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A Bold, Progressive Agenda for a Happier and Healthier New Year


A Bold, Progressive Agenda for a Happier and Healthier New Year

Bernie Sanders

The following is a New Year's Day email message sent to supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on January 1, 2019.

Dear friends,

Jane and I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very healthy and happy new year.


Bless you Bernie, as you remember US!


I still have my Bernie Birdy sticker on the rear window of my car. I still have the Bern in my soul. “They say” never give up and I won’t as long as there are days left to me. Happy New Year Bernie and Jane. Happy New Year Commondreamers.


By the time dozens of POTUS hopefuls show up in Iowa a year from tomorrow (eek !) lets hope that voters pay attention to their respective 2019 track records and more distant track records when casting votes.


A new foreign policy: Let us create a foreign policy based on peace, democracy and human rights. At a time when we spend more on the military than the next ten countries combined, we need to take a serious look at reforming the bloated and wasteful $716 billion annual Pentagon budget.

This is a nice statement, but Pentagon waste (like all waste) is an efficiency problem, not a central policy problem. If Bernie is serious about a foreign policy based on “peace, democracy and human rights,” he’s going to have to offer specific approaches to withdrawing from NATO, shutting down AFRICOM, withdrawing from the Mideast, stop US aid to the Apartheid regime that has colonized Palestine, scale down the National Security State, stop Russia-baiting and China-baiting etc.

Certainly this is quite an agenda, but it is a precursor to doing all the things that BS proposes. Morally and politically, an imperialist nation cannot be a democracy. Mathematically, global imperialism and permanent warfare + domestic austerity – no matter how fine your words are or how good your proposals are.


My current Bernie Sanders 2016 bumper sticker needs a companion, a Bernie Sanders 2020 bumper sticker! We are with you all the way, You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace


This was also Medea Benjamin’s central point: you can’t fund all these important things without drastically cutting the funding of militarism. The military budget is the elephant in the room: Without addressing that head on, Bernie’s “progressive agenda” is just smoke and mirrors. And of course, Sanders knows this.


Just as Neo-Liberalism foams the runway for the safe landing of Neo-Fascism in American politics; conversely, a Progressive blueprint such as the one laid out The Sanders Agenda would necessarily create a clear pathway to a Peace and Prosperity Party.
" If we can’t defend this country on $350 Billion a year, it’s time to get some new generals " should still be the progressive’s baseline in terms of DoD budgets. The supposed audit this year was a national disgrace and a Washington Consensus inside joke. But, it’s just not funny, anymore.
If the Democratic Party platform doesn’t contain explicit language demanding to know the whereabouts of the missing DoD funds extensively reported on, their candidates have a lot of explaining to do. Starting with, " Whose side are you on here and why should I vote for you? "


Nice to see about half the comments so far focus in on war and the outrageous military footprint and budget of the USA.

We need candidates who make this a central point of their campaign, not a side-note. The USA needs to stop promoting war, and move the budget toward creating an economy that works for ecology and humanity. This has to be central to our political conversation.


Hi Ditton-----there’s a Bernie Bidie Sticker? Wow, I remember that moment from Portland Oregon, when the bird landed on the podium and listened to Bernie—that was so magical! It really was a wonderful moment–when Nature sat and listened like the People; )


Adding to the chorus of comments regarding our bloated military waste, there is also the issue of its role in climate destruction.

So, couple them with “Transform our energy system: Combat the global crisis of climate change which is already causing massive damage to our planet.”, thanks in large part to the military spread around the planet.


Yes, it was a limited printing limited offering thingy, it’s round with the bird looking like Bernie. It was a magic moment and it spoke volumes.


Yes, Bernie knows that the military budget is obscene and impedes numerous civilian priorities. He also knows from long experience what battles to choose to engage and when…military issues/budget and restoring equitable progressive taxation on the wealthiest individuals and corporations are two of the most important and contentious. The time to fight to the death for a specific issues makes sense when it can be won…the prelude to those battles takes some time to write.


A rousing very magical moment and endorsement for Bernie indeed Gil …

Bernie/Birdie stickers


There it is…get yours today while they last :-)))


As much as all of that Military spending starves the programs focused towards the Public good in the way of Social spending , there another reason the existing level of Military spending THE singular concern.

Ms Albright once said words to the effect of “what is the use of this superb military if you can not use it”?

The attitude reflected here is very much like a Corporation here in Canada, when there Public hearings on its intentions to build a mine and use nearby lakes to dump toxins and pollutants in. They stated “Canada has lots of lakes , we can afford to do this to a handful of them”. It the same attitude when it comes to the oceans and the pollutants and plastics being dumped in the same. “it a huge ocean and can deal with a little pollution”.

The 1 trillion dollar a year Military guarantees it will be used. It guarantees conflicts will be sought out. The spenders KNOW that no matter how much they spend there is always more coming their way. If they had a 60 billion a year Military they could not afford to waste monies in iraq and Africa and building Airplanes that do not work. They would only enter into wars of neccesity because there is no blank cheque.

The Politicians likes to claim that this trillion dollar a year keeps the USA secure. It the exact opposite. The 1 trillion dollar a year Military means there never will be security as every nation on Earth becames a target of that military and every nation on Earth will act to counter it.

Until there a Politican who comes out and says “Russia can spend 60 billion dollars a year on its Military and is deemed a threat to all of Europe. We can spend 60 billion a year on our Military and be perfectly safe” none that seek leadership for any political party can be deemed as Peace candidates. This includes Mr Sanders. Mr Sanders might have a lot of good and welcome qualities , but he is not a socialist and he is not an anti-war candidate.

(it goes without saying that any candidate who proposed such and started to gain support among the population , would suddenly find himor herself the target of a “lone crazed gunman”)


I agree with most of what Bernie says and maybe this too but it isn’t clear to me if he is saying there is one vision per party or if there is a progressive vision and a non-progressive one and Democrats split across these two visions. The latter is more believable but even that’s not quite right as there are many issues where some Republicans are more progressive than many Democrats on that one issue (e.g. Mike Lee and Rand Paul on the Yemen issue). Given Bernie is an independent maybe it would be better to stress the issues and emphasize less the idea that politicians have unified visions.

Great list of issues, we would have been way better off with this guy as the Democratic nominee. Maybe we’ll get a second chance.


Not only is Bernie the most progressive possible candidate, but he is the only one with complete integrity.

The moment he announces we have to set up our Bernie phone banks.


I will believe BS when he runs third party.


Hi Tom.
Bernie writes,
“At a time when we spend more on the military than the next ten countries combined, we need to take a serious look at reforming the bloated and wasteful $716 billion annual Pentagon budget.”
Maybe you should read more carefully and pay less attention to your pre-rehearsed agenda.