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A Call For The Economic Boycott Of North Carolina


A Call For The Economic Boycott Of North Carolina

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

In recent years, the Republican leadership in the state of North Carolina has built a worldwide reputation for intolerance and bigoted narrow-mindedness. Since its recent loss of the governorship, however, the General Assembly has completely upended the democratic process and engaged in nothing short of a modern-day political and policy coup d’état.


Okay. I pledge to boycott any product or service originating in North Carolina, Israel and Japan. (Japan murders Cetaceans).

Now exactly what should I boycott from North Carolina?


By not providing the names of companies, or the products they manufacture and distribute; the call for an economic boycott is practically worthless.

Setting that issue aside for now, a company's home office need not be in North Carolina. As long as there is a production facility or a distribution center located in North Carolina, the company's products would be subject to the boycott.

Unfortunately, large companies and the capitalist ruling class have already figured out that spreading production and distribution facilities all across the nation (or even the world) has the effect of making labor strikes and boycotts mostly ineffective tools against them. That is why any production facility or distribution center located in North Carolina must qualify the company for the economic boycott.

Of course, the economic boycott against companies is in addition to boycotting sports and entertainment events in North Carolina.

Let's not forget that the purpose of economic boycotts is to cause monetary harm via the loss of revenue and profit. As a bonus, it's also a jab to the jaw of capitalism.

Note: Since an economic boycott against companies also affects the workers at those companies, communities need to be prepared to offer aid (food, utilities, housing assistance, etc.) to the affected work force. Let's face it, it is likely that governmental aid will not be available. Hence, it will be up to individual members in the community and social organizations to provide the aid needed.


Isn't NC second only to Iowa in pork production ?

Don't buy pork and kill two birds with one stone by keeping a few hogs from being slaughtered.

Cigarettes are also a big NC export.


Smithfield is a major producer of pork and ham products in NC.
House of Autry is a major producer of chicken products in NC.
Christmas trees are a major product of farmers in the mountains of NC; I can promise you they voted republican too.
Buck Stoves is a producer of wood stoves in NC. They aren't manufactured anywhere else. None of their stoves are even EPA certified and they are they type to support closing the EPA.
Reynolds tobacco is in NC. Ever heard of Winston cigarettes or Salem? All NC products.
Crosley appliances used to be manufactured in NC but they outsourced to China and now just have their headquarters in NC. Definitely boycott them.
Hane's Underwear is based in NC.
Feldspar and quartz are mined in Spruce Pine, NC and the minerals can be found in nearly every electronic product you own.
There's a huge financial industry in Charlotte that includes Wachovia Bank- popularly called Walk-all-over-ya Bank.
That's just a few off the top of my head.


Thanks for the names. Does anyone else have additions to this list?


Say NO to the "OBX"! It is an abomination of ugly RE development and commercial crap. All but a few stretches of beach in the National Seashore - even the remote areas on Okracoke Island - are open to SUV's making even a walk on the beach an unpleasant and dangerous experience. Its RE developers are the source of the famous NC bill banning sea-level rise (I'm serious - specifically, it bans the consideration of global warming and sea level rise in any local government's zoning or building permit decisions.) I pray for a category 5 hurricane to wipe that place out some day soon.

And at the other end of the state - If you are going hiking in the Smokies or biking the Blue Ridge Parkway - get all your provisions from outside the state.


I'll check with the ongoing Injustice Boycott.


Wow! The surreal hypocrisy of the new left is ever more rabid and insane day to day. Oh..okay..let's boycott North Carolina because the government refuses to allow men or women who 'self identify as the opposite sex' to use the bathroom PUBLIC bathroom mind you, that they 'identify' with. BUT..let's literally do NOTHING about Torture, Rendition, mass civilian killings the world over, mass warrantless surveillance, extrajudicial killings aka 'murder by decree', Hey! Let's NOT boycott all the companies nationwide that provide goods of every description to GUANTANAMO! Oh..and of course..let's just look the other way when it comes to the technology that we cannot live without..I mean if microsoft or google is involved in providing software products to the bureaucratic class (government) of NC..well..umm..er...ahem..uhh.."we choose not to notice that".

Simply unbelievable. I mean the new left lynch mob of hate, fear and prejudice is now so far down the rabbit hole that I see NO real 'obstacle' to future horrors committed in the name of 'diversity', from book burning to 'camps' to 'sanctions' and all manner of nightmare 'choose not to see the reality' scenarios coming from these fanatical 'do-gooders' who have supplanted the evangelical right as the most terrifying form of zealotry in america. ANYTHING is possible when the new left in post-trump america, gets going on their 'mandate'. We now have..actual..government 'propaganda' office in the form of the perfect propaganda camouflage; "Anti-Propaganda" office that will dictate what is 'true' and what is 'untrue'. Wonderful.

It goes on and on. This is really bad people. Get ready for this new cold war..the cold civil war..to heat up.

To the new left I say again:

"Whatever the answer is, if its going to WORK, it cannot.....cannot...be based on a lie!"

