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A California City That’s Taking Beauty Seriously


A California City That’s Taking Beauty Seriously

John de Graaf

Bob Sampayan believes in the transformational power of beauty. Now in his sixties, Sampayan is the mayor of Vallejo, California, a primarily working-class city at the north end of San Francisco Bay that once built ships for the American Navy and for two brief periods in 1852 and 53, was the capital of the state. Vallejo has been called “America’s most diverse city.” A Brown University study found its population to be one-quarter white, one-quarter African-American, one-quarter Hispanic, and a final quarter A


What an inspiring goal with ideals to help society right down to their souls. Nourishing.


Beauty must be preserved.

Ugliness must be voted out.


Another thing that’s pretty cool, apparently they have something called “participatory budgeting” where a people get to vote on what projects the budget should be spent on. I wish we got that at the federal level.

I guess they learned something from the bankruptcy when city employees were sucking them dry.


Hey, anyone who wears Steampunk in a parade is my kinda guy!!!