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'A Battle Cry From Appalachia': Progressive Paula Jean Swearengin Wins US Senate Primary in West Virginia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/10/battle-cry-appalachia-progressive-paula-jean-swearengin-wins-us-senate-primary-west


I remember the hope people placed in the election of a progressive named Bill DeBlasio.

And Kamala Harris.
And Corey Booker.
And Pete Buttigieg.
And barack Obama.

Hell, I remember when Hillary called herself progressive.

And because I remember, I discount bullshit memes about progressive Democrats.
Because they’re Democrats first, and progressives somewhere or other or not really at all.


I didn’t support de Blasio. He obviously used his family as props, and obviously was a stupid individual. How dumb could anyone be to vote for this focus group obsessed charlatan?


Obama was truly an “Eisenhower Republican”. I forget who came up with that accurate description. Now, an Eisenhower Republican is certainly better than a moronic white nationalist. But an Ike GOP’er is what Mr slogan really was.

I mean, the Pritzker family finances your political rise? How could anyone mistake this nice middle class guy for the next Eugene Debs, Frederick Douglass, or Henry Wallace? LOL. I never voted for the guy. The corporate media hacks at MSNBC liked him too much! But sure, I’ll have a beer with him and discuss the latest in American Lit.


DCCC exists to stomp down miscreants, daring to act like actual Democrats. We’d discovered, well before 2016 that, “well, vote DOWN TICKET,” was yet another intentionally authoritarian slap in the face to LOYAL, life-long working class, “minority,” female, precariate (that, in OUR rust-belt, Chuck told to go die our sad death o’ disparity) Hillary was courting Main Line Country Club Republicans… Fuck 'em!

~https://mobile.twitter.com/HeerJeet/status/943119232417521666 (opioids, religion of the proletariat)

~https://gothamist.com/news/health-centers-serving-low-income-communities-decimated-covid-19-say-cuomo-starving-them-vital-funding (Private Equity feeding frenzy)

~https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/coronavirus/article243397056.html (did’ya see this coming?)

~https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/10/health/us-coronavirus-wednesday/index.html (who’s counting?)

Congrats to Paula.
The map displays she has the eastern part of the state.
Hopefully the guys at the western side will wise up
and realize that DC needs a house cleaning.

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So we tar them all with the same brush? Yeah, we got many phony MoFos masquerading as what they were not, but the reason they did is that the folk whatever you or I or anyone else call them, may be “wokening” they may just surprise with some real integrity and gumption…maybe, but the pressure from entrenched powers, like the cop group mentality of violence and arrogance turns newbies into old-guard; same with politicians and newly elected.
I’d suggest we all walk a mile in their shoes before casting the stone…

As far as Jean Swearengin, she sez “Join our 100% people-funded movement to flip this seat and give power back to the people of West Virginia and the entire country.” - supports “a Medicare for All healthcare plan. She favors legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis. She supports raising the minimum wage to $15 and implementing free public college tuition.” Not a bad start - who knows where she will go further.

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Well, the “west side” of the state voted for Ojeda (where he’s from), but Ojeda, despite voting for Trump over Clinton (or maybe because of it - you know, all of Trump’s Populist campaign lies) immediately attacked His Heinous’ direction once he was President and became a huge supporter of the successful 2018 teachers’ strike, successfully sponsored medical marijuana legislation, and rips into the neighboring state’s Mitch McConnell every chance he gets. So, while Swearengin is definitely waaaay better, Ojeda was no centrist troll. Add up both of their vote totals in the primary and you get over 70% of the vote. That bodes well for Swearengin’s chances in November.

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