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A Chemical Safety Law with Industry's Red Pen (Literally) All Over It


A Chemical Safety Law with Industry's Red Pen (Literally) All Over It

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The leading trade organization and lobbyist for the chemical industry left its computerized fingerprints all over a chemical safety reform bill being debated this week in Congress, according to "rudimentary digital forensics" performed by Hearst News Service.


“We’re apparently at the point in the minds of some people in the Congress that laws intended to regulate polluters are now written by the polluters themselves.”

Actually we’ve been at that point for a very long time now, and it truly is no secret.


Foxes with a fax machine


If ONLY this weren’t a common practice - throughout All Levels of Government! Fortunately, this particular ‘attempt to screw the nation’ - has gained significant exposure. Tom Udall should be ASHAMED of his damned self - outrageous sell out on his part. He’s not my State Senator but he’s going to hear directly from me and hopefully 1000’s of other outraged Citizens.

Money Money Money - California and other States will NOT be put down by Corporate Polluters - and denied our rights to protect our lives from their complete disregard for all which supports our survival - limited though it surely is at this point.


Hello, can you say ‘fascism’? The wedding between corporate business and government is written clearly for all those who care to look. This is but one exposure of the truth to the public. Will the public bother to take notice? Not likely, as they are busy using the very products produced by this infernal marriage, and watching/ listening to what the corporate media tell them (nothing else matters).

What an interesting world we’re building for ourselves!


Welcome to the United States of Corruption…