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'A Class of People Rising Up' as West Virginia Teachers Strike Hits Eighth Day

'A Class of People Rising Up' as West Virginia Teachers Strike Hits Eighth Day

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Thousands of teachers flooded the West Virginia capitol on Monday as their historic statewide strike entered its eighth day following the Senate's refusal to back a five percent pay raise bill—one of the educators' key demands.

"What we're seeing is a movement in the U.S. Not just a labor movement. It's a class of people rising up," Sam Brunett, an art teacher at Morgantown High School, said to USA TODAY.




Can you please post links/contacts in the piece to let readers know how and where they can help out?



We’re number one among the worst health care systems in developed countries, factoring costs and outcomes. What a disgrace that teachers are paid such crap and can barely afford rising health care prices. I am one of the lucky ones with low-cost insurance because of a better public job, but even Kaiser sucks. The main docs (my gp and 2 specialists) are always booked for months, so I have to see random docs every time. We all suffer from lack of a better alternative.


Hey, everybody. I sent monthly to help Bernie. It hurt, sure, but Bernie’s still a sensation.
I don’t get anything for saying this, but give a little something to CD. Not sure how my day would go without hearing from all of you.


It’s time ALL public employee union members in WV. to stand with these teachers.
Professional Firefighters of WV., as a past local president of the IAFF, I’m calling you out. Get off you’re butts, get to you’re capital and stand with you’re union brothers and sisters.


I’d be happy to if and when they break with the Democratic party. A press can’t be independent if it chooses partisan sides.

Go to Google and type “WV teachers strike fund-gofundme”. (Sorry, I would like to give you the direct link, but CD won’t let me.)

WV Teachers STRIKE Fund

Do not count on it, but I give them a lot of credit.

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YES!!! And that imbecile Janus who has it made, is close to retiring with a pension is complaining. Looks like he might win. I heard he was paid by the Kochs. Hope he gets ready to hide.

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What kind of public job do you have?

I am not depreciating what the WV teachers are doing one least bit - but they are really being helped by this being, effectively, a scab-safe strike. There are simply no out-of-state replacement teachers who would be willing to work for that kind of pay, much less for that pay in West Virginia.

It would be very different if they were coal miners - they wouldn’t have a chance against all the scabs overjoyed to work in the mines and die early of black lung for $9.00 an hour.


It bears repeating the link…

The solution is not to raise gas tax. The solution is for wages to be proportional to the cost of living. The solution is for the cost of healthcare to stop going up while wages remain stagnant. You think it is a matter of wages just needing to be higher? It is not.

Should read, "It’s time for ALL…"
My mistake, sorry.

A local public job in CA, nothing special.