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A Blind Eye Toward Turkey’s Crimes


A Blind Eye Toward Turkey’s Crimes

Robert Parry

Theoretically, it would be a great story for the American press: an autocrat so obsessed with overthrowing the leader of a neighboring country that he authorizes his intelligence services to collaborate with terrorists in staging a lethal sarin attack to be blamed on his enemy and thus trick major powers to launch punishing bombing raids against the enemy’s military.


Bob Parry is nearly unparalleled in the courage and and diligence he brings to airing inconvenient truths - such as the vital support of U.S. proxies for terrorists. But there often remains a babe-in-the-woods undertone to his writing, when he appeals to the better instincts of Obama or the imperialist media (as if they had any better instincts).

In this instance, the verdict of history will not be that the U.S. accidentally supported the terrorist-financing schemes of its proxies, or that it turned a blind eye to the same. Come on, Bob. The U.S. clandestinely (and sometimes not-so-clandestinely) supports terrorism because it's good business for the predators in charge. What's a few dead Frenchmen, when there's money to be made?

I greatly appreciate that Parry is one of the only ones bringing up the subject, but I hope he'll eventually catch up to the underlying reality here. With the fall of the Soviet Union, imperialism needed a new enemy - so it methodically manufactured one. We've always been at war with Oceania, as Orwell wrote.

Or, to quote another distinguished sage: "No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up!"


By my count Russia and Turkey (or the Ottoman Empire) have fought 11 wars in the past 400 years.(Turkey lost all but one) Looks like they are ripe for another one.


And another blind eye in regard to Turkey. The Armenian Holocaust of 1915.


Another excellent and informative piece by Mr. Parry.


You can never go wrong by assuming the U.S. is lying.


Again part of the issue is the suggestion the US an innocent player here and is being duped by nefarious allies.

The USA has always known about ISIS oiling smuggling, the role of Erdogan and of the support of Turkey for ISIS. The USA has directly supported ISIS and has been involved at the Government level in doing so. I have already linked a a number of articles showing that ISIS leaders from South Russia were CIA assets.

So to another interesting article and it referencing a white Toyota pickpup used by ISIS in Iraq qith the name of a Texas Company emblazoned on the side. As it turns out the former owner of that truck is involved in a lawsuit over that truck. He claims he has lost business and received death threats as people conclude he had a role in supplying that truck to ISIS.

Evidence presented in Court shows said truck was brought from the dealer to which the original owner sold it and then exporterd directly to Turkey. Now I highly doubt that a single truck bought and exported in such a manner and ISIS has a fleet of such. I also doubt Turkey decided on its own initiative to send people over to the USA to buy surplus trucks. It much more likely a group in the USA bought these up en masse and exported them. This suggests involvement at the level of the US Government, There no proof of that of course and it merely a conclusion lead to by common sense but when are people going to probe THOSE stories?

Or the ones of all those mistaken air drops to ISIS? Or of Mr John McCain sitting down in a meeting with a known ISIS leader....and so on? It not just Turkey that has its hands dirty here.


Edward Snowden stated that there were THOUSANDS of people employed in Information Technology and a good part of it no doubt goes to shaping consensus and public opinion:

"Later, a senior State Department official tried to steer me toward the Assad-is-guilty assessment of a British blogger then known as Moses Brown, a pseudonym for Eliot Higgins, who now runs an outfit called Bellingcat which follows an effective business model by reinforcing whatever the U.S. propaganda machine is churning out on a topic, except having greater credibility by posing as a “citizen blogger.” [For more on Higgins, see Consortiumnews.com’s “‘MH-17 Case: ‘Old Journalism’ vs. ‘New’.”]

This goes on all the time.

. "In a formal address to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 24, 2013, Obama declared, “It’s an insult to human reason and to the legitimacy of this institution to suggest that anyone other than the regime carried out this attack.”