(Or blinding overt irrefutable neon hypocrisy.)

BTW; since this whole thing about the 'rights' of lgbt to use any restroom they want, began, I have wondered WHY any self respecting woman would want...to use the average men's room? And I am enjoying pissing all over the floor and seat of any mens room that now 'must' allow my privacy to be invaded by a mother and her 12 year old daughter glaring at me as I try to use a urinal. Its insane. These are the 'rights' that merit boycotts? Not "Privacy"? Not "Freedom from mass surveillance"? Not "Freedom from torture"? But rather 'freedom to claim you feel that you are in fact not the gender your dna claims you to be...THAT is the 'right' that gets a boycott if its not obeyed? Wow! No wonder we got trump. This is an insane culture in its death throws.


You're right. These people are plain insane. I was born in a Western country, but haven't lived in one for 25 years. Have things changed this much? I consider myself 'left', but these people are mad.

Good luck to those of you who are eventually going to have to wear this shit. God bless foreign climes!


The "new left"? - "Lynch-mob of hate" - "future horrors committed in the name of 'diversity', from book burning to 'camps' to 'sanctions' " The calls for the NC boycott are about the R'Con political acts to strip the Dem Governor of powers as well as trans-gender bigotry.

As far as your main direction, you are so far wrong it is hard to begin where to reject your right-wing idiot rant! This isn't about "left and right" its about the Golden Rule "do unto others, etc" in case that doesn't compute for you.
The purpose is to allow trans-gender people who are dressed as the gender they identify with (that's what identify means AH!) - specifically vulnerable trans children who should not be ostracized or forced into the facilities of the other sex - it's about dignity! Your BS arguments are right out of the right-wing, "religious" bigot play-book.
Your "pissing on the floor" comment tells where you come from and it's a very ugly place - a thoughtless, bigoted place filled with contempt for others.......

Yeah, there are many critical human rights issues that merit a boycott and more that are not receiving the attention this issue is, but trans-gender dignity, especially for at-risk children, is one very much one of them, and the Con power-grab another!


If the NACCP wants to effectively stop this legislature and their coup d'etat they should launch a national drive to have no African Americans play for any college team located in NC. That means, UNC, NCState, Duke, Wake Forest, to name just four. Imagine how the population will feel when their vaunted basketball teams are going 2 - 28 for the season. Maybe then the State will start to get the message.


If you read the article, you would know that this is about much, much more than bathrooms and gender identity. It is about the disenfranchisement of black North Carolinians, which is to say disenfranchisement of the poor workers (go there and see for yourself) and a legislative coup d'etat against all that is decent - from worker and human rights to the environment.

I bet you never even heard of Rev Barber or the long ongoing Moral Mondays Movement before coming here, right? Apparently you are not even aware that the governments of the states have anything to do with US foreign policy, but their laws and programs affect the lives and rights, positively or negatively, of the citizens, more than anything the federal government does. You are a fucking idiot. Please go away.


Yeah. Hit those white redneck Tar Heels where it hurts!


Boycott or don't boycott whatever you choose. While you're at it learn something about the people for whom you express such self righteous contempt


You are as loony as the far left is. I blame a lack of science education. You know nothing about DNA. One in 300 people has both male and female tissue in them. Where are they supposed to go? Nowhere? Both places? Maybe they should have a right-wing lawyer with them to make the call. In the third world women and freaks use the men's or women's room all the time. Nobody cares. You are just lucky to have a place to go at all.

Just let freedom ring. Let people make their own choice. If it freaks you out so much to share facilities just use the stall. You and your totalitarian hall-monitor mentality belong in North Korea.


IN the old days it would be to vote out the bad guys. North Carolina seems to have actually managed to do this despite gerrymandering. They voted in a democrat. It would be more effective and more moral (not punishing a state, collectively, for the sins of the hard right wing) to pinpoint where these right wing fascists are getting THEIR support, whether based in NC or even outside of it. The only leverage we have in fact anymore seems to be this so it should be refined. A boycott "of the state" punishes the good guys and bad.
Who or what companies contribute to the GOP that is the real force for this evil?


An economic boycott of the entire state because it worked in the 60s? Nice.

I can think of 100 better ways to change this BS, because a boycott would ruin many independent NC businesses. I live in Asheville, and believe me, our economy is not doing nearly as well as it could be because tourists aren't coming into town. Asheville is super liberal and we try to fight the good fight. People complain because there aren't any jobs here, but there will be even less if a huge amount of people simply boycott the state and independent businesses have to shut down.

Freaks like McCrory don't care about the conditions of the state, so making things worse will only make things worse. How about some smart attorneys go after the freaks personally? I guarantee they have money stashed away or can be completely embarrassed out of town by revealing lawsuits.

Punishing an entire state, especially after we voted the d-bags out, is not the answer.


I have no desire to go to the Carolinas, but boycotting an entire state when there may be some progressives might not be the answer.