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'A Breath of Fresh Air' as Pamela Anderson Takes Meghan McCain to Task Over US War Crimes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/06/breath-fresh-air-pamela-anderson-takes-meghan-mccain-task-over-us-war-crimes


McCain supports the US intelligence apparatus?

The ones who got pretty much everything wrong in Afghanistan – soon to be Talibanistan?
The ones who got everything wrong and lied us into war with Iraq, now an Iranian ally?
The ones who somehow missed the formation of ISIS until it was too late?
You mean the ones who liberated Libya – turning it into the land of open air slave markets?

For fuck sake, Meghan, your father trusted military intelligence to the extent that he posed with members of Al Qaeda for a photo op with the Islamic fundamentalist rebels against Assad he demanded we fund – and Assad remains in power.

Here’s the job of military intelligence: Protect Israel, protect Saudi oil sheiks, and protect and expand military profiteering. At least they’re good at that.


From the article:

“…Anderson’s effective batting away of McCain’s right-wing talking points.”

I’m guessing this will be the last time she’s invited on an unscripted talk show.


The ones who missed the impending collapse of the Soviet Union until it was over?


The intelligence services combined budgets are secret but said to be in the $70billion/year ballpark.

That’s a lot of money to continuously fuck up, and now we can throw Yemen on the list.

Of course, as the MIC would point out, it’s seed money for future profit centers.


It bears mentioning that Pamela Anderson has long been PETA’s not-so-secret weapon, volunteering her time (and more: have a heart, go vegetarian) to true love of all creatures. Anderson is totally for-real (even though she used to be the bombshell from Baywatch, go figure). Most pertinently: Pamela Anderson is one of Julian Assange’s last close friends in the whole world. God bless Pamela Anderson.


Bully for Ms. Anderson. How nice to hear a celebrity talk common sense. May her voice be heard on other programs.


Chuck " Toady " Todd will have Ms. Anderson on Meet The Press and, after staring at her chest for 10 minutes, ask something profound like, " Are you aware that both you, and Julian Assange, are not originally from the United States? So, with that being the case, do you think it’s fair to gang up and pick on our gov’t? "


Anderson sez:
“How many people have the American government killed innocently and how many has Wikileaks?"

Interesting … in just the past week or so, there’s been fawning local-media coverage on Vancouver Island of Anderson’s recent move back to her small home town here.
The implication was that she would be shunning the Hollywood spotlight in favour of her activism; but, if she wants to get back on U.S. television for the purpose of pounding some truth upside the likes of McCain, more power to her.


Obese, lying Meghan versus beautiful activist and truth-teller Pam.
Better than MMA.


From Aaron Mate at The Gray Zone:



I read she was up in Port Hardy for the salmon fishing. Damn People Magazine.

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I very rarely watch The View anymore since it has become similar to Fox News a bunch of Right Wing cackling women who try to crush progressive opinions.

Bravo to Pamela Anderson and her Intelligent Humane Points of View.

The Rotten Apple apparently does not fall far from the Tree.

Meghan McCain is just like her Father a WARMONGER.

John McCain and his soul mate Lindsey Graham Never saw a WAR that they did not approve of.

If McCain had beat Obama it would have been, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, IRAN.

Anything Israel wants McCain voted for. Thank goodness McCain Died, one less Insane Warmonger in Congress.

Pamela Anderson was a Breath of Fresh Air that the Right Wingers on that show were not prepared for, she was a voice of reason, a voice for Justice and a voice for Peace & Human Rights.

The Right Wingers think that we should Hide the Crimes our government is committing, they belong in Saudi Arabia.


A “beautiful mind” shut down Meghan McCain.



Brava to Pam Anderson for standing-up to that disgusting shallow (insert descriptive here) - Anderson knows her stuff, kept her cool in the face of mccain’s stupidity, and had the answers at hand to counter the right-wing garbage - Pam is so very much more than most people give her credit for!


She loves animals too.


Fantastic! Love Pamela Anderson. It’s a real skill to be able to defend yourself on TV surrounded by hostile interviewers under time pressure. It’s hard to find people who know what they are talking about, and have both that skill and some other attribute that makes sycophants of the oligarchy have them on TV.

What a world this could be, if we could fire everyone on The View and replace them with Pamela Anderson, Susan Sarandon, and Roger Waters.



It’s the “lying” versus “truth-telling” that matters, of course.


That fiasco! (The talk show) I can imagine the ancient romans in the colluseum cheering as the hapless slaves were pitted against the lions for their entertainment. Just as Ms. Anderson was required to do. Except she was faced with a bunch of hyenas.