Very similar forms of verbal assault are used to ensure that no one challenges the so-called group think on any and all of the following:

  1. That mistakes were made in war theaters
  2. That JFK was killed by a lone assassin
  3. That 911 went down the way the authorities assert it did (in spite of things like the Laws of Physics)
  4. That Bin Laden was captured in a cave
  5. That the economy is recovering
  6. That unemployment numbers are down
  7. That "we" are a post-racist society
  8. That "we" live in a Democracy
  9. That the "drone war" is based on precision targeting
  10. That Putin was THE aggressor in Ukraine and that the former Soviets want a WW III

Groupthink is how the CONTROL state maintains its lies.... told often with NO room allotted (neither any air time) to serious alternatives. Group think is also known as Official Narratives.


Putin worked with the ophthalmologist who taught him how to see the ISIS oil convoys that Obama could not find. Can't write this stuff--least I can't--have to watch it unfold.


"The smug contempt that the mainstream U.S. media routinely shows toward anything involving Russia or Putin may help explain the cavalier disinterest in NATO member Turkey’s reckless behavior. Though Turkey’s willful shoot-down of a Russian plane that was not threatening Turkey could have precipitated a nuclear showdown between Russia and NATO, criticism of Erdogan was muted at most."

The State Department (and CIA) are as haunted by the ghost of Allen Dulles as Scrooge was by the Ghost of Christmas past.

It takes a strange mind and mindset to set out, after a war where one's ally encountered phenomenal losses of life, to see THAT ally as a perpetual enemy. And it is that mentality that still haunts the Pentagon and all of its ABC agencies.

Putin could have rescued every Black citizen left on a rooftop during Hurricane Katrina and he'd STILL be demonized.

I do appreciate Mr. Parry's deconstruction of the Official Story on events relevant to Syria and Ukraine.

Sadly, with every Talking Head on the MSM repeating the same interpretation of events, only those who stray into the nether regions of the Internet get a different, perhaps more compelling (given the power of Truth) narrative. But they have to see virtue in stepping away from the herd in order to seek this Truth out. And currently, a price is paid for that pariah status... think of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Drake, Kiriakou and other truth tellers, for perspective on this.

It's not about what is being learned (or not learned), Mr. Parry... it's about fabricating pretenses for war in order to further the interests of the MIC:

"....an admission that the U.S. government and the U.S. news media had rushed to another incorrect judgment in the Middle East – and that another war policy was driven by propaganda rather than facts – could destroy what trust the American people have left in those institutions. On a personal level, it might mean that the pundits and the politicians who were wrong about Iraq’s WMD would have to acknowledge that they had learned nothing from that disaster."


`Turkey should not have shot down those Russian planes. If they strayed over their territory, they should have just made them land and leave. they did the same thing the Russians did in '83 or '84 when they shot down KAL 007 when it strayed into Siberia.


They learned plenty. Keep lying because our lies must be reen forced with more lies or we are doomed. The ship is sinking and the only way to save ourselves is to throw the women and children overboard. At this point in history the criminal military industrial complex must be overthrown by whatever means possible. It is now them or us. I prefer them.


That is a great article. Like you I have mentioned many times the claims by the Western Media that ISIS was getting its money from "bank robberies" , claims the Government of Iraq dismissed. These same "Government officials" leaked information that 2 billion sand more stolen from banks.

There were hard questions to those claims like what bank in Iraq would carry that ammount of currency. Was it US dollars or the Iraqi Currency. How did they carry it off ? Where did they put it? When they spend it who gets it? Why is it Iran can have its bank accounts freezed and this impossible to do with ISIS.

I have asked about the logistical resources used to support ISIS in the field. Napoleon stated an Army marches on its stomach. In rder to supply an army in the field there a tremendous logistical train that must be supported. ISIS does not manfacture its own weapons and trucks and ammunition so how does it get to them? Who are the suppliers? It has to be a BIG player and not some guy with a mule sneaking in from Jordan,

We have already seen video of the head of a Turkmen group claiming it was his group that executed that Russian Pilot. He has been identified as a Turk the son of a mayor and a leader of the Nationalist group the Grey Wolves. We have already seen the articles on that red haired Commander from South Russia whom even the western press acknowledged as an ex CIA asset (they suggested he went rogue), We KNOW the Western History in helping form arm and train Muslim Fundamentalists as a means by which they can destabilize regions. I just do not see why the narrative that the USA is being duped is always being advanced and why people continue to accept it.