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A Brief History of US Concentration Camps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/21/brief-history-us-concentration-camps

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This is a good overview, reminiscent in style and spirit of the late Prof. Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”—and for that reason will be ignored, laughed at, and then violently opposed by those who find truth to be uncomfortable.


The Western Hemisphere has been undergoing a slow genocide against Native Americans on both sides of the Equator, for almost 600 years. First by the Imperial English, Spanish, and Portuguese colonialists, then by the colonists themselves. Oddly enough, Thomas Jefferson thought that slaves would eventually be able to have a place in society, but expressed no such view of the Native Americans. This practice was a holdover from the old days in Europe, where many segments of populations in various countries experienced such controls or exclusions in their native lands.


And the French and Dutch. Did you forget the Louisiana Purchase and Northwest Passage. The whole country is named for colonialist.


Far too many believe the nazis were the first and only people to utilize concentration camps, when in reality almost everything Hitler did was copied from America.
The eugenics movement was the basis for the whole ubermenschen insanity. The thousand year reich was just manifest destiny rebranded. America’s immigrant decontamination centers was the blueprint for the gas chambers. Goebbels’s propaganda ministry was just a cheap knockoff of Edward Bernays’s inventions, created with Edwards input. The extermination of native Americans was the blueprint for the holocaust, and made possible by IBM. The concentration camps were based on the indian reservations.
They invaded other countries for humanitarian reasons, and generally believed themselves to be the good guys. Hell, they even had the backing of the Vatican, just as America did during its founding.


Good article. Sadly, so little of these horrors make it into US history books, and almost none of it makes the cut for the history books our children learn from. Every American must be exposed to these truths, without this knowledge, we will never be a honorable society.


Second great article here this week by Brett Wilkins, i love the simple straightforward reporting, so powerful but it’s just the truth. More more more!

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Hi GuildF312S:

Hi GuildF312S:
I love that Howard Zinn book!
Sadly, I don’t think there has ever been any nation that did not have hideous parts in their own national and collective history. However, sometimes it’s not even real people that destroy lives and worlds. In this very century, the poor of every race are defrauded and tricked by the non human banks. Just look at all the havoc and poverty that was created by creative and nefarious corporate bankers. People of all ethnicities and ages have lost homes and jobs, and in a very sad way the Camp Mentality is concentrating its power in America
It’s awful enough when the people of one nation war against another—but weirdly in the 21st century we have corporate people making war on Americans of all races and ages----

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Really good article. I just want to add a little snippet about Ronald Reagan signing the bill for Japanese American redress.
It took 35 years to begin the mass movement to win redress for former incarcerees. Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movement, the Third World Liberation movements, and the struggle for Ethnic Studies and an end to lies about our people, young Japanese Americans, mostly the children of those detained during WWII, joined with former incarcerees to unite and mobilize to “petition for a redress of grievances” as they say in the First Amendment. A class action lawsuit as well as grassroots legislative campaigns, and the staunch support of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Hispanic Caucus, the involvement of generations of Asian American high school and college students finally bore fruit three years after the enactment of the legislation when Congress finally appropriated the money to pay individuals and apologize on behalf of the U.S. government.

If that wasn’t bad enough, no one seems to want to talk about how the Nazi concentration camps were actually outsourced American concentration camps.

I was glad to see your comment, "there has ever been any nation that did not have hideous parts in their own national and collective history"*

While the history of the oosa is appalling in its destruction, torture and enslavement of “the Other” non white peoples, no nation or culture is without a similar history against other humans. The continent of Africa has the longest history of tribal warfare and genocide practices. India while not building walls around the horrible slums where the poorest people are forced to live still enforces horrible living conditions by their stratified caste system. Zion Israel is practicing inhuman “apartheid” Russia killed millions in the gulag. The list is long.

Humans frequently behave worse than animals. We should remind ourselves of horrible human histories and instead of continuing this behavior work against it.

Corporation and Banks are made up of humans who are not human.


The characterization of Thomas Jefferson is not entirely accurate. If you read the letters between Jefferson and Adams, you can see the evolution of his policies.