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'A Big Scandal': 200 Russian Mercenaries Reportedly Killed By US Airstrikes in Syria


'A Big Scandal': 200 Russian Mercenaries Reportedly Killed By US Airstrikes in Syria

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what is being characterized as the deadliest clash between Russian and American forces since the Cold War, U.S. airstrikes reportedly killed around 200 Russian "mercenaries" during a failed attack on a U.S.-held military base in eastern Syria last week.


Do ya think this will be on the evening news?

Our Duopoly at work, spreading peace and love.

I mean, bombs and death.


What could possibly be considered “newsworthy” about US bombs killing Russians in Syria? Or Israel bombing Syria? Or Turkey routing US-backed Kurds in Syria? Or…? Nothing to see here folks, nothing anyone needs to be concerned about, move along…


This will probably only escalate. Kudo’s to Russia for trying to downplay this.
Our neocons will try to ramp it up.
This will not end well.


And a big wet kiss to the Russian mercenaries.


There hasn’t been a world war in more than 70 years. You can’t just keep stockpiling weapons and hoping for another brush war to use up a few millions rounds every now and then. We need another real war to keep the weapons industry robust and relevant, and why not a nuclear war? Think of the profits from replacing all those ballistic missiles and MIRV warheads. Those lucky enough to escape incineration would have jobs until most of the world expired from radiation sickness, or the certain economic collapse spawned roving gangs of mercenaries fighting for territory and resources.

So c’mon, let’s get started. We can maybe win this, and even if we can’t, rest assured and take solace in the fact that the richest and their heirs will find a place to hide out, taking their superior genes with them to start all over in a future that won’t exist for the rest of us.


Sadly the article rehearses one propaganda line after another. The US strike in question is described as being against an attacking force. In fact there is no evidence that a US ‘base’ was under attack. The Syrian forces-of whom 100 were reported dead- were attacking al qaeda and ISIS militiamen, far from the US ‘base.’ The US air attack was to protect the militiamen with whom the US is allied. The base is there to protect the remains of the Islamic Caliphate and the jihadist mercenaries from the advancing Syrian forces.
the American people seem determined not to understand that, in Syria as in Iraq and Libya, the USA is arming and giving air cover to the very people it accuses of having carried out the 9/11 attacks. The same militias that it also employed in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kossovo, Albania and, currently, in Yemen.


I should add to the list, in case there are any Bostonians reading: “Chechnya and Dagestan”


When exactly does this spiral out of control? That is the risk and the possibility as eventually a line is passed where emotions take over then it is too late. That point has to be very close if not already passed. We are a superb killing animal and the feelings that drive that are never far from the surface.


The only “good” Russian Mercenary is a …

Are there any facts or figures out there telling the numbers of mercenaries the United States government or their subcontractors hire, to keep the peace for the Empire?


The red lights are flashing. The sirens are screaming. The ravenous beast that is the US MIC creeps ever closer to the abyss.


No one will “win” in the next one. Everyone will lose.


Perhaps our Military engagements in 134 countries plus the $100’s Billions of weaponry sold to other terrorist countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel, are keeping the bullets flying and the bombs dropping sufficiently enough to keep the Merchants of Death in the black.


It must be a real dilemma for those “creeps.”

On the one hand, the Hate they feel for those they are paid well to want to murder and maim, and on the other, many are family folks with kids and grandkids that if a nuclear holocaust begins, will most likely have much shorter life expectancies once the missiles start flying.

How can anyone like that, make a decision to choose either outcome?


And a big wet kiss for the US military, US military “contractors,” and the Empire for which they stand.


Excellent catch. Yes, there was no " attack " on an American military installation by Russian mercenaries, as you point out. The Israeli jet shot down was a retaliation against their shooting of the Syrian drone.
Also, Russia needs Syrian oil like it needs more cold weather. The oil turf is being fought over to control highways and routes to Damascus, etc.
Most Americans can’t follow all the various factions involved in this area, the shifting alliances and renaming of Kurdish, Turkey, Iraqi, Iranian…well, you know, the supposed Syrian bad guys. This subterfuge of confusion is done purposefully to discourage anyone from following along intently, and just letting the Pentagon do its thing. Like the old saw, " let the police handle it ".
Only the police aren’t poking a bear with a stick which happens to have 4000-5000 nukes. There is a big difference.


Not a chance. It’s chickenfeed. We have to go to war against a Russia or a China. We have to kill maybe a billion people.

And that will be just a start…


One of the Wild Cards has to be Global Warming –
plus an already over-heated public reacting to fascist government in US.

The US/CIA increasing need to deceive and steal ever faster – using “terrorism and
illegal wars of aggression” as a cover-- will continue to even further alarm the public
and move them to action.

It would seem the plan is more war and more chaos to physically divide people from
one another, from their homes - and from the resources to act in their defense.


The Syrian government denounced the deadly U.S. airstrikes as “new aggression.” No U.S. casualties have been reported.

While Russia currently appears to be downplaying the incident in an effort to keep tensions with the U.S. at bay and claiming the Russian military “had nothing to do with the attack” on the U.S.-held military base, the Kremlin took aim at America’s “illegal presence” in Syria and accused the U.S. attempting to “capture economic assets” in a statement immediately following news of the airstrikes last week.

It’s not clear who was paying the Russian contingent" that was killed in last week’s strikes, Bloomberg observes. "Reports in Russian media have said Wagner—a shadowy organization known as Russia’s answer to Blackwater, now called Academi—was hired by Assad or his allies to guard Syrian energy assets in exchange for oil concessions.”

In other words, two organizations NOT under the entire control of either Russia or US Heads of State.
US/CIA/MIC need for more war and Empire hangs over the nation like old Nazi flags.


Absolutely correct, bevin. Thank you for saving me the trouble of posting the same thing.

The follow-up question is: Why is CD megaphoning the government’s and MSM’s lies?

Because Trump?

The “liberal” camp has really lost the plot. (I say this from well to the left of them.) It’s like all the fake brouhaha over the resignation of that White House lawyer Rachel Brand, who says she would “rather work for Walmart than Donald Trump.” Between the partisan sniping between the Trumpsters who call her an “Obama holdover” and the pseudoprogressives who staunchly defend her (“as a woman”, of course), is lost the fact that this woman got her job there after first working for and defending the BUSH campaign in Florida! Oh, fine liberal credentials, those!

The psyop brigades in government and media have got the rats in the cage totally confused and eating one another.