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A Child Dies by Accidental Gunshot Every Other Day in US: Report


A Child Dies by Accidental Gunshot Every Other Day in US: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

An accidental shooting kills a child roughly every other day in the U.S., far more than federal statistics indicate, according to a new report from the Associated Press and USA Today.


If you listen to the NRA, these children's deaths are the price of freedom!


I would love it if these NRA cowboys with their guns to cross the Mexican border hooting, and hollering the way they do; because the Mexican government has very strict anti-gun laws, and they would quickly find themselves in a Mexican jail, for a very long time. America needs to rid itself of the second amendment, it is a backwards way of living that leads to endless stories such as this one.


It's disturbing to think about how many people are carrying handguns on their person or in their vehicles. So much so that we read stories about children killing themselves or others with these guns. Who knows if you're going to be killed at the grocery when Timmy pulls mommy's Glock out of her purse to play. I'm not anti-gun but it has gotten completely out of control in this country. So many frightened people need some extra courage I guess.


I do not engage anyone who cuts me off in traffic. I am always afraid some idiot is armed and will start shooting.

I feel so awful about these poor children who are shot, maimed, killed by these guns owned by their families.
While I feel so badly for these innocent children, I am getting to the point where I feel numb to all the gun violence in the US. Honestly, if these rabid gun owners want to keep their gun(s), I am starting to think, fine. Odds are you will kill yourself or your family member with your precious gun, not me. So keep your gun and your local funeral director on speed dial. Statistics say you will likely need it for yourself or your own child.


We don't ever equate deaths from various other causes with death from guns, weapons for killing, that did not need to be present at all.
Cars accidents, falling down stairs - they are not weapons designed for killing.


The NRA trolls should be by soon.
Amazing that their creative minds, so able to imagine every excuse to continue to encourage senseless, myriad deaths, can never imagine any reason to create the change that WILL reduce deaths by a gun loving culture averse to social responsibility.


Given that roughly half of American households have guns, the accident rate is extremely low. Hardly an epidemic. Also, the number of children killed accidentally by guns has generally been declining, probably because of education about storing guns safely. I'm a firm believer in asking people if they have guns, and if so are they locked up, before leaving a kid at their house. When these tragedies happen, there is generally a massive failure of basic responsibility.


Half the firearms belong to 3% of U.S. adults.
22% of U.S. adults own firearms.
There are 265 million guns in circulation.
Why are we allowing 22% of the population and the NRA to dictate our gun policy?


Guns are designed to kill. The majority of our brave citizens are either taking anti psychotics, too much alcohol and a variety of mind altering substances. They all require a gun to soothe their paranoia.


180 children killed per year by guns in the USA; how many more in killed by USAian weapons in other countries?


Sure, all those gun nuts with their AR-15s just want to wound and tie up their targets. alas.


True, we need strict anti-gun laws like Mexico, because those laws work so well there. That is why the murder rate in Mexico is so much lower than it is in the USA.


I'm not a big fan of open carry (although I do believe in the 2nd amendment and that non-felons should have the right to own guns) but in the list of things to worry about that should be pretty far down on your list. You are much more likely to be killed in an automobile accident, have a heart attack, or, for that matter, be struck by lightening than you are to be killed by a mom's toddler who got hold of her Glock.


Good points. It would be informative to know the circumstances involving those deaths, I'd be willing to bet in a lot of cases they took place in dysfunctional homes and other factors were involved, such as drug or alcohol abuse, or a criminal history, with one or more of the adults living there.


You didn't factor in the actual death by guns of children and others that were either planned or the result of extreme emotion. Don't forget, there is only one reason for guns, death!


"Given that roughly half of American households have guns, the accident rate is extremely low."

Source for both stated facts?
Extremely low as compared to what?

Reality: In the USA citizens are 20 times more likely to die of gun violence than those of other developed nations.

With no credible source I could say "50 times more likely"



yes, it goes like this. From 1900 to March 2015 just as many people were killed in England by cops (from where we get the word "cops") as were killed here in just the 1 month of March 2015.

I think that may have to do something with the prevalence of guns, as in police carry them here, but not in England. Just a really wild fucking guess. I'm probably way off base.


Archie 1954, you are spot on, it's just the cost of freedom (buried in the ground.)

In the USA citizens are 20 times more likely to die of gun violence than those of other developed nations. But hey, not really a damn thing we can do about it. Our hands are tied. And do we really want to in any way endanger the God, Christ, and Holy Spirit, Hestonian/Eastwoodian 2nd Amendment Rights we have, like just to save some human lives, and maybe some people from the most pitifully easy form of suicide? (that often fails resulting in permanent severe brain damage).

But you know, in the only nation in the developed world where mass murder by guns in schools and public places happens on a regular basis, there is no way we can prevent such things.

Just a small cost for freedom, and the only way we can as gun owners overcome the military might of the Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, National Guard, militarized police, at state, city, and county levels, CIA, FBI and NSA (and everybody else in the government)

Cheers, and keep eyes and ears open for the black copters.


"New analysis finds that more than 1,000 minors were accidentally shot and killed between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2016"

Um, no... the new analysis finds that 1000 were killed or injured in gun related incidents between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2016.

According to the raw date used (The Gun Violence Archive) 416 killed, 888 injured. Pretty shoddy job coming up with 1000. I wonder where they got those numbers from.

An average of 96 children under 16 are killed in ATV accidents every year (compared to 166 gun related deaths). Considering that only 10million people live in households that own ATVs and that 38% of households own a gun, i would be more worried about ATVs at this point.