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A Beautiful Moment of Socialism. But Now Killer Capitalism Resumes


A Beautiful Moment of Socialism. But Now Killer Capitalism Resumes

Paul Buchheit

In the worst moments of the tragedy in Houston, something remarkable about America burst into view, as government and business and military and especially ordinary citizens put aside thoughts of personal gain and dedicated themselves to the needs of fellow human beings.


"Drugs and Depression: As the pharmaceutical industry keeps pushing opioids, Americans are suffering “deaths of despair” – death by drugs, alcohol, and suicide. One out of every six Americans has taken a psychiatric drug such as an antidepressant or sedative in the past year. About 75% of heroin addicts used prescription opioids before turning to heroin, which is killing people at a rate three times greater than just seven years ago. Americans are also dying from alcoholism at a record rate. Suicide is at its highest level in 30 years.

Job Stress: The suicide rate is also clearly linked to unemployment and deteriorating work conditions, especially since the 2008 recession. "

These silly people are just committing “the . . . pursuit of happiness . . .”

Let us now funly (solemnly?) celebrate this Labor Day! with our little time off, no vacation pay, stagnant wages, lack of union representation, fired for any reason or no reason, buy yer own medical insurance . . . and total barbecue happiness!

Whoopee! The Future Looks Good!


I don’t think it’s quite correct to equate “socialism” with “cooperation”, strictly speaking, but the point is well taken, and socialism is much more grounded in cooperation than capitalism, certainly. Indeed, cooperation is our default, not competition, as evidenced by the fact that there is virtually no evidence (via fossil records) of organized warfare until the dawn of agriculture, at which time material inequities began to surface in human societies. Extreme competition is only necessary under the conditions of scarcity, and even organized warfare is a highly cooperative endeavor. We’ve been sold a bill of goods that competition is “natural”, and our economic system, which serves the tiny few at the expense of the many, is a result of centuries of propaganda, as our societies have mostly been crafted by the elite. Capitalism is about as unnatural as it gets. Just ask the 60,000 or so people who die every year in America from lack of adequate health care.


Free market worshipers with their belief that the market is all omnipotent and omniscience refuse to see it is devoid of morals. To give power to an economy directed without morals is ludicrous and a disaster waiting


Very well put. Good post!


Labor Day. The holiday where labor keeps working and bosses get a 3 day weekend!

You have to appreciate the USs ability to pervert just about any decent idea.


If you want socialism, you’ll have to revolt for it.

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that the private sector won’t tolerate it as a national system. Look at the pink revolutions in the South. Most overturned now. And that’s because their oligarchs refused to concede.

What do you think ours would do? They’re far more powerful.

It’s disheartening how unseriously we take this subject, constantly asking for something we all know we can’t have easily.


Socialism its not, but is an example of caring for our fellows - but we should shout that dirty word anyway - SOCIALISM!

A case in point for the utter lack of conscience or empathy of vulture (or killer) capitalism and its adherents - the homes bought-up after the housing bubble burst, and the same banks that victimized families and individuals rent the bargain basement acquired homes. In Houston, families are being forced to pay on unlivable properties while the banker swine CEO’s rake-in billions - and of course the “law” sides with landlords and other robber-barons.

The MoFo’s that profit from “the continuing criminality of a winner-take-all capitalist system” should be rubbed-out!


The type of community cooperation that took place during the tragedy in Houston and other communities were more an example of Mutual Aid under anarchism (particularly anarcho-communism than socialism.


Thank you for those links. I read them in their entirety, horrified, but not surprised. In my opinion, “Vulture Capitalists” are just about the lowest form of life on the planet! They produce nothing. They create nothing. They are totally selfish and amoral. They profit off of other peoples misery. And our
laws protect them. And our economic system rewards them. It just makes me sick!


Cuba is regularly battered by hurricanes and recovers handily. The richest country in the world gets hit and it flounders like a beached whale.

More opportunity in chaos for the vulture capitalists.

Grassroots Direct Democracy


You’re very welcome nighthawk. I believe and feel much the same about how people of power and wealth treat others - with contempt for their lives and well being - men, women, and children They are human parasites feeding off society, giving back little or nothing, while passing an increasing burden onto the backs of the most vulnerable! Thank you.


And spin the Orwellian use of the idea to somehow be patriotic.


“there is virtually no evidence (via fossil records) of organized warfare until the dawn of agriculture” https://www.amazon.com/War-Before-Civilization-Peaceful-Savage/dp/0195119126/ref=pd_sim_14_47?ie=UTF8&dpID=5156rR%2BE2lL&dpSrc=sims&preST=AC_UL160_SR105%2C160&refRID=0F80E6AXQZFJGM7Y9KAD


What would you call this? I don’t think you could call it socialism by any stretch of the imagination. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/inside-story-what-took-keep-texas-grocery-chain-running-chip-cutter


until the dawn of agriculture*

“Evidence from Europe offers a clear window into pre-agricultural practices. There is no firm evidence of war for thousands of years during Paleolithic times—though some scholars see suggestive indications in a few places. After 10,500 years ago, however, as the population of foragers became larger and more settled, several sites show individual violence, and others show the more collective casualties that signal war. Still, the evidence of violence is present at only a small minority of all excavated sites. Beginning around 6,500 years ago, however, fortifications, embedded points, and even clear signs of village slaughters become common. By the Bronze Age, 2,000 years later, war and weaponry had become a veritable cult.”



Also see:



I’m in full agreement- What irks me most is the fact that there are more empty homes here in America than people on the street- Now doesn’t that make perfect sense? The “rent” mentality at it’s finest…