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A Chronicle of a Lost Decade Foretold

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/28/chronicle-lost-decade-foretold

Excellent portrayal of current times. Afraid that in 10 years it will be even more extreme.


Murkins’ history of falling for fear and greed mongering confirms this.
The 1% will have their neofeudal paradise by 2030.


Anthropology was set in its place as it began to document credible and applicable information. It was categorized as “soft science” - the linguistic chute by which it was shunted aside. For centuries anthropologists and ethnographers have been documenting the living encyclopedias of indigenous peoples. As one Guarani elder put it - human beings are Earth That Walks.

When I first heard that, a bell deep in my soul began to ring, and it has never stopped. I then learned that their language is structured not for writing, but for memorizing and updating information. Thousands of years ago they found methodologies for interconnecting using the environment of the Earth and legacy wisdom as a model, and language became fully integrated into that. The Guarani are not alone, any people who love the earth as themselves dance into sync and become human gardens that / who read and interact with the subtle breath of life.

Yup, we’re all Earth that Walks, and like most humans we need encouraging teachers. Oddly enough the institutions and systems in power believe the opposite. Anybody think the conditions on Spaceship Earth are a coincidence? Do you think referencing the planet as “spaceship” is hyperbole?

Time to rethink entire systems and re-feel the spectrum of experience the predatory systems have “externalized/ marginalized/ genocided” and are colonizing.

Colonization remains the hephalump in the rum. Support indigenous peoples all over the world with your words and energy. Help is needed as never before.


This is pretty rich coming from a pompous gasbag who worships the EU superstate.

States of denial

It’s a delusion to think that humans are capable of governing themselves wisely. Time to spin the evolutionary wheel again . . . .

If they acted on their instinct it would all be very simple.
Do you know what your basic instinct is ,if you heard a baby crying in a burning building what do you do before thinking ?
You would run into that building not caring about your own safety to save the child.
This is your basic instinct,now overlay that onto human social systems and… Pow …you have a system based on oneness, fairness and love.
But this New Cultural Story will have to be written and chosen as a guiding principle .
We Are All One and One For All ,all we have to do is remember re-member put together again who we are and end this nightmare reality and illusion we are creating.
Re-member we are All One .A member of One body individual like the waves to the Ocean .But never apart .

Evolution means a movement towards unity ,let us this time choose concious evolution as we can guide this process by using principles such as Oneness and Sufficiency for all life.

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Amidst a massive Covid hallucination afflicting the left, Varoufakis is singular in seeing reality. I wish the Common Dreams staff writers and contributors would all debate this essay and pull themselves out of their brain freeze. By actual death data, this is still nowhere near a “pandemic” justifying lockdowns. It’s a pandemic only because the media, including Common Dreams, have repeated that it is so often. Plandemic is the name. It’s all in the data.

Today’s prize for Remarks by an Uninformed Tool.

Sir, I fear I must respectfully disagree.

It has been said, by someone much wiser than I am, that the greatest intellectual failing of humankind is the lack of appreciation of the mathematical exponential function.

I would submit - for your consideration - that the end of human civilization will come not at the hands of our indigenous politics, but at the exogenous hands of a wild climate that we have so roughly destabilized, the climate that had so carefully nurtured we humans to young-adulthood.

The seas in league with that climate are now refusing to passively accept anymore of the heat from our effluent waste-gas that we dump into our atmosphere as if it were a sewer, and the ocean temps are rising exponentially. This is already tripping feedback loops that may well (as they have done in the geological past) raise the average temps of the planet 10 or more degrees Celsius in as many years. This, will likely end in a climate similar to what in the past saw tropical rainforests on the Antarctic continent, and wastelands everywhere else.

And what only a few seem to realize is that anticipating this transition was a deadly phase where the oceans died, becoming anoxic. And likely with that anoxia flowed a sterilizing fog of Hydrogen Sulfide to cleanse the land of 95% of all life - the capstone of the ‘Sixth Great Extinction’ that we have begun.

There may well be a very short bit of goose-stepping, and heil-trumping, but rest assured that quickly following that, the rest is silence.

A respectable response, except for one thing. Just as we are basing this pandemic on a laughably outdated, impoverished and pharmaceutically driven germ theory, and just as all human attempts to control the natural environment have fallen woefully short due to a profound misunderstanding of nature’s complexity, and just as new studies, such as in the mathematical symmetries within the human genome, raise even more scientific questions about our existence beyond our grasp, so too the suggestion of the inevitability of an extinction ending in silence does not give deference to the vastly superior wisdom inherent in planetary biodiversity. I guess it is that it must end in silence that I take issue with. That we will oversee a great extinction of our ways of life, and of many species altogether, does appear quite likely. Industrial society, this era’s form of civilization, is the cause of an overall “toxicity”, both physical and conceptual, which will likely succumb in the end to the planet’s very powerful defense mechanisms, such as the bacteriological and virological “clean up” we see in failing human health due to weak immunity. Just as in a compost pile. Accordingly, human life will continue, giving rise to new civilizations, to the degree that a portion of us act, in our thinking, as an integral part of this biodiversity. That includes a humble embrace of the “invisible unknown”, the “quantum”, the “spiritual”, and an awakening from this age’s intoxication from materialism.

Thank you for your thoughtful response. But I must point out that such huge and rapid swings in climate are in the historical record, and some of ‘natures’s complexity’ to which you refer, that is becoming clear is the incredible ease with which a stability point in the climate-history can be pushed askew. You raise a valid point, which is: is it a foregone conclusion that if the habitability zone (where humans can live without extreme technical support) of the planet is reduced to the South Pole, will any humans survive. If that were the only factor, I’d say ‘probably.’ But would we survive several decades (or centuries) of anoxic oceans? It’s doubtful; but much depends on how fast it comes on - and the record shows that it can be bloody, bloody fast. You mention ‘self-preservation’ mechanisms of the biosphere - there is no evidence whatsoever for such life-preserving bio-climato-geological feed-back loops that favor life. That is precisely why there have been five previous massive planetary extinctions, and why we’re likely on the cusp of a sixth.