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A Clock Is A Clock Is A Clock, Except (Duh) When A Muslim Kid Makes It


A Clock Is A Clock Is A Clock, Except (Duh) When A Muslim Kid Makes It

Our national idiocy, racism and Islamophobia has come into spectacularly inane focus in the saga of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old smart brown kid in Texas arrested when he created a homemade clock that school officials and police in their wisdom figured must be a bomb, 'cause, c'mon, lookit that name. In the fallout, the Internet and Ahmed - showered with support and invites - won; America lost.


This article really does expose the paranoid underbelly of Americans. Their Government has made Americans fearful so that they jump at shadows.

Then they tell the American people that they are exceptional!

How will Americans ever find their way out of the MENTAL MAZE created by the Government and the MSM?


I found the silent movies of the Keystone Cops hilarious. I didn't realise that they were documentaries of everyday life in the USA.


Gee, DavidG, you ask a very good question, I have no answer but looking back through my way=back machine I see that we lost our critical thinking skills being taught to us when Mr. Raygun came to town...but we are exceptional, exceptionally dumbed-down.


"How will Americans ever find their way out of the MENTAL MAZE created by the Government and the MSM?"
By asking a 14 year old brown child.......


Nice juxtaposition of photos Abby. Really, really fine exposure of reality against the backdrop of insanity.


Abby, you should edit your article and mention Star Simpson who, as an MIT sophomore was nearly shot dead when, going to meet a friend's incoming flight, she innocently wore to Logan Airport her homemade jacket that had a standard hobbyist's breadboard with green LEDs in a star pattern. (Star is part Polynesian, thus meeting -barely- the test for swarthiness)


Just in case anyone wants to know why "investigations" of police misconduct take so long.

In case anyone's still wondering whether the cops are on our side.


There are places where the Steamroller of the Machine functions at high capacity
And seriously Texas is one of "them thar places"

There must be a geographic anomaly

If Einstein correctly predicted the warping of space due to gravitational forces,
can we expect the warping of social space due to mental forces?

( or lack of mental forces, as the case may be)

I really miss Molly Ivins, guess I'll put on some ZZ Top or Stevie Ray
and remember that even in Texas space, Brilliance can excel.


This native Texan, long time adopted Californian, also misses Molly, but has a dear friend who once was a teacher in Irving, TX though she now retired, works as a sub in
DISD, continuing to do her best to end the kind of idiocy taking place in Irving. Even still I wonder how my native State became a major location for ignorance and hate?
Then not discussed was the elected Mayor of Irving and her "crusade" against her constituents who do not fit her version of religious persecution. Over at TPM a read
that is worthwhile as it's apparently not only the school system and the police in Irving.



Are we really the land of the free and the home of brave?


No. Well, you did ask.


Oh, the paranoia and utter stupidity of some of our public servants, both elected and civil service.


Yes, yes, he built a clock. But! Can he build an interocater? (Tongue in cheek)


Remember when to become a cop in this country, you had to have a four year degree, not four years in Iraq kicking in doors on night raids! I truly believe this is one of the biggest problems facing our country today, and the Federal Government does nothing but exasperate the problem by militarizing our police forces!


Whew...That was a harsh link...almost didn't want to follow the worm hole knowing what I would probably find at the end

Not That Van Duyne....OMG

I remember this idiot from a vague dream about a crusader "vowing to look into a "Shariah law court" that was said to have been set up by an Irving mosque...."

That Van Duyne......

Watching our birth states evolve is a bit lackluster for everyone.
The orchards of oranges have long left Orange County.
I remember when it was an all day trip all the way out to wild Huntington Beach



Townes Van Zandt...a very welcome respite............


Did you see the GOP debate? Most of the discussion was about how dangerous the world is and how we must build a stronger MIC. This is the foundation of your "paranoid underbelly." If I scare you from some false enemy, then I can steal from you easier.


Oops, been in CA too long and had to check out Townes Van Zandt. Ignorance abounds at times even among old fashioned and just old (just celebrated my 80th) and fall into the Willie
generation. Long time ago picked up a CA kicker in a cw bar outside Travis AFB. A warrior who loved flying, but hated war. Thanks for sharing I think I will too will enjoy Van Zandt.