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A Buckeye’s Lament: What Has Happened to Ohio and the Midwest?



When We the People have a House of Representatives that refuses to uphold their constitutional responsibility to oversee and put constraints on an Executive Branch that is clearly in violation of accepted Morals and Ethics, blaming past politicians from the other half of the long corrupted Duopoly is totally senseless and downright hateful.

To overlook the Hate which the majority party has exhibited, long before the 2016 election, must mean, that you, ‘good Ole boy’, too, agreed with the Hate and Division which has dominated our government since 45 entered stage right.

I sincerely hope for all our sakes, that if you have procreated, your offspring haven’t been poisoned by their association to you.

As far as past Democrat politicians are concerned, I agree that many indeed, have committed crimes worthy of long prison sentences.

The Duopoly isn’t worthy of existing any longer.

With 240 years to refine their representation and governance, we as a country do not deserve to have such unchecked corruption existing in the two main political parties which are supposed to represent us.

If I am wrong about your predisposition to feel Hate, I apologize.

If I nailed it on that matter, may God help you see another way of being.


Like I said, I apologize if I got you wrong Edward.

Might not want to call yourself one of the, “Good Ole Boys.”

No argument from me about the Rethuglicans.

A hundred years ago they adopted the Southern Strategy, which meant they embraced the Racist elements in the South for their votes, when the Democrats embraced the rights of Blacks.

Embracing Hate is messed up.

Again, sorry if I got you wrong.


Midwestern types are landlocked people who often only experience the world through military service. My very Republican Hoosier grandfather kept only one presidential portrait to his dying days which I found among my mother’s personal effects, which she told me years back he kept on the wall of the family car-dealership-turned car repair and wrecking service shop, that of FDR
On the other hand, he and the other city fathers posted a sign on the outskirts of town which read, “If you are black, don’t let the sun set on you here.” They could have a sense of humor, but they could also be lethal.


I wouldn’t want to go that broad, especially in present tense. There was some active GOPism among my Mother’s 6 siblings, but much of that was blamed on spouses (oddly, mostly wives) leading them astray. And of the next generation with whom I’m in contact, there’s only one who told me “You don’t want to know what Aunt Kathleen thought of Sarah Palin.” Four others have completely amazed me with what they post on Facebook. All raised in in Ohio.


My dad loved his Social Security check, but hated FDR until the day he died.
I tried to talk to my dad about FDR , but he would not listen. I tried to talk to
my dad about his sainted Reagan and Reagan’s lies and bad policy, but again
he would not listen. I fear for our country, because there are millions of people
out there just like him. They ignore the truth or dismiss the truth as more liberal


You nailed it pal.