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A Children’s Gitmo on the Border: Heartless America’s Latest Nightmare

A Children’s Gitmo on the Border: Heartless America’s Latest Nightmare

Karen Greenberg

By the time Donald J. Trump threw in the towel, who among us hadn’t seen or heard the chilling videos in which U.S. border officials shamelessly grabbed uncomprehending children and toddlers from their pleading mothers and fathers?

i am ashamed of my country. but even that is not enough, the damage being done in my name is mind boggling as i ask myself what is happening to my country. the great USA was already great before trump. i regard him as a little man who has no empathy or compassion for anyone. and those who thought this was such a great idea should be tarred and feathered. is it time for pitchforks and torches? if not now then when?

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As the horror show that is the Trump Administration unfolds, it has become more and more apparent that the 2016 Election did indeed matter.

It mattered big time!

Seriously? This country was great before Trump became president? Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to our foreign policy the last couple of decades or centuries.

This country right now is in the process of helping the Saudis commit genocide in Yemen where millions of children are starving to death.

Let’s talk about the children in Fallujah, Iraq who are living with our left over depleted uranium bombs and being born with hideous birth defects.

Moving on to the children in Syria who have been puppets of the White Helmets who use chemical weapons on them which this country supplied to them.

I could go on and on about how this country has been committing war crimes and crimes against humanity on not only children, but their parents too.

How you can not be aware of these things is beyond comprehension.

BTW. Everything that Trump is doing now was done by Obama before him. The selective amnesia gripping the country is incredible!


John Kelly says, “I would do almost anything to deter the people from Central America” from making the journey here."

Really, John? Almost anything? Well the one thing you could do is tell Trump and congress to quit invading, bombing and destroying these immigrants’ countries. I’m sure that you know damn well why people are fleeing from their countries and trying to get asylum here, but since you were one of those who committed these war crimes you’re not going to do that.

I’ve seen countless comments that say immigrants should stay in their countries and fight to make them safe. This hubris and arrogance is staggering. How can people not understand that people can’t defend themselves from our bombs that come from drones miles away? Or that people are up against our weapons of death that we are using against the people or that we supplied to the “moderate rebels” that are helping us overthrow elected governments?

The ignorance of people in this country is just mind boggling!


Not so much. Obama did the same things that Trump is doing now. Yes he separated children from their parents while he was on his way to deporting more immigrants than any other president before him. He also put them in tent camps in Texas just like Trump is doing

Lots of the immigrants coming here are fleeing from Libya because Hillary got Obama to invade it on false pretenses. And they are coming from Honduras after Hillary’s role in the coup there.

Both Hillary and Obama have a lot of blood and deaths on their hands.

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All that you say is true. What is also true is the fact that Obama generally did returned them to their families in a couple of weeks. Then they were deported, as a family, not incarcerated
and criminally prosecuted.

I am not excusing the things that Obama did, but when people respond to criticism of Trump by saying “Obama did it too.”, that is simply not true. Trump and Sessions policy of “Zero Tolerance” is much worse.

In 2018 and 2020 we will have critical choices to make. Obama will not be running for anything. Most likely, neither will Clinton. It is time to put that aside as we face the real and
present danger.