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A Call to Action as World is Rapidly Depleting Essential Groundwater

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/29/call-action-world-rapidly-depleting-essential-groundwater


It’s OK to hate the poor and deprive them of groundwater? They are not among the chosen as the Prosperity Gospel spells out for US in the “Left Behind” series (the prophecy for our times). What church does Tim LaHaye prophecy from??


Thank you for the study. Hopefully I can better articulate the tipping point fast approaching. But my friends tend to be well educated and progressive and still do not chose to understand the urgency.


On the bright side, the absence of groundwater will make coal mining easier in Austrhellia.


the call for action should include the main reason for depleting groundwater which is not climate change - it is skyrocketing human population growth, adding yet another billion in only about 12 yeas, all wanting water, resources including space to and water to grow their food. If that is not dealt with then there is no sustainable solution



The root cause of nearly all problems on this earth is too many people – WAY too many people – but none of our “leaders” wants to talk about it.   If we do not humanely reduce our birth rate signific­antly, Mother Nature will significantly increase our death rate — and this will NOT seem at all humane . . .

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Assuming “Well-Educated” means “Educated about Wells”, consider the following:  Big Ag can afford to drill deeper and deeper wells, thus sucking up more and more groundwater and drying up the shallower wells of small family farmers who are already financially strapped and cannot afford to drill deeper.  Big Ag buys out another family farm, and then deepens this well to revive its new acreage, further stressing the next family farmer down the road.  Eventually Big Ag owns everything, and All is Well for many long years — until ALL the water is gone, that is . . .


Two decades ago when Enron was Wall Street’s darling I recall reading a Wall Street Journal article detailing how Enron was planning to buy up water rights in the US and abroad so they could manipulate water markets the way they were manipulating energy markets at the time.

Enron’s operatives scattered in all directions after the subsequent Enron crash and are now gunning for organizations posturing to manipulate energy and water markets from their perches in NYC, Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

October 27 and 28, 2019 Seattle Times articles alerted us to Wall Street firms buying up water rights in the agricultural areas of eastern Washington state. You can safely bet your last nickle that this is happening in many other parts of the US and abroad.


The wars over fresh water have already begun. Why do you think India is moving towards authoritarianism and consolidating their power in that region? The fresh water that feeds their rivers that comes from the Himalayas snow melt is rapidly decreasing. They are currently setting up a system that will see the upper castes be the only ones receiving clean fresh water, with the lower caste settling for the leftovers, and Muslims and all other various and sundry minority groups getting nothing.
Saudi Arabia is doing the same thing to it’s neighbors. So is China. And now we see water shortages from severe drought causing unrest and civil wars in Africa and the America’s.
And it’s just getting started.


This is a good thread to mention over population since it has been a regular topic here. Especially the population concentration areas.


Nestlé is also a MAJOR offender, but they have already bought YUGE numbers of legislators and regulators to protect their growing monopoly . . .


. . . our military has already expressed serious concern about worldwide stress and major conflicts due to climate change, but our “Fearless Leader” refuses to listen.


How long before the Great Lakes states and Canada will be expected to pump that water to the South West, California and Northern Mexico to keep them going?

There’s a big fight coming. This is one aspect of it.


California Corporate farmers have signs on the hwy saying “food grows where water flows”

These corporate entities get to pump as much water out of the ground water as they can to grow “ALMONDS” that are exported. almonds don’t feed people, water is wasted. Capitalist lying by growing CASH crops at the expense of real food.


Groundwater in many cases is a renewable resource, unless you over-use it and subduction occurs. The real problem is from the long term overuse and damage to the earth being done.


Well educated frequently connotes: learning how to remain blissfully oblivious to how your equity portfolios allow you to dump your 2 year old Audi Q7 or Porsche Macan for a Geeley Volvo, after hearing Greta & Jane on Amy Goodman? Drive over Whole Foods for another Fiji Water, or some POM! “Well educated” frequently connotes: how to profit from geo-engineering, GE Monoculture & carbon offset scams.


I’m still hoping the Invisible Hand intervenes and makes water bountiful…


Well Educated often means deliberately Not Knowing.


Hi BigB:
Oh sad, you left out how much water is stolen from Palestine-----and that water theft has been going on for 71 years now. Wyoming water is already ruined for many in Wyoming—and certainly the city of Flint is still suffering. The ideas of sucking up sea water was a bust in some parts of the nation , as the mechanisms sucked , but lots of sea creatures got sucked up too! Then of course, one of those old gold mines leaked and the river turned a golden brown color–and unfit to drink.
Nestle should not be allowed to buy any local area water—that is an insane act for all Americans too in the 21st century! : (



Choose one: either water is a public resource or water is something that private companies can hoard and sell. For the most part groundwater can’t easily be hoarded because it flows sideways across property lines. Water in reservoirs behind dams can be hoarded, especially in well-lined reservoirs. Note that much of the water in a reservoir is going to evaporate, whereas none of the water in groundwater evaporates.

The ground is a handy place to dump pollutants at midnight, but superfund sites are then expensive to clean up.

Climate change is linked to water. Because Brazil is permanently turning its rain forest to savannah grassland, Bolivia behind Brazil isn’t getting rainfall and its people can no longer grow much food on their existing farmland.

An ancient ruler of Afghanistan ordered the digging of swales all over his country, so that impounded water running off in the rainy monsoon season would sink into the ground. Rivers would then flow throughout the dry season, making agriculture more possible.

By now you have the basic idea – one engineering division of any green new deal is going to deal with water, assuming that the green new deal is vetted by a legitimate group. An honest green new deal will stockpile several years of our clean water supply in the ground using swales and similar tools. We will also plant billions of drought-resistant trees using water-maximizing planting techniques to reduce local and regional temperatures, to cut local wind velocities and to raise local soil moisture in the long run. This ground moisture will support our use of topsoil and subsoil to sequester carbon.

Choose one: support green new deal R&D or support rich people who do remarkably little.