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A Bunch of Malarkey

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/30/bunch-malarkey


Wow! Trump will be crushed! How exciting Borat! We will be able to sell each of his bone spurs for a very good price, and any other kind of crushed bone that he has!
How exciting for Americans; Add a tyrant’s crushed bone piece to your collection of weirdness throughout history! . BORAT is redoing history!
Just like back when ancient religious people lived in the desert ! The stylites used to stand on pillars for their whole lives and then ____when they died and fell off their pillar----crowds would rush forward to cut the stylite up, sell pieces of him and his bones and make very good money! Imagine what we could get if the Trump becomes the next pseudo stylite!
We could fund Medicare 4All and the Green New Deal! OR we could give all the unemployed people $2000 every month! Thank you BORAT for saving America! : )

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