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A Big Deal for Our Ocean


A Big Deal for Our Ocean

Magnus Eckeskog

Today governments from all over the world will meet at the United Nations in New York to develop a new treaty to save our oceans. We will be there to ensure clear rules for the creation of sanctuaries that will give our oceans the protection they desperately need.


The Pacific Ocean so often described as a vast frontier to exotic places, is now replete with a garbage gyre (or many), bleached coral, “melted” starfish, sea mammals in great distress, Fukushima effects that have yet to be acknowledged, and so much more tragedy. What caused it all? As the author states, it was greed.


If only nations would actually protect rather than exploit - if only nations would rebuild/restore rather than sweep global depletion and extinctions under a word-salad rug. If only ignorant/corrupt politicians wouldn’t fight listing species, marine and terrestrial, under the Endangered Species Act!

We saw toothless cowardice at the COP 21 “summit” on global warming - everything “voluntary” with zero enforcement. Given the worlds worship of vulture capitalism, “growth” and profits above all else - worship of Mammon - continued free-rein to exploitation, extinctions, undersized protected refuges, and pirate operations ignoring any regulations may carry the day. I know my cynicism is showing and I truly hope I am proven wrong!

The usual-suspect nations exploiting the worlds oceans at-risk species may continue to stymie strong protections. So many species have been “harvested” to collapse or near extinction, including small food species for larger “harvested” for cat-food and fertilizer. Genetic traits like size have already been extinguished in breeding populations. Then there are the depraved that kill for a “thrill” - harpooning manta rays for a “ride”.

I do hope the UN will accomplish more than a charade of compromises and exceptions with no vigorous enforcement. Pirate operations must be hunted down and removed from the worlds oceans. The usual suspects hunting whales for “research”, seahorses for “medicine”, baby American eels for sushi, sharks and tuna for “cultural” food “delicacies”, “famous chef” species of the moment harvested to depletion, sea turtles, swordfish and other non-target" and immature species killed by long-liners, drift gill-nets, and purse-seines…and then there is the wholesale oil/gas pollution of oceans, bays and estuaries - the nurseries of the seas - polluted by industrial animal facilities fecal waste, chemical pollution from mining, industrial agriculture, nuclear radiation washing into rivers and oceans. Will any of these related issues be discussed or controlled?

In Florida there’s a move to remove endangered manatees from the ESA as being “restored” a transparent lie/attempt to profit from “development” threatening manatee habitat. We clearly see wolves removed from the ESA are again being extermination by depraved humans - restoring a species to the ESA is near impossible!




I admonish those who are about to “assemble the building blocks for a new ocean treaty” to put an equal amount of effort into fighting Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA, and Trudeau’s CETA, or all of the “building blocks” will be victims of the corporate wrecking ball enabled by those “trade deals”.