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'A Big Scare Tactic': ExxonMobil Files 'Conspiracy' Counter Suits Against Climate Defenders


'A Big Scare Tactic': ExxonMobil Files 'Conspiracy' Counter Suits Against Climate Defenders

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In response to a series of lawsuits aimed at holding the oil giant to account for its climate crimes, ExxonMobil is taking "a bare-knuckle approach rarely seen in legal disputes" by threatening and filing counter suits against those who have sued them.


It’s perfectly legitimate to reframe a debate if your arguments are good. There is definitely a conspiracy of sorts against Exxonmobile, you can see coordination and lawfare plans across all the ‘green’ platforms with legal teams.

Wether such coordination meets the legal standards for a successful suit is another matter, but the coordination and conspiratorial behavior is open and clear.


There is no conspiracy against ExxonMobil …

However, the CONSPIRACY by ExxonMobil and the oil industry to lie to the public
about Global Warming as revealed by the Royal Academy of Science a number of
years ago is being challenged by the public in the interests of Nature and the planet.

This CONSPIRACY was a $50 BILLION propaganda campaign by ExxonMobil and
other monopoly oil companies which the Royal Academy of Sciences demanded be

This ExxonMobil propaganda campaign ran for more than half a century on the OP-ED
pages of the New York Times, for one example. Under the guise of being "advertising"
neither could it be replied to or challenged. It was a privately owned soap box in our
national newspaper.

OIL is a US national natural resource which the oil industry has been permitted to exploit
and profit from. FDR long ago moved to nationalize the oil industry but was talked out of it
by LBJ, seemingly. Since then the industry has only done increasing damage to the planet
and legal charges should be brought against the industry for that damage.

Absent fascists controlling our government today – I’d suggest that the oil industry would be
nationalized in the interest of the American public and Nature.

Rather this is citizens coming together in common interests of Nature and the
planet in order to STOP the conspiracy by the oil industry to hide the damage
they have created to the planet and Nature – and to human welfare.


Yeah, then we can have more expensive energy and poorer citizens, but at least production will follow the Venezuelan model, because govt can barely operate itself, let alone produce or manage a vital resource.

Why shouldn’t they profit from oil? We get a product we need and value. If you attempt to interfere with their justified profits, the only people who pay are their customers, because the fact is companies don’t pay taxes even when they are paying them, all money comes from customers and if you raise the taxes, customers pay the raised prices to pay for the raised taxes.

You argue there’s no conspiracy then turn right around and describe coordinated attacks on the industry.


The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers. William Shakespeare


And all the propagandist corporate shills and liars!


Yes, because killing is the go to option for so many utopians on the left.

it’s easy to see why leftism winds up with so many body piles everywhere it is allowed to run rampant.


No More regulations to prevent spills!
More money to bribe - I mean support - government REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE to buy legislation
Why they hell should the perps pay the price for their pollution of the commons?
Why the hell should they pay fair market price for land?
Why the hell should they observe and respect legal treaties with indigenous peoples?
Why the hell should they respect Constitutional rights?

Hey - please do keep posting.


But you have no complaints about gov’t operating our $700-billion/year military. Randians have it all worked out on paper, but when reality bites, it leaves a mark.


An argument containing nothing but strawmen is a pretty lousy argument.

I’ll keep posting, no worries. But the difference is, I don’t need to use strawmen.


Strawman arguments aren’t arguments, they’re self pleasuring, confirmation bias tells.

Did I state I have no complaints about running the military? Nope. You assumed it, posted same as a fact to make a cheap political point for those who already agree with you. It certainly wasn’t to have an honest conversation, because you don’t use strawmen in those.


SLAPP actions are a long time fave of corporate criminals and their lackeys worldwide.


Exxon is out to prove Trump was correct when he said: " climate change is a Chinese hoax."


Regarding the popular meme of Venezuela’s failing economy being due to “socialism”, (instead of many factors, Venezuelan capitalists effectively sabotaging the economy being the biggest one); then, why are even more socialist Sweden, Norway, or Finland doing so well then?


Exactly. Nothing new about these ExxonMobil lawsuits except perhaps their size and brazenness.


because they’re not more socialist, they’re less. they don’t have nearly the extent of central planning, they do not have price controls on food, medicine, fuel. I could go into details but the fact is that all your examples are less socialism more capitalism than Venezuela.


The body piles the right wing is responsible for around the world, usually with the help of the USA, or done directly by the right-wing USA, are much higher. A good place to start to learn about this is in William Blum’s “Killing Hope - US Military and CIA Interventions since World War II”


Exxon must have learned from the Trump the benefits of playing the victim. Poor Trump is the victim of so much criticism in the media. The neo-Nazis are also adept at using the victim strategy as they claim white people are under attack and their free speech is impeded by what they call political correctness. Exxon seems to have a weak case, Its opponents are seeking justice and trying to protect us from climate change and Exxon hid critical information for years. I would guess that most judges would quickly dismiss Exxon’s lawsuits as being frivolous.


Double down on the hypocrisy of this move, the main purpose to draw attention away from their complicity.


I believe that many things in Scandinavia are price controlled in the broadest sense - starting with mandatory high minimum wages and worker’s benefits, healthcare, and medicines and a basic social wage for all.

I worked in Venezuela for a couple years back in the pre-Chavez days. The levels of poverty, hunger, and absence of basic infrastructure were appalling. If it was all due to the policies of the Bolivarian movement/PSUV, then why was Venezuela enjoying broad prosperity from Chevez’s election in 1999 until a couple years ago? The government made mistakes, namely, not encouraging the diversification of the economy away from oil exporting and consumer good importing, in preparation when oil income would decline like it has. But Venezuelan businesses hardly took the initiative to create a diverse, less import-based economy either.