They do not have to means test everything.

With all the waste and the fraud that has become evident as a result of the CARES Act solutions, we probably could have paid everyone’s rent outright.


I always thought a UBI was so necessary (along with M4A) when the pandemic struck. That would have kept funds flowing from tenants to landlords. Should have been put in place in '08.

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Sorry, just one more thing;
If the first stimulus had consisted of:

  1. A base amount $0000
  2. A rent allowance
  3. A utility allowance, and
  4. A food allowance

They could have eliminated the elaborate, costly programs for food and utility assistance. They could have done without calculating how many dependents people had, and figured out who was dead and who was still alive. All of this money would have paid for the above.

Are you for real or is this a sarcastic remark? Did you even read the piece? How about the part where it says you have to PROVE you can’t pay, which no doubt means having to provide copies of bank accounts, plus verifying employment/unemployment. And who knows, they may even check under your mattress to see if you’re stashing all your profits from drug dealing or child trafficking.

What would you say about someone who spent 5 years in prison for marijuana possession, then a year or two later marijuana was legalized in that state? Or what about someone who paid full cost for health insurance for several years, even though they could barely afford it and because their employer didn’t offer it, then a year later the ACA with Medicaid expansion was passed and now they qualified for Medicaid, and paid ZERO for comprehensive healthcare. In both instances, are you going to blame the person who DOESN’T have to go to prison, or DOESN’T have to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for healthcare? My god, are people so out of touch, so wrapped up in themselves, so selfish, so mean, so cruel, so indifferent that they don’t want change for the better if it means they don’t get to personally benefit from it?

Society evolves and changes, new laws are passed or repealed, time marches on.

I’ve been seeing your point brought up in various places. There’s a lot of uncertainty about what Trump is doing. Many landlords aren’t wealthy people, they are folks that rent rooms or cottages they’ve built out back. And, honestly, this feels like a stunt anyway.

Doesn’t really matter (election wise) whether this program is lacking or not. Many voters will remember this, and other actions to come by Trump, as at least someone is providing some relief, unlike the dirtbag democrats. As I have predicted before, the hapless democrats and Biden will allow Trump to move left of them and cement the election by proposing a few, temporary populist relief measures. Don’t be surprised, if he gets desperate, if Trump installs a TEMPORARY UBI. If he does that, or provides debt forgiveness for Covid medical bills, game over.