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A Brutal Trump Makes Culture War on Iran—and Everyone Else

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/14/brutal-trump-makes-culture-war-iran-and-everyone-else

The GOP’s culture war follows the Taliban model in Afghanistan. Guess that is why Stranger publisher Dan Savage during the Dubya regime labeled the GOP the American Taliban Party.

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find me a culture we haven’t tried to destroy. trump is the result of our history, of our actions for hundreds of years.

State law, National law, International law. You name it, Trump will break it.

I’m hoping he breaks interplanetary law and little green men will whisk him away to an isolated asteroid.

Trump is a cultural icon, he is a product of a disfunction in culture that needs reconciliation. Long over-due in my opinion.

ALWAYS providing the Orange Blob gets his commission(s) .

Culture war is the least of it. They won’t be droning only statuary.

Does culture not change when people are shot and bombed? These wars have been cultural past living memory.