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A CIA Source Has Informed Me that Paul Krugman Voted 100 Times for Hillary Clinton


A CIA Source Has Informed Me that Paul Krugman Voted 100 Times for Hillary Clinton

Howard Friel

My source at the CIA, who will remain anonymous, has told me recently with “a high level of confidence” that Krugman repeatedly voted for Hillary Clinton on election day on November 8. The source told me that Krugman “went to great lengths to vote for Clinton at multiple polling places.” My source also told me that Krugman “did this because Hillary told him to.”


The best idea I've come across was many years ago - and that was to simply turn off the mainstream news !

Haven't watched TV for some ten years and counting - and I don't miss it - in fact - I recommend this as a strategy for all.

I do read the mainstream papers - just to keep track of what is being peddled, so to speak, but it is more clearly evident what the slant is on the printed page than on the visually stimulating 'news networks'.

As for this hacking business - I remember reading Colin Powell's autobiography - seemingly ages ago now - and his comment on the "spooks" in the intelligence services says it all I believe.

How exactly is one to assess 'reports' from the spooks themselves - their profession being to deceive ?

In "The Art of War", some two thousand years old now, it is a given that deception and all the black arts are always brought to bear by nation states.

To pretend otherwise is patently ridiculous.

To pretend that 'we' understand what's going on equally so, at least as far as details are concerned.

Us & them is going on - that's been happening for some two hundred thousand years now, i.e., since the birth of homo sapiens.


I would like to think cooler heads will prevail in this latest round of infighting within the power elite, but cooler heads seem to be AWOL in those circles. Their greed and lust for power and money and, above all, thier disdain for the truth and the rest of us who must deal with the consequences of their madness is both sickening and frightening. The Democrats and the Republicans continue to rain down destruction on the world and the rest of us desperately struggle to find ways to stop them. Is the long overdue fall of the Empire upon us?


No its going to get worse. The Empire is going to fall on all of us in an effort to strip us of our civil liberties. Midnight is approaching.....the serpents egg is about to hatch.


Those ominous rumblings you hear are the machinations of the Deep State, like tectonic plates shifting under the surface. The incessant chattering is from the controlled MSM, propaganda put out by one faction or another. The CIA, masters of foreign intervention and subterfuge, drops some juicy anti-Russian bits. Everyone goes crazy. The NSA, obviously the source of all things hacked or leaked, has yet to make its play. The neocons and the corporatist bi-partison War Party are angling for WWIII. This is all a lot like Kabuki Theater. Pull up a chair and bring out the popcorn. It's going to be a wild show.


What is behind this left wing fear mongering about a war with Russia. The US isn't going to start a shooting war against Russia. Maybe some sanctions. Maybe some sort of cyber stuff. What we need to do is support investigations to find out what is true and what is not true about the Russian interference with the election. A democracy must be based on a search for truth.


Ah, but the wild-eyed crazies here have such imaginative fun.


I am having serious trouble believing this author is serious in this piece. Does he really believe that intelligence gathering organizations can publicly divulge their assets and methods without completely destroying their ability to gather intelligence - even endangering people's lives?


With Trump, the far greater fear is a war with Russia - on another nation with no longer any concerns about using nuclear weapons - where will the retaliation come from? But the way the "left" so loves Assad, Putin, Duterte, and cryptically, Trump, it seems the "left" here has completely abandoned its stand on human rights. They can all go fuck themselves.


Yeah... we'll be alright... there won't be a shooting war so our comfy lives won't be interrupted. Maybe just slap some more sanctions on Russia, starve a few more thousand, or million innocent people, deny them the drugs and medical equipment they need to survive.
It was worth it in Iraq (half a million dead children), it'll be worth it in Russia.


He didn't say he turned off media; he said he turned off mainstream news. There are better sources, and enough that there is not time for both.



Is this because leaders don't do stupid things or put the world at risk of nuclear war?


It is also a reason to not believe their pronouncements. Just because they cannot tell the truth does not mean that they do.


Agree with all you say but the last sentence:

Degrees of "us" and "them" are very important. 7,000 years ago in Eastern Europe, the us & them factor, if we are to take seriously the brilliant, moving anthropological work of Marija Gimbutas and others, was vastly less than what it is today. Riverside settlements reached populations of tens of thousands, showed a wealth gap of only around 3 or 4 to 1, featured a cooperative partnership relationship between the sexes, and exhibited basically no warfare (that we have any evidence of, as we would expect to have if there was warfare). That is a dramatically different organization of human society, rooted just as much in "human nature" as our horrifically divided, divisive, and dominating-oppressed societies today find their seeds in the same "human nature." As Eisler summarizes in the The Chalice and the Blade, the change from then to now happened in stages, was traumatic, and is still playing out, with the ancient more enlightened ways never entirely demolished, and now available for contemplation as we work to create new paradigms--integrating all our greatest new knowledge with the wisdom of humanity's centuries--for a humane humanity now.


The US (neoCon faction thereof) almost got us close when they were about to start shooting up Syria over its (now debunked) chemical weapon use. The nukes won't start flying on purpose from any country (Israel excluded). The worry is that from a "controlled conflict" things will spiral out of control. But for one lonely Russian sub commander the world would have been nuked in the Cuban missile fiasco. Who's to say we'd be that lucky again?
'course, that would solve the global warming problem once and for all....


Not to mention the inequality problem also!:smiling_imp:


You are right to not rely on the controlled MSM for information. Long ago they ceased to be outlets for anything but propaganda and lies. After the fall of Aleppo was there any mention in the MSM of the dozens of Saudi, Qatari, and Israeli officers that were captured along with numerous CIA operatives? Was there any mention of the CIA-supplied TOW missiles that the so-called "rebels" were relieved of? And those lines of refugees trying to flee the fighting, were they desperately trying to get back into territory controlled by the CIA/Mossad trained and equipped Takfiri "freedom fighters" or to areas controlled by Assad? Nothing about any of this in the MSM accounts.


As we return to early 18th century (pre-Enlightenment) political culture, palace intrigues will dominate the talk in the capitals, while populations bleed and pay the price for confused decisions by inept commanders of vast empires. We are now as cut off from power as the cows of France were from Louis XIV - XVI. Americans are uniquely ahistorical and don't realize that the late 20th century was abnormally stable and democratic and ... we will not see those times again. Vive le roi! Moo!


It's pretty obvious from the title of this piece that the 'intel' coming out of the CIA isn't worth the paper it's printed on.


Don, TV is mass media and commercial media. You don't appear to have absorbed his point.