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A Beginning, Not an End: My Open Letter To You on Inauguration Day


A Beginning, Not an End: My Open Letter To You on Inauguration Day

Yifat Susskind

Today is the beginning. It may be the start of the Trump Administration, but let it also be the inauguration of something much more powerful: a renewed feminist social justice movement that takes root in each of our lives, throughout the country and around the world.

"What did you do to protect people and to fight for our rights, our health, and our planet when it was all under threat?"


I just keep thinking that this is the right time to fight for the Equal Rights Amendment. It's time has more than come, and it could unify all the disparate tendencies that oppose this vile man.

Sometimes, fighting for ONE thing can be a more effective way to organize than fighting against everything.


Some of us have been doing this for years and look where we are. Maybe now there will be enough of us....


The problem with the contemporary liberal discussion is that it is so narrowly based on the perspectives of the working/middle class, to their own disadvantage. Understand that the poor and middle class see everything from profoundly different perspectives today. The poor, in a nutshell, are the ones who see America with its mask off -- who see what it really looks like.

As long as liberals fail to recognize that the truly poor are not a separate species, but are the post-working class in a country that shut down/shipped out a huge share of our jobs (since the 1980s), we will "stay the course." We've reached the point where liberal media no longer even acknowledge the existence of those who are worse off than minimum wage workers. It's impossible to resolve problems if we don't recognize that they exist.


When so many are struggling just to survive another day, things like the ERA aren't on the top of their list of priorities.


No matter what anyone says, someone will say, "NO. We must do this other thing first."

Someone will come along and say to you, "That's true, but their struggle has to take a back seat to climate change, which is going to kill us all."

Then someone could say, "Yes, but what about cops who are killing us right now?"

It's really endless, isn't it?

This is how the Left paralyzes itself. People on the Left can't even support women marching against a misogynist. The problem with the Left isn't "messaging" or "framing" or any of the other excuses I've heard for years and years. When people actually try to do something it's never good enough, pure enough, effective enough, Left enough, focused enough, inclusive enough. It goes too far or it doesn't go far enough.

Want to help the poor? Do it. Help them. Don't ask me how. Don't wait for someone else to organize it. Don't criticize others who are trying to fight for something other than your issue. Do it. Help. Whose permission are you waiting for? What perfect set of circumstances need to be in place?

Because the time is never going to perfect, and you're never going to get permission.

People have criticized the marches today, asking where they were when Obama and Clinton were bombing women.

I ask, where were those criticizing? No one prevented them from organizing a peace movement against Obama, right? Where were they?

You're one step ahead of a lot of people. You've found your issue. It's all you post about. Great. Now what? Now just criticize anything that doesn't focus on your issue?

You tell me, @DHFabian.

Since everything else is lacking and everyone else is wrong, now what?


Speaking of the ERA:



I'd like to fight for Medicare for All. Another one that the time is right for, as people start losing coverage. (sad to say)


I think that would be great. I'd urge you to consider some price controls as well (I believe that Germany has some, people still manage to make money), but whatever, it's a great issue, timely and vital. In fact, one of the best ways to reduce Medicare costs is to expand it, which shocks people at first, but right now Medicare covers only the elderly, who on average use more healthcare services than people who are younger. Just imagine if everyone could buy into it!


thanks. i'll look into that. :O)


Had a great time at our march. At least we're like hearts and minds here and there. :O)