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'A Brutal Violation of Press Freedom': Glenn Greenwald Targeted With Investigation by Brazilian Government After Reporting on Corruption

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/04/brutal-violation-press-freedom-glenn-greenwald-targeted-investigation-brazilian


A corrupt government investigating corruption? Communism is an ideology, democracy is an ideology,
fascism is a business and it is coming for your life.


My advice to Glenn Greenwald is to get out of Brazil before it is too late because of the corrupt, thugs being unhappy with his reporting the truth, he has become a target of their wrath.


Don’t be hero Glenn. These fascist want to jail or kill you. I knew this was coming! Mr. Greenwald was becoming a thorn in the side of the Brazilian government. My dad is from Ghana, and he had two cousins in the Mau Mau resistance. They never got caught but they were always on the move! My point is when you get involved with anything that threatens the elite they will use all the mechanisms of repression! We all know about COINTELPRO! My cousins are now in their nineties, They live well in Ghana and get a nice check from the Kenyan government. Real rebels don’t don’t go to fancy parties or sit in book shops sipping lattes! Live and fight another day Glenn! Get the hell out of Brazil!


He knows what he’s doing. We don’t need to advise him. We need to thank him. It galls me to read critical comments about GG on other pseudo left sites, usually by Kowardly Keyboard Kommandos.


He has committed his life to Brazil and his family is there. Running away he will not do.


Glenn Greenwald is a Truth Teller.

Let’s all pray he doesn’t become a martyr.


Be brave, Glenn. You’ve always supported the bravery of others. Now we need to support yours.


Well said! But nevertheless; I worry about Glenn’s safety.


Wow, this is extremely troubling.

Greenwald is one of the best reporters in the world.

He is Honest and thorough in his reporting.

This type of crackdown on Journalists can easily spread to the U.S.

Trump and Bolsonaro are identical politically, they are both ignorant Tyrants who disregard the Law and are willing to destroy the Environment for temporary profits.

Glenn, I would tell you to flee to America but your support of Julian Assange would probably get you arrested by Pompeo and company as an accomplice.

The World is turning toward RIGHT WING FASCISTS?


Hi Shantiananda:

sigh----and seeing how Mr. Greenwald is a publisher like Julian Assange, I am now wondering who Trump is working with in Brazil . He and the Brazilian president seem to be very alike in their lying ways. : (


The Brazilian right–wing mafia government of Bolsonaro is illegitimate, the result of phony charges against Lula, now imprisoned, who is the people’s president. That corrupt regime will likely act against Greenwald, especially since it enjoys the support of our illegitimate regime and mafia “Don” who has vilified and threatened the press as “the enemy of the people”, thus setting the stage for Bolsonaro to act - trump will be culpable for any and all actions taken against him by the Bolsonaro regime!!

They may imprison him on trumped-up charges as the Israeli regime did to Lula and Marwan Barghouti, the true leader of the Palestinian people!.

When criminal outlaw regimes do whatever they want, to whoever they want, with little or no meaningful action from the world, we are all at risk!


Glen Greenwald is a very effective speaker and well prepared. I hope all goes welll


If there is a Brazilian, Mafia we can can be sure that is who our American,Mafia, Don is working with!


I don’t know what to say.

Glenn has been very important to me personally in my understanding of things.

It’s not so easy for him to leave. His husband is a member of the Assembly. They have a number of children who need both dads, they are very involved in an animal shelter.

I have no idea where they could go to be safe. The Permanent Government of the US wants to get him as much as Snowden. :frowning:


Answer to your question. Yes.

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Thanks for the continuing, important coverage of Brazil. Please correct the misspelling of “Sao Paulo” in the first few lines of the article.

it can’t happen here …

By American standards, a journalist is someone who works on behalf of the state.
Glenn works by a different standard.


Sorry, my editor was dozing - I meant to write “as the Brazilian right did to Lula the people’s president, and the Israeli regime did to Marwan Barghouti, the true leader of the Palestinian people”.