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'A Catastrophe for Millions of Workers': McConnell Trying to Block Extension of Paid Sick and Family Leave

If I may steal a line from the Simpsons character Rainier Wolfcastle to answer your question…
“On piles of money…”


When you’re right, you’re right Phred.
Voting only works when the people actually get to pick the candidates that are running. However, they have been being picked for us for generations.
As long as we permit two private clubs, run by incredibly wealthy people, to choose our candidates, voting will be a fruitless endeavor


Oh My God, how much evil is this excuse for human capable of. What in the hell is wrong with the people of Kentucky? Why don’t they shut up this son of a bitch once and for all.


If that were the case the people of Kentucky ought to storm his mansion and drag his ass to the town square to answer to the sick, the uninsured the mentally ill, the unemployed and the homeless to name a few.

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Looks to me like there’s been a systemic neutralization and dumbing down of the people in the southern USA in general and in Kentucky in particular. They show no courage to stand up for their rights, to demand to know what happens to the taxes they pay or why is it that so many are homeless when so few gets billions added to their income just over a few months during the pandemic but they get to die in misery.

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Well, I’m certainly missing making 4-5 new acquaintances, sharing a blue-collar ethnic hillbilly bon-homey… simply by walking down the street, working on your truck, rescuing your cat from escaped chickens, fighting, or catfishing in Chartiers Creek (mmm… Radium, PCB, PFOA) or playing ball, down Plutonium Park (avoiding sulfuric mine-fire plumes, center field). Back in OUR day (HARUMPH), when Zappa could fill a hockey stadium; unions existed to keep women out of the mills, hippies out of the “crafts” & Blacks out of… well, EVERYTHING. Hard to believe, Pittsburgh labor burned da’ Strip: thousands of railcars, hundreds of wrecked locomotives, scores of mills. Robbed hardware stores for rifles, then held off the National Guard; trapping militia & company thugs in burning roundhouses, ramming steam engines into them? Without OUR “Party” calling strikers super-predators, anarchists or RooskiBotBernieBros?

We’re ALL getting LOTS of (ethane!) job offers, down in Frackistan since the election. About 1/3rd from overseas.




~https://www.downwithtyranny.com/post/much-of-the-u-s-could-be-uninhabitable-by-2050 (move to State College?)

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So what are we going to do about it?

Exactly so.

Good on her!

But every part of that is in direct opposition to the ideology of Biden, Harris and Pelosi and the 3rd Way, so…

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Back during the most recent Senate campaign for this loathsome reptile the poll analysts were saying that McGrath had a chance of beating Moscow Mitch for the seat. That was before the idiot people of Kentucky (land of the Noah’s Ark replica and the Creation Museum) chimed in and McConnell won by about 20 points. It wasn’t even close. Now this country will have to endure 6 more years of this evil piece of trash trying his best to oppose everything Biden tries to accomplish, whether in nominations or in actual bills passed that would help the American people.
I despise this evil MFer. He is a shitstain on the government and he seems most proud of the 200+ right-wing federal judges he has helped install all over the country. Imagine the damage they are going to in the coming decades. It isn’t just Trump who has pushed us into becoming a “shithole country”. It is McConnell.


Looking here or there, its the same damned eyesore, failed U.S. government, predatory capitalism and massive stupidity and arrogance on the part of the duopoly.


Maybe it’s tribalism, pure and simple. Kentuckians see him as one of their own, and his policies don’t make any difference. Tribalism is probably coded for in our very genes, so it cannot be gotten rid of easily.


Tell me oh sage of DC, what power has the Speaker of the House over the Majority leader of the Senate? I await your learned response with breathless anticipation.

No, one, least of all myself. is ignoring that which we all understand. But there are some of us moving beyond tiresome repetitions and onto potential solutions…

I agree with one exception; McConnell is everything you paint him to be and more, but Trump shares blame and so do many, many elected and appointed officials, on both sides of the aisle in fact.

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Seems to me that what @PlatteClove suggested was an an attempt at a possible solution, certainly more so than anything I’ve seen from you.

I’ve been to the Creation Museum. My god (pun intended) it was hands down one of the funniest things I have ever seen. (I must admit however, that I only made it halfway through, as they kicked me out for causing a bit of a ruckus, as I was laughing too loud:)
Noah’s ark wasn’t open yet. I’m sure I would have enjoyed that too (on a side note, I went to Frostburg state western Maryland in the early 1980’s where there was a local local church, lighthouse ministries I think, that had started building their own replica of Noah’s ark. Although never finished, I think you can still see some of the superstructure of it driving down route 68 going towards Cumberland.)
On a another side note, I worked in northern Kentucky back in 1988, early 1989. While the people there were dumb as hell, and completely unaware of what was going on in the world outside, they were all very nice, and smoked more pot than I could have ever imagined. Apparently it was growing everywhere down there as the FDA and the dept of agriculture planted fields of the stuff in southern Ohio back in the late 1950’s (for experimental purposes of course) but never took into account that the birds would eat the seeds and shit them out all over the place. Every store down there always asked if you needed rolling papers. It was really quite extraordinary.


and I asked how to effect what he suggested. If you cannot understand a post either get someone to explain it to you or just move on to one with smaller words.
Maybe you, in your obvious self aggrandizement, can show what power a Speaker of the House has over the Majority leader of the Senate…I truly would love to know.

Lastly, I have repeatedly made suggestions as to how to move forward, and, while I do not expect total agreement I do expect civility. Which you forfeited with that sophomoric and unnecessary attempt at insult.

A duopoly, VERY popular with our bosses, landlords, cops, creditors, conglomerate media, insurers… who feed on us? The top 10% has simply FED poor workers to a frigging virus: to indenture more into 1099 gigs, flip victims’ homes, charge outrageous, surprise ER, ICU, drug, out-of-network specialist, bills to long-haulers. As so many of our leaders BLATANTLY sneer, “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste!”



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Ouch, was that a flea bite? Doesn’t the House handle investigations into corruption? Actually, I’ll defer to @PlatteClove to try to explain it to you, but to keep insisting that dems. are not fair game on a progressive political thread?. Your short-sightedness and narrowmindedness are telling