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'A Blatant Violation': Sahrawis Dismiss Pompeo's Announcement of US Consulate in Moroccan-Occupied Western Sahara

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/25/blatant-violation-sahrawis-dismiss-pompeos-announcement-us-consulate-moroccan


Hello. Anybody home:



“Saharawis” is misspelled as ‘Sahrawis’
3 times, including the headline :blush:

The damage worldwide from these current fascists governments will take generations to repair. Hopefully we all can stop a future global conflict. (unfortunately America is on the “Axis of Evil” team, this time around )


Morocco was the first nation to recognize the US as a “legitimate” country. Who says that we never repay our debts?


The pompous one is a case study, together with the dead bolt and their cronies of the shovel load of the $#it S#0w of privileged royal magic wand to engage genocide at all stages of prep and profit. Insensate is the word that most readily comes to mind. The toxins so deeply penetrating the system that the foundations, since the 20th century (can’t make this stuff up) have had to move aside so they can continue to provide the structures, for, say the clinton foundation to do what it did in Haiti.
An embassy in Western Sahara. It sounds so harmless and natural. How quaint. Just a few battalions of mercenaries. What could go wrong?

Public Banking ~https://www.publicbankinginstitute.org/
Co-op model worker owned businesses


The axis of illegal occupation and theft of territory and resources by the US and its “special ally” Israel are case studies of contempt for International Law and the UN Charter all member nations/states are bound to support, and Human rights of indigenous peoples.
Occupation by aggressor countries violates the Fourth Geneva Convention prescripts against so-called settlements and moving people into areas under occupation by force; a crime and overt contempt for the rule of law, but that is what the US especially overtly under the trump regime,that lap-dog for Israeli racist extremism, terrorism, and their supremacist mindset cloaked in religious “freedom”.
Free Palestine! Independence for Sahrawi Western Sahara! BDS!




Especially with governments who will sell out the people by playing ball with the US and controlling a country’s natural resources to US benefit. We couldn’t possibly be on the wrong side of justice so many damn times by accident. The only conclusion is that we are a terrorist, bully state and the biggest contributor to world violence and suffering and against democracy everywhere we see self-benefit to do so.


Actually, Sahrawis is the more common spelling (see for example, ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sahrawi_people)


Unfortunately for the Sahrawis, Pompeo would not be announcing this move a few weeks before Biden takes over if he thought Biden would reverse course. He either knows Biden will continue the oppression or he knows Trump will pull a coup. Either way, he is assured that this policy will continue under any next administration. Both parties are war parties. It’s the one thing we still do effectively.


My guess would be that the Biden administration will reverse this policy fairly early on. The foreign policy establishment (both D’s and R’s) has long favored a Sahrawis vote on independence. For example, it is strongly favored by Senator Inhofe who represents the Republicans on the issue. The main reason Trump made this move was to piss off Inhofe in a vindictive move because he didn’t tow Trump’s line on a couple of issues.

We shall see, although I’m not sure what timeframe you mean by “early on”. Regardless, I hope that you are right and I am wrong.

“consulate” = spy base, as everywhere.

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Yes, the curtains are being opened one by one and we will ALL come to realize some day that we are not the goodie two shoes nation many think we are.

Don’t we have enough to get done at home? Why must we keep gifting Israel?

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It is good that you chose to highlight “all”.

In reply to both Maineac and you, think on this:

  • Could the average of the lot of us, drugged by the notion of American Exceptionalism, survive a mere thirty minutes in the shoes of the average contemporary Vietnamese, Indian, Russian, German, Chinese or Norwegian in terms of useful work-product output?
  • Albeit that we are propped up by a fiat currency, who actually underwrites our lavish materialistic lifestyles, considering that one-third of our young adults have “college degrees” in criminal justice, gender studies and mass communications (whatever the heck those things are) and yet manage to gain incomes based on this?

Feckless sheep we all are … after all, why let a little inconvenience like the slaughter of Yemenis interfere with our buck-fifty triple-mocha-latte and the latest discourse of Cardi B?

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I guess a positive point is we aren’t stealing someone else’s oil, this time.

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Well, we can no doubt be sure “we” are stealing some natural resource or catering to another state that will, or in some devious way benefit by the oppression and theft of territory of another people by corrupt US client states…

Not without a shitload of whining and crying.

Hi Maineac,

Following is a response that I’d written to another post on another topic but it nonetheless applies here (which is quite scary, come to think of it).

Yes, unfortunately - but there is enough blame to go around, though, inclusive of:

  1. American corporate greed;
  2. American individual greed;
  3. Tel Aviv / Zionists / AIPAC or whatever the hell we’re permitted to safely refer to them as lest we be conveniently labelled anti-Semitic; you’d be amazed at the mental gymnastics that some indulge in to paint any criticism of Israel as … wait for it … racist, these the same people who treat the Palestinians as … oh, never mind;
  4. Cousin Brandon who wants to follow in the “proud” memory of gramps and enter NROTC to “serve our country;”
  5. Pole-dancer Brandy who wants to “get her life straightened out” and enlist in the army to access the GI Bill to cover the expenses for that all so important associate degree in Gender Studies, whatever the hell that means in the real world;
  6. Those of us who attend church service every Sunday and nod approvingly whenever Pastor Jerry says “Eye-ran bad;”
  7. Those of us who wander around mindlessly, swilling our buck-fifty lattes, never - ever - contemplating how the hell we are so privileged so as to live our relatively (to the rest of the world) lavish lifestyles when only around 6% of our entire population of over three hundred million contribute meaningfully - that is, via actual, internationally recognizable work-product - to our legitimate economy;
  8. The spineless leeches who “invite” the US to help them establish “democracy” over their nations, who are the worst of the lot mentioned here.

Take care,

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