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A Climate of Violence: Refugees and Global Warming


A Climate of Violence: Refugees and Global Warming

Steve Minkin

I recently received an appeal from one of my favorite progressive organizations – with the subject line, "What do climate change and immigration have to do with each other?"

The appeal went on to connect the wild fires in California and the refugee crisis in Central America.


A helpful summary of American Gunboat Diplomacy; but was Hilary Clinton’s
support of the coup against the democratically elected Honduran president (2009) not a quest for “stability” but of keeping corporate state power omnipotent?
Plus, wasn’t there a U.S. military base in Honduras that might have been closed? Hilary loves the murderous military.


This new article at Counterpunch refutes the author’s thesis:


Expect the violence associated with the mass exodus of refugees to get really ugly, really soon.

Right now, we’re seeing the tip of that iceberg…


Thanks you Emmanuel for altering me to this really important article by Todd Miller. I tired to make it clear throughout my article that I am not a global warming denier but what set me off ( literally - I could not stop myself from responding to the email iI had received) was the lack of perspective in the embrace of climate change as “the cause”. The author of the article you recommended balances the connections between the history of violence ,extraction of resources the ruthless expansion of palm oil cultivation and climate events.


I fear you are right!


You’re welcome, Steve.
I do think the rampant violence in those countries is a major driver of these refugee exoduses, and that you do a good job of pointing it out in its various dimensions and historical causes, including (as usual!) US involvement. Thank you for that.


Whenever an author interacts with the comments i like to commend him or her. Too many writers take the readers for granted and ignore their often pertinent observations.

I would like to add this from the First International, 1866

The poor have no country, in all lands they suffer from the same evils, and they therefore realise that the barriers put up by the powers that be the more thoroughly to enslave the people must fall. It is the poor, above all the poor, who will realise the dream of the gentle Anacharsis de Cloots, the orator of the human race, who will bring into being the great federation of the peoples. So come, young people, and help us accomplish this lofty task…


You ain’t seen nothing yet…just wait until 1 Billion people in China and India get themselves into the middle class.


Thank you and the quote about the poor having no borders is thought provoking


As auto and meat consumption in these countries goes through the roof