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A Climate Hero Languishes in Prison. Let's Fight to Get Him Out


A Climate Hero Languishes in Prison. Let's Fight to Get Him Out.

Bill McKibben

The underwater pictures from the Maldives this weekend brought back a staggering rush of memories.


Maybe people will remember who he is from his appearance on an April 2012 Daily Show. When JS asked him his main message for climate obstructionists he answered:

“It would be ‘Don’t be so silly.’”


With apologies to Nnimmo Bassey - (the image without his consent) yikes!!
Idea - potential viral solidarity scuba mask movement


This is another example of Big Oil undermining democracy to fuel their narrow agenda. While the U.S. government won’t lift a finger to help the imprisoned leader, other more develped countries may be able to free him. I would begin with a tourist boycott of the Maldives plus an offer of monetary assistance in return for releasing the leader. This may very well be a glimpse into the future of Americans and other Westerners who try to get in the way of Big Oil.


Sorry, but he was simply too effective in getting attention for the myth of global warming. Even if we weren’t vindictive, we still wouldn’t want this loose cannon swimming about.

We’ll try to see he isn’t killed though. The last thing we want is a climate change martyr.


Your Fossil Fuel Friends


You are right, the oil companies/Oligarchy are really starting to put on the screws… I had a funny feeling they wouldn’t give it up with out a fight… we haven’t seen anything yet…




Yes agreed,

We don’t need to kill him. We at the NSA have glossy images of what looks like Mohammed butt-phucking a giant sea turtle on Facebook. It’s just murky enough to work out that way. A little photoshop like they used to erase the second cop shooting the corpse the other day, and we shouldn’t have any problems if he gets out on parole.

He’ll be responsible for the child support of a hundred baby sea turtles.
A Frame-up you say? :anguished:

This is just how we roll, in the NABEM Empire!


Cant help to notice that the coral reef face in the above picture of the underwater protest looks terrible. It is completely dead as many Caribbean/Bahamas/Florida Keys reefs are. Excessive water temperatures causing bleaching and coral death is the main cause. I’m glad I got rid of my diving gear 20 years ago. It’s bad enough seeing what has happened to the central/southern Appalachian forests I explored as a kid. Re-visiting these once stunning living coral reefs today could push me to suicide.


@Bill McKibben is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and co-founder of 350.org. His most recent book is Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet.

If only Mr. Bill McKibben knows the whole story of how the Maldives got rid of the 30-year old dictatorship he would have second thoughts of giving Mr. Nasheed any credit. Well, Mr. Nasheed had to be in jail also for stealing documents from government archives. His involvement in the environmental issues is for show and acting because of his lack of capacity to govern even a small country and also because of lack of experience in administration. During his short tenure of office he wasn’t able to manage the economy, education, health and welfare etc. Made a lot of noise within the Maldives while having a habit of making rendezvous all over the world for self-promotion in the name of environment issues especially, sea-level rise. Was he able to do anything except just a “flash-in-the pan” ?

It just did not happen the way Mr. Bill McKibben has stated in the article above. Mr. Nasheed was still not in the Maldives when it all started. He could have been anywhere overseas because his family had a lot of money. Meanwhile, the older generation of Maldivians who are mostly academics have already taken up stand to pull down the totalitarian regime. This has started happening since late 1980s. They read and wrote and have known that history repeats. And in the Maldives over-throwing of absolute and authoritarian regimes has been the commonest thing next to the coconut palm trees. Events related to attempts (some successful most of the time not) runs in volumes in the annals of its history.

Well, non- Maldivian writers and activists write about the Maldives in the present times because there is a focus of attention here for the mere fact that the words “the Maldives” are considered to be a universally known brand today. People tend to like to get associated with this brand. Many a time in recent times to self promote themselves and therefore, for the wrong reason .

The real freedom fighters of the Maldives were the ones who brought in the silent revolution to pull-down the 30-year-old Dictatorship. They shall be considered to be men and women, boys and girls, young and old who wrote and fought and who died, who got lost and till today their names have never been written. But we know them and we will always treasure their works and their lives. The works of historian and freedom writer Old-man-Shafeeg and also his colleagues Hassan Maniku- the- historian and linguist, the-Old-man-Latheef and Ali Moosa Didi still lives on. Please question Professor Adam of University of Aberdeen or even refer to Thor Heyerdahl the Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer with a background in zoology, botany, and geography about the writer /historian Old-Man-Shafeeg. Old-Man-Shafeeg contributed more than 20 short stories with a political twist to usher support for freedom of speech and expression. He spent months in solitary confinement in jail at his old age and still struggling due the consequences of that detention.

Where was Mr. Nasheed when Mr. Go-Go Latheef masterminded to register the first action of a political party which Old-Man-Shafeeg suggested in his writings? No sooner Mr. Latheef was able to register Maldives Democratic Party -( The MDP of today) HEY HO ! here comes the band-wagon with Mr. Nasheed (ANNI) to dominate the MDP. This is the real history of MDP and Go-Go Latheef and others who were on the forefront were silenced because of money an influence that followed ANNI both within the Maldives and abroad, especially from India and the UK.

Just because Nasheed played to the tune of “White House and Windsor Castle” and whine and hum-drummed with the “Alternative Narrative” Speech to make FUN of Islam in Copenhagen, one may not make him Hero-and- Maglo, which he does not deserve. People have the right to know the Truth. And Mr. Nasheed has to be put to his right size.

It was Nasheed’s inexperience, immaturity and his virtual and almost total dependency on foreign advice and assistance from India and British PM,that he failed to perform. He resigned on his own accord without even consulting his cabinet. The Truth of the matter and the Fact is that there were riots by then opposition as much as there are riots on Male’ streets at nights now mainly orchestrated by malcontents who are pro-Nasheed. The fact that Nasheed locked-up Criminal Court judge without due process is a well known fact by every young and old citizen of the Maldives.

Why should it be only Nasheed one should be concerned about? This question needed to be answered by the author of the article.