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'A Catastrophe for Millions of Workers': McConnell Trying to Block Extension of Paid Sick and Family Leave

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/19/catastrophe-millions-workers-mcconnell-trying-block-extension-paid-sick-and-family


The day will arrive when Dawn of the Dead’s blue hands will fall off from his totting corpse and the people of the world will rejoice that it is at its mess, deserved end.


Under an article clearly noting McConnell and his party stabbing all Americans in the back you continue to post “dont look here look there” efforts trying t block fact and progress.

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A Catastrophe for Millions of regular people, is a Triumph for McConnell, and the corporatists.


What I will never understand about the American people (people of Kentucky, in particular) is how this pathetic human being gets elected over and over again, even though he is the enemy of the poor, the sick, and the elderly. Racism doesn’t explain it entirely, nor religion, nor hatred of city folk in places like New York City. It will remain a mystery to me, and (I suspect) to most other people of the world.


Besides being incredibly cruel to the workers and their families, denying sick pay and family leave pay during a pandemic is dangerous and insane.These people will be forced to work when they’re sick and contagious and possibly spread the disease to their coworkers and other people. If only Mitch was one of the ones who got deadly sick, that would be poetic justice.


How did we NOT have paid sick-leave/ family leave, in the first place, Buzzfeed? Funny, that “freelancing” kids of the petit bourgeoisie simply ignore inconvenient “whatabout-isms” like: why didn’t essential workers have healthcare from a competent medical system? Why were poor people working 1099 (when they were CLEARLY, hourly employees entitled to unemployment, Medicaid, Worker’s Comp, OSHA protection?) Why did Cuomo, Trump & de Blasio, Barbot, Fauci… ALL media simply lie continuously, when China, Iran, Italy… clearly showed it was airborne, virulent, spread by children and most contagious before onset of symptoms? Somebody realized what a goldmine “essential workers” were & Mitch was one of… basically ALL of them, increased their portfolios’ valuations greater than 70% after selling off ALREADY overvalued equities, they’d bought ~Nov 2016!

What does Yertle have to do with Russia? He personifies the REALITY of our smugly blatant tag-team kleptocracy!





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It is just this kind of deliberate cruelty that makes me fantasize about summary executions in the rotunda of the capitol. McConnell stonewalled any further assistance all summer. He did so in an effort to force people back to work without regard for the dangers of the pandemic. This is feudalism pure and simple. Clearly the people of Kentucky can’t be counted upon since they just returned him and Rand Paul to the senate for 6 MORE EFF’N YEARS. The democrats absolutely have to win in Georgia if we are to have any chance of shifting the balance in favor of working people.


Maybe this is the explanation:

BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell’s re-election don’t add up




Government debt always equals private savings. There has been no inflation since the Fed funneled tens of trillions of dollars into the pockets of criminal Bankers, domestic and foreign. The religious enforcement of fake Conservative economic policy (last balanced budget was under Clinton) by Democrats and Republicans is class war by the rich 1% against the 99% of the country that are engaged in productive work for a living.

How is it possible that the poor citizens of Kentucky, whose average income is about $48,000 a year, re-elect D’sC most awful crooked scoundrel, Mitch McConnell?


McConnell, and all the other Koch cultivated politicos running the USA have pretty clear mandate from their Bosses. America’s 21st century oligarchy has always envied the kleptocratic libertarian paradise that Russia became after the fall of the iron curtain. Filthy beasts like the Koch’s, Waltons, Mercers, Gates, and Bezo’s, have invested billions into the peaceful transition of the USA from a (supposed) democratic republic into a constitutional kleptocracy.
And how did this happen? Well, mostly it happened because NOBODY stood in opposition to it. Democratic voters of the last two generations have put their faith into a Vichy party of Third Way technocrats whose only duty during the supply side era has been to assimilate the Democratic Party into the GOP.
Sometimes a population gets what it deserves. For over 40 years we progressives have willingly voted for conservatives like Pelosi, Schumer, and Hoyer, and expected them to magically become liberals.
If you democratic voters out there in tv land want to see why the modern Democratic Party has become more conservative than Richard Nixon’s GOP, take a long look in the mirror.


Like all elected officials and the entire military, McConnell and Trump enjoy socialized medicine and want and will keep it for themselves. But the lowlife scum do not want you to have it too.


as many here have suggested: We will not get out of this by way of Voting.


Probably why so many of us OLDS, surviving the last 40yrs (fleeing a VERY Rooski, single-party corporat-autocracy like Pittsburgh!) read Ames/Taibbi/Levine’s eXiled along with Shock Doctorine, ECONned, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, etc? It’s the same oligarchs WE speculated-up; only NOW, it’s WHITE folks all around you, dying ever younger as the Sacklers get off & Marcellus’ opioid death rate exceeds NYC’s! Cancer Valley, Frackistan will now be win, Win, WIN!

Remember, when “The Mafia” had no actual dons between Greensburg & Poland, OH. to compete with the unions and the Decocratic Party? They even let us Polaks into the Klan?




~https://lithub.com/the-biggest-news-stories-every-year-youve-never-heard-of/ (granted, they had LESS censorship)

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In the book “American Theocracy” written by former Nixon speechwriter Kevin Phillips, he describes why americas poor dumb white rubes constantly vote against their own best interests. He stated his research led him to one pretty stark and incredibly sad conclusion. America’s poor whites, particularly those in America’s interior and old south, have accepted that they are poor and dumb, and always will be. Their stupidly and their racism is in their genes. They feel the Democratic Party abandoned them for black people after the signing of the civil rights and voting acts in the mid 1960’s. They have not voted for democrats since, and never will again, as they are now satisfied in the knowledge that, while they are poor, the republican politicians they now vote for will make sure that poor black people have it worse than them.
Mix in a little old time American evangelism, a faith that tells people to accept their place in society, as their reward for living like HG Wells Morlocks, awaits them in the “afterlife” and you can see how a Mitch McConnell happens.


It is nearly impossible to find any politicians with the courage and ethics to fight for the people. One exception is Tulsi Gabbard. This week, she introduced legislation (HR-8970) to:

  1. repeal the Patriot Act to stop surveillance of Americans by the intelligence agencies.
  2. repeal the FISA Amendment act.
  3. Protect whistleblowers and to prosecute those who seek retribution against whistleblowers.
  4. Enforce requirements in the granting of information gathering warrants.
  5. Make illegal the use of “backdoor” programming to gain access to our electronics.
  6. Empower the GAO to monitor allowed surveillance programs for compliance with the law.

Call or write your congress people to support HR-8970 as the deep state will be trying to block it.


The phrase charging our Government with “promoting the general welfare” occurs twice in our Constitution, yet is completely ignored by a majority of DC politicians seeking handouts from the wealthy. Careful examination of ALL DC legislation reveals none of it is designed to “promote the general welfare” because the only thing our Representatives do is ask the 1% for money and give them legislative favors. Nothing else happens in Washington DC, or locally either.

Now that all of my wife’s relatives that she had to stick around and take care of are gone (every family seems to have that one person) she has taken to asking me to check my companies web site for openings in the Pacific Northwest, or Canada. The Pittsburgh area, like much of the nation, is beyond saving now. Hate and derision have supplanted the old school union collectivism that built Pittsburgh and it’s surrounding communities (of course, Pittsburgh has also been filled with some of the most delusional self important dingbats for generations. There are many around here that believe that Henry Clay Frick and Andrew Carnegie were wonderful people. But of course they also believe that Yunzers are the kindest most accepting people in the world. Nothing could be further from the truth on either account)
We may owe to ourselves to get as far away from the USA as possible in the next couple of years. This republic has played itself out in what many political scientists would say was the only logical conclusion. We have adopted capitalism as not only our political and economic systems but as our state religion as well. We are now predictably collapsing under the stress of our own perceived hubris.
Kurt Vonnegut once wrote what he thought should be humanities epitaph. “We probably could have saved ourselves, but we were just too damn lazy (and cheap) to do so”


How does this creep sleep at night?

Actually, they just follow their own stilted version of promote the general welfare. Through a lens of supply side (re; neo-feudalism) economics, they just give all of our tax money to the lords of the manor, and then they in turn distribute it to “promote the general welfare” as they see fit.
Of course, in a system like that, if it’s not ultimately profitable it will be deemed as not promoting the general welfare. To them, welfare is an “investment” and if that investment doesn’t produce enough profit, it shall be abandoned.
All of this was very predictable, especially now that Americans are only viewed through a “valuation” lens by the oligarchy. We should have expected this when they stopped calling us workers or employees, and started referring to us as “human capital”
The language of the oligarchy has stripped most of us of our humanity. We will only get it back if we demand it. And if that takes torches and pitchforks and stocks in the public square, so be it.