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A Border Crisis of Our Own Making

A Border Crisis of Our Own Making

Jean Stokan

For more than 30 years, I’ve led faith-focused delegations to Central America — and since 2016, to U.S.-Mexico border communities. We’ve taken nuns, bishops, rabbis, and grassroots congregants to learn about realities rarely covered in the news.

We face institutionalized dehumanization that is centuries old, written into every facet of society. That which we do to others we do ourselves. To fail to recognize this is a death wish. People throughout human history have turned to community to reaffirm our humanity and have formed communities within communities, within communities. This legacy is the nutrition and resilience for the human family.

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Have you testified before Congress? Taken any Congresscreeps with you to any of the areas you write about, especially a Repug? Your story is absolutely on target… how to get you more publicity??