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A Clarion Call for Our Country’s Pillars to Demand Justice


A Clarion Call for Our Country’s Pillars to Demand Justice

Ralph Nader

It is time for an urgent clarion call.

Given the retrograde pits inhabited by our ruling politicians and the avaricious over-reach of myopic big-business bosses, the self-described pillars of our society must step up to reverse the decline of our country. Here is my advice to each pillar:


Not a word about labor, labor unions, or labor leaders, and the important role labor unions played in history. Alas, Ralph apparently doesn’t see labor as a Pillar. Sleep tight, the elite will heed the clarion call.


It must be an oversight HS - Ralph just missed the terminology, but he cannot have ignored that very important sector - that pillar - it doesn’t seem in his nature or experience - maybe I’m wrong. I just emailed him to ask why not and if not intentional to repair that omission. Keep the faith.


I have allways held Mr. Nader in high regard for decades now, but this so called “Clarion Call” to the countrys " Pillars of Justice" …is just common sense and should of been implemented by those factions he mentioned years ago by themselves,…unbidden…, certainlly during G.W.Bushs tenure, trying to do so now is like closing the barn door after the horses have long left the corall and vanished over the horizon, along with the wagons, the grain,the tools,the constitution… its going to take a lot more, a lot, than just a “demand” for justice, it is going to take a fight, those that hold the power are not going to give it up to mere “demands” unless its by millions of citizens in the streets demanding said changes, and thats not going to happen ,at least not yet, and perhaps never, they havent millaterized the police depts. for nothing.

Lets be realistic… the system is rigged , both partys are compicit in the state of the Union today , and that is no accident, all the countrys “pillars” care about is staying in a position of power no matter how big or small that position may be… no one wants to rock the boat and jepordize there own little universe, at this stage of the game it is all an illusion, a game of smoke and mirrors, and lots of B.S. an unending steaming pile that just keeps growing, while all those responsible for said piles continue to spout sanctimoniouslly and condesendinglly, all the while trying hard not to gag on there own overwhelming stench, while trying hard to look like the “countrys Pillars” and just for a couple of examples we have Jeff Sessions, what a sleazy little weazell, and of course Paul Ryan ,the man that can stand without a spine.hard to be a pillar with no backbone…


As someone that appreciates all that Ralph Nader has done and even voted for him in 1996, for me personally this article is a bitter “pillar” to swallow.
Since 2015 I have been contacting Mr. Nader about One Demand (formerly Voucher Vendetta) a campaign financing approach that can be used by all the 80% of citizens that want the Big Money out of politics to influence all parties and candidates, can be implemented immediately and be effective in 2018 because it requires no legislation, can work both within the Current Major Parties while at the same time create and demonstrate demand and viability for third party and independent candidates if the CMPs do not meet our demand.
Our One Demand is that candidates finance their campaigns only with small contributions from individuals. The slogan is “TAKE BIG MONEY- LOSE OUR VOTES”.
With just 15- 20% national participation in 2018 this could result in 10-50 small contribution candidates elected to Congress (includes the Senate) in 2018. This would inspire more citizens to participate in subsequent elections reaching the point in a few election cycles when the majority of congressional districts and Senate elections have competitive small contribution candidates.
Just the people that voted for Bernie in the 2016 primaries (and those that wanted to but couldn’t) could make this approach effective in 2018. Just the people that voted for Trump in the 2016 primaries (or that wanted to but couldn’t) could make this approach effective in 2018. And all these citizens can work together with people that voted for Hillary, Stein, Johnson or and even some that didn’t vote in 2016 on this one common issue.
I have contacted Mr. Nader through his Radio Hour, Nader.org, CSRL, through emails, contact forms and even snail mail as instructed by Mr. Nader in an article how wrote about how people with ideas should contact the “pillars” for help or advice regarding their ideas. As he instructed I have continued to contact him despite being ignored and even tried using his Citizen Summons that he is promoting for citizens to get legislators to pay attention to issues the legislators are ignoring. Not too sure how well the Citizens Summons will work on legislators if it doesn’t even work on Mr. Nader.
I have also written and submitted many articles to many publications (including Common Dreams) with only a few letters to the editor getting published in some small local newspapers.
For more information visit the One Demand website (Just add .org to onedemand as I was not allowed to post the web address) and if you would like to see this approach covered by the media contact Mr. Nader, Common Dreams and other media to let them know you want this covered (registering to participate and getting people you know to participate could also be helpful). Please note that the text at the website was written in early 2015 before Bernie even declared he was running. The site was recently updated for the new name and will be updated with new text for 2018, but other than the dates the information is still relevant.


Say, maybe it’s time for We the People, to step up and take over the corporations by throwing them out of the Dems, first? Then take the Congress back? Then presidency? Ralph, you and Bernie and Jill need to talk this out. A “foot back into the door of power”, a toe-hold, a tipping point that signals the exit of the Schumers, Pelosi’s and Feinstein’s; unless, of course, if they publicly apologize for their deep corporate complicities into subverting our democracy through valuing corporations’ money over Planet, People and Peace. Then moving into 2018 and beyond maybe, “We can just get along?” - Rodney King, 1992, L.A. Like family? The family that will save America and possibly the future from famine, floods, droughts and /or a nuclear winter? The corporations are taking us there, already at break-neck speed! With their leader, “our” president.

p.s. love all you do Ralph, no one is better - but please use quotes with “consumer”. Weasel words need special notice in these especially horrific days of the fascist storm and its harsh corporate winds.