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'A Better Option': Colorado Readies Ballot Battle for Single-Payer Solution

'A Better Option': Colorado Readies Ballot Battle for Single-Payer Solution

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Will Colorado be the first state in the nation to successfully implement a single-payer healthcare system?

Voters in the Centennial State will decide next year, the secretary of state's office announced Monday, after confirming that proponents of universal coverage had gathered enough signatures to put the plan—dubbed 'ColoradoCare'—on the 2016 ballot.


Didn’t Liz Fowler include weasel clauses in the Affordable care Act (ACA) that prohibit states from initiating single payer until 2018, and then only with federal approval ?


Single-Payer - actually Universal Healthcare - is what our nation desperately needs to care for our people - all of them - something every other industrialized nation on Earth has in some form. We have been held in bondage by the insurance industry, for-profit health-“care” industry, and big-pharma all who use Americans for their own profit, regardless of costs to the people, professional incompetence or outrageous deadly crap pushed nightly of network TV by big-pharma. Obscene Profit has become the motive for this conspiracy and the people have born the burden of paying far more than they should for competent care, especially seniors who are targeted. The insurance industry and big-pharma will see their profits evaporate as the people wake-up to the national alternatives to organized greed other nations take for granted. Big-pharma is busy keeping cannabis - medicinal marijuana - illegal and stoping studies on its efficacy for many diseases and conditions and its safety. Prez Obama had a chance to push single-payer but instead opted to further empower profits over people and gift those parasites and their obscene profits even more, a grand failure that showed (among other greed-driven profiteers) where his allegiance really lies.

Beside true universal coverage, we need more doctors and nurses, more medical schools and more scholarships, free to those who will serve without the need to repay costly tuition and expenses - what we need is what Cuba had in their medical services!

Some things in societies must be held and recognized as “rights” to be accorded all citizens, and even granted other residents, These common needs and services include, but are not limited to, health-care, education, clean water and air, and a secure future without the fear of homelessness or poverty - all those things make a nation truly strong, not merely a military establishment and the illusion of security!


“Voters in the Centennial State will decide next year, the secretary of state’s office announced Monday, after confirming that proponents of universal coverage had gathered enough signatures to put the plan—dubbed ‘ColoradoCare’—on the 2016 ballot.”

That’s the power of direct grassroots democracy.

Include safe, encrypted, one touch cell phone voting and the possibilities are endless.


Unfortunately, most Coloradans (like most Americans) don’t understand what “single payer” means and so are likely to be bamboozled by the negative publicity this will generate from the right wing.


I’ve viewed health care systems all over the world and I know that the United States can do much better with lower costs and full coverage for all. Hopefully, Colorado will again lead the way.

BarryK, Doctor of Public Health


The rest of the developed world consists of democracies answerable to their citizens. The US on the other hand is an oligarchy where the government is only answerable to the wealthy and corporations. Part of this is how political campaigns are financed by private donations. Those elected only serve those who made it possible for them to hold public office. There are historical parallels with the Roman Republic which formed the “blueprint” for the Founding Fathers of our country. They were also for the most part upper class or upper middle class. Many were slave owners. Early America required the ownership of income producing property in order to vote. Senators were selected by state governments, not the people. The electoral college was supposed to limit the power of the people to elect Presidents that might threaten the “status quo”. This is “why” we have the sort of government that we do compared to the governments of the rest of the developed world which thanks to their design, have to provide services that ours does not.

  1. Healthcare

Implement Single Payer health insurance that provides better care at less cost to all without a “Mandate”. Also known as “Medicare for all”, it is a system in which a “single public or quasi-public agency organizes health care financing, but the providing of health services remains largely in private hands”.

According to Physicians for a National Health Program, the project would be supported by the funds received from supplanting today’s wasteful, profit-oriented, different insurance payers with a single streamlined, non-profit, single payer, and by unobtrusive new taxes taking into account capacity to pay. Premiums would vanish; 95 percent of all family units would save.

“Very early in our medical careers – on the wards and in the classroom – we learn that inequality, preventable illness, and death are an inherent part of our current private, for-profit-oriented health insurance system,”Vanessa Van Doren, co-founder of Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP), wrote. “We see patients receive preventable amputations due to untreated diabetes. We see people permanently disabled by stroke because they were unable to afford their medications. College funds emptied out to pay for $100,000-a-year cancer treatments. Families bankrupted and lives destroyed.”

It’s time to implement the bill United States National Health Care Act, (popularly known as H.R. 676 or “Medicare for All”) introduced by Rep. John Conyers Jr. [D-MI] (Introduced 02/13/2013). Proponents claim it will insure every uninsured person, while reducing administrative waste, lower pharmaceutical and device prices, and reducing the rate of medical inflation and eventually eliminating all co-payments and deductibles.

In November of one year from now, the Colorado voters will have the chance to lead the country by opting out of Obamacare and supplanting it with ColoradoCare, a universal health care system administered by the individuals who depend on it. Promoters introduced far more than the imperative 99,000 signatures required to put the initiative on the 2016 poll in Denver. ColoradoCare proposes a model that covers each Colorado resident. A tax on income and businesses would replace insurance premiums, yet the income wouldn’t be liable to the whims of lawmakers; rather, it would go specifically to a fund administered by trustees whom the beneficiaries pick. In this respect, it would be an agreeable-like system responsible to everybody in the state, autonomous from whatever is left of the government and cherished in the constitution.

Read more: https://progressivewishlist.wordpress.com/


I think most people worry more about their health than about terrorism, but our government spends a million times more on preventing the latter.


I suspect the implementation of the TPP will prevent any attempt to enact single payer.

The TPP is a mechanism through which corporations can continue to exert their control over a nation against the will of the citizen consumers.


The health care insurance complex will spend billions to counter this effort.


I pray Colorado can accomplish this goal.

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The same way that in the US we have a ‘two’ party system that locks out alternative party candidates, unlike what other developed countries do. Also, notice that countries with universal health care have a parliamentary system.

Fear mongering by the heavily funded insurance industry will drive the people of Colorado right back into the arms of the dysfunctional US health care system. Oregon? maybe. Colorado? Nope.

This initiative is going to require so much money and promotion, because we all know the big corporations are going to fight it with tens of millions of dollars, and they’ll have their politicians and corporate bosses speaking out against it. It is likely to be one of the most widely covered initiatives in the 2016 election, and it will be a huge fight. If it passes, the constitutionality of it might be challenged in ways that only really clever lawyers could dream up. I do hope it passes. It is my home state. But even if it does pass and not get challenges in court, there will likely be people trying to defund it and put up barriers to its implementation. Getting it on the ballot is the easy part. Making it work will take years, and lots of money.

The medical industrial complex, right wingers, the libertarian filth, hate wing radio will be in full anti single payer mode 24/7 to defeat this initiative. I certainly hope for the best in Colorado and a miracle happens. We do have success stories in this country: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

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Your suspicions are correct.

During his ACA campaign on September 9, 2009 Obama told network TV reporters that “health care reform must preserve insurance industry profits”.

Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA double down on this goal by making governments liable for loss of investors’ profits.

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All coloradoans should vote against amendment 69 it aims to make 21 people rich at the expense of the disabled and the poor.this amendment would also discriminate against the disabled and less fortunate.Do you really want 21 people to decide the fate of your health care system.the way this law is drafted the 21 people could decide to discriminate against people just for having a previous medical condition.