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A Bird, A Plane? No, It’s Superdelegates!


A Bird, A Plane? No, It’s Superdelegates!

Michael Winship

Last week, our suggestion that Hillary Clinton call for the resignations of her pals Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz got a big response. But a few people misunderstood what we were saying.


" Lest those pesky Democratic grass-roots activists and lesser lower types be inclined to drive the party over a left-ward hanging cliff, the establishment is supposed to step in to insure that we nominate the electable candidate."
Susan Estrich

Translation: Less those pesky Bernie Sanders democratic grass-roots activists who are lesser lower types, that could drive the corrupt democratic party over a cliff, we the corrupt establishment, need to make sure to nominate Hillary because she has been selected.


Democratic "super-delegates" take notice! Unless you want mass defections and mass losses in November, you must listen to the voices of the people - not the power of big money and corruption!

The future of the party of FDR and Eleanor, Adlai and Wellstone, and Kucinich, and all true progressive's is represented by the energy and integrity of Bernie Sanders - as anyone with eyes willing to see can tell! Ignore Bernie and the mass movement toward/for the Common-Good at your peril!

The "lesser of two evils" con will NOT play this election!


Given the problems the Republicans are having with Donald Trump it is unlikely the Democrats will be inclined to do away with superdelegates. Trump's statements about possible use of nuclear weapons and wanting to spread nuclear weapons to more countries has scared a lot of people. He could be the next president.


"In truth, the existence of the superdelegates is rather like
congressional filibuster rules or other arcane methods of manipulating
the system – those they hurt are against, those they help are in favor –
but when the roles are flipped, suddenly, those who were opposed find
something to like in the rules as the shoe slips from one foot to the

This seems to suggest that Bernie Sanders' courting of superdelegates is an about-face, a move to support something he originally considered "problematic." In fact, he has no choice but to court them - because they are at the moment part of the system. It is an attempt to reach an accommodation with, not support, a flawed and undesirable, yet powerful, juggernaut.


1988: The DNC test drove Bill Clinton
2004: The DNC test drove Barack Obama

Do the math...


If you actually think the President of the United States has the power and ability to launch nuclear weapons then you aren't thinking it through. HRC has however shown a very real ability to use violence against others, and that's what scares me. She's the type that will likely step it up a notch to prove she can hang with the big boys. The 'genrals over al the Pentagon are probably salivating at the thought of coaxing her along to her deserved glory & greatness.


Somehow I doubt that the average American knows that lobbyists are among the superdelegates. The very idea of superdelegates is an affront to democracy anyway. The Dems figure that they can get away with that because there is no one behind them to turn to. It's them or the Repubs.

The emperor's new clothes have been revealed as his ugly old butt sticking out naked ... Where is our democracy? It is one thing to say "we are losing it" but this whole election sure makes it seem like it was lost already even before we started.

That our democracy has been lost stands exposed for all to see. Debbie is pretty open about wanting a plutocracy to take over. Folks.. Our grandkids are going to hate that we have been such fools. The democracy we losebisbthe one they would have had.


Right on with that one Emphyrio! The last election was the last time I will hold my nose and vote for the home team. Pay attention DLC, you are destroying the party much more quickly than you can imagine. I don't ever want to vote against someone again and there are millions like me who will stay home. There will be no support for Hillary large enough to turn back whomever the Republicans pick. I say if the Democratic Party has allowed itself to rot to the point of not being able to serve the people it claims to champion, I will let it die and good riddance. Let the Republicans be blamed for destroying the country this time, I don't want the shame. I want to be part of a proud democratic Party again.
I will stay home for Hillary.


If Clinton is behind Sanders in the regular delegate count and the superdelegates swing the nomination to her, all hell will break loose.

The millennials who are involved in this election solely due to their enthusiasm for Sanders will either be permanently disgusted and turn away from politics entirely OR they'll go Green.

It will be the death knell of the Democratic party.

But the DNC will be blind to it. They'll be congratulating themselves for dodging the Sanders bullet and totally miss the oncoming train.


Yup, and he has been "accommodating" the DP for a coupla decades now, and will continue to do so if he gets in - sure he has a choice, but if he has decided to do "whatever it takes to win", there will be more ....

And if the SuperDs switch, and he gets it, it will be billed as a "victory" for democracy, and how the DP "listens" to the people - instead of what it really is, a decision to pick the one they most think can beat the R, because that is the bottom line - one who has been well vetted over the years and won't sink their boat, one who has a long history, as i said, of accommodating them ....


So who did they "test drive" in '12?


Those of us who have supported 3rd party picks over the years have known for some time that "the Democratic Party has allowed itself to rot to the point of not being able to serve the people it claims to champion," and we have kept trying to tell folks that - Sanders won't change that dynamic ...


Sanders is not firing a bullet, but waving a wet noodle ... if they "allow" him to win it will be because they have determined they are sufficiently safe with him - he has been a good D over the years, and will continue to be ...


I was not using the terms "court" or "accommodation" against Bernie. As I said, he has no choice but to work to get the superdelegates to reflect the will of the majority, because that's the way the DNC has rigged the game. That is not accommodation in the sense of compromise but of having to work within a system created to eliminate people like him. My word "court" was an exaggeration and un-Bernie-like, though at this point I wouldn't fault him for that.


which is why they need to switch to Bernie ASAP. he wins by more against Trump.


i'll write bernie in.


Superdelegates? Of course, the EXCEPTIONAL way!


Your statement is demonstrably false. Bernie Sanders is the longest-serving Independent in the Congress. He of course, had to interface with either the Repukes or the Democraps. He only joined the Dem Donkey this year since it's that or be hand-cuffed to a chair like the hapless Jill Stein was, or kicked out of the debate by goons like Dr. Flowers was.

Voting third party means you are casting your lot with a group of dreamers who always get less than one percent of the vote; actually all third parties combined receive less than one percent of the vote! (except when Ralph Nader was candidate; he got 3 percent.)


Sanders chose to run inside the DP - if the DP wanted to "eliminate him" they would have done it ere now - they have given him access to their machine, after determining he wouldn't break it - after years of working with him, after he promised to support the DP nominee, no matter who, etc. etc - he knew what the "rules" were" and he has chosen, over and over to play with them ...

The only folks the system is created to eliminate are 3rd parties ... who won't play by their rules ...