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A Code of Honor and Conduct: On Making People Uncomfortable


A Code of Honor and Conduct: On Making People Uncomfortable

The More Things Change: Another school district, this time in Biloxi, Miss., has banned "To Kill A Mockingbird" from its 8th grade curriculum because "some language in the book (makes) people uncomfortable" - an especially ignoble move in these ugly times. "If To Kill A Mockingbird makes you uncomfortable, you should probably be reading it," notes one critic. Another: "You know what else was uncomfortable? Jim Crow."


I am so uncomfortable these daze’s. I’m 66 years old and I cannot remember an uglier government or people or citizen’s. With the alt-right, the right, the koch brother’s running things it sucks here. Every-thing is about hate, just visit the southern poverty law center web site and find out for yourself, I did. I do not like slamming people or religions but hey you christians, to be a christian is to be Christ Like and Christ is a Title, not a name. Frank Zappa said it best: “I’m not black but there’s been a whole lot of times I wish I weren’t white”, now 2017 is one of them for me. This place makes me sick and I want to leave but I cannot because I have no money, I’m disabled. I’m here against my will. My family has been here 360 years this year and I want to leave so you know things are damn bad…okay, I’ll quit now before I explode…


I really liked the book, to this day when I see a Mockingbird which I also really like , I think of that book. “Its a sin to kill a mockingbird.”


It could be far worse, you have your own thoughts. that is far more valuable than most