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'A Change Is Gonna Come': Poll Shows Democratic Voters Like Socialism More Than Capitalism


'A Change Is Gonna Come': Poll Shows Democratic Voters Like Socialism More Than Capitalism

Jake Johnson, staff writer

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) may believe that the Democratic Party is "capitalist, and that's just the way it is," but a new Gallup poll out Monday shows that support for capitalism among Democratic voters has hit a record low while a steady majority of the Democratic base has a favorable view of socialism.


Oh No dnc and dccc better get busy to change our minds so they can keep getting money from wall street.

I’ll be voting Green.


Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on the Sunday TeeVee show was the best free advertisement for Socialism you could ask for. She looks like she doesn’t know whether to shit, or wind her watch, about half the time. What a hot mess!!!


Yeah well she (and Harris) sure have their heads on straight when it comes to sucking up to the MIC. They BOTH voted for the defense bill.


This poll is useless. There is no proof whatsoever that people in the U.S. know what either capitalism or socialism are or how political economies work. You can’t learn those things in a Tweet or watching TV. Hell, when asked, people often refer to excerpts from the Declaration of Independence as “communist.”


As Nordic countries show, socialism works best for some things and capitalism for others. Its not either or. Although theirs is a dynamic system, what gives it solidity and permanence is direct democracy. No need to kill each other over it.


So are we talking Democratic Socialism or true unadulterated socialism? People who claim to be socialists usually point to the Nordic system…which is capitalist.

True socialism is Venezuela. True socialism is Maoist China. True socialism is Stalinist Russia/USSR. True Socialism is Cambodia and Vietnam. The list goes on and on. All horrific places that have murdered over 100 million people. Let’s make sure we know what we’re debating before the debate starts.


How to convert an economy based on fear to one based on joy


I kind of question where these poll numbers came from because I think those percentages are way too high that Dems favor capitalism at this point in the game. Really? That’s depressing if its true because that’s way too many.


“The system” includes economics and politics. Reality is it is politics where ‘the system’ has largely failed, but unfortunately the critics of capitalism haven’t really turned out in their superior numbers at the polls yet, which kinda makes you question how much they truly understand this aspect.

This viewpoint also assumes there are only two directions one can go, but the truth is there is only one direction we can go to fix these structural inequities, and that is through the shifting of taxes off of labor and onto the rent of land.


Let’s not forget how many people the US has killed just since WW2:


I don’t think a majority of Democrats favor state control of the means of production. I think they do favor worker cooperative but these are usually reserved for small scale businesses. I think all Democrats running for office accept capitalism but want income redistribution through tax reform and more social programs. I think the basic difference between the Republicans and Democrats on this involves redistribution of income and corporate regulation. I can’t recall any Democrat running for office saying they opposed capitalism and that includes Bernie Sanders who has said he does not oppose private business that is run right. I think there are socialist third parties in the US that do advocate ending capitalism and replacing it with socialism. I don’t even believe the Green Party advocates that. I would say the Occupy movement advocated some sort of vague alternative to capitalism. Although it was never clear what was being advocated or how to achieve it and since Occupy had no leaders it is hard to say who spoke for it.


I’m not going to defend US foreign policy. I’m more of an isolationist, myself, and believe that most interventions we’ve been involved in since WWII have been unconstitutional. However, there’s a difference between our military interventions and the starvation of our own people, or gulags and mass executions for dissenters.


So what exactly is your critique with Venezuela?


Is that a serious question? Do you want to live in Venezuela?


“Corporate socialism is where we socialize losses and privatize gains. Companies that have failed in the marketplace stick the taxpayers with their losses, but when they make money they get to keep it, and secondly, huge amounts of capital are given to companies by taxpayers,”


Yes it’s a serious question. Articulate your position.


Ok, I’ll bite. Start with this article. You can find tons online.

  1. one of the lowest scores on the economic freedom index in the world, second only to another socialist bastion, North Korea.
  2. GDP is projected to decrease by 15% in 208. That’s almost unthinkable.
  3. Maduro has consolidated power and fixed the system to make it impossible for him to lose control.
  4. Inflation at 25,000%. Inflation is always created by government, through the printing of money.
  5. 82% live in poverty
  6. Largest proven oil reserves in the world, and yet one of the poorest in the world. Inexcusable.


First off, I want a democracy, not a bunch of crooks running the government. “The public wants what the public gets,” so it doesn’t really matter which way I would come down in this simplistic poll question.

Assuming that we have a Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council style of national government, well managed and the City Council looks a lot like the electorate, I would like a micro-scale market economy as one tool in the government’s toolbox. I like the part of local farmer’s markets where the consumers consistently get good-looking veggies. On the other hand, I don’t want the farmers to be dying early of stress. That happens.

Do I like billionaires, either foreign or domestic these days, buying the U.S. government? No. If we had a socialist government that was being bought by foreign billionaires, would I be any happier about the situation? No.


When one looks to Denmark for solutions, it is important to understand the history that helped shape Denmark’s political and economic culture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5_I6noG0ps