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A Climate Change Solution No One’s Talking About: Better Land Use


A Climate Change Solution No One’s Talking About: Better Land Use

Daniel Ross

It was a nightmarish Iowa blizzard in 1998 that made Seth Watkins rethink the way he farmed.

Before then, he’d operated his family business—he raises livestock alongside hay and corn crops for feed—pretty much as his parents had, utilizing practices like monocropping and unseasonal calving cycles, methods designed to cheat nature. The blizzard, which imperiled the lives of many newly born calves that year, made him realize there must be a better way to steward the land and the animals on it — methods more attuned to the natural scheme of things.

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Thank you for the informative article. Although I do not know the scale of regenerative, no till, organic farming and gardening, I do know that it is being used more as I’ve seen and increase in information since the past decade. However commercial agriculture would be against it’s practice since the loss of revenue from the sale of chemical would be too difficult for businesses to swallow.
There does seem to be increased interest in Community Gardens which use many variations of organic style gardening.

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Good article. Many of these solutions were begun in the 1930s wish I had my grandpa’s old Soil Erosion certificate but one the cousins got it :wink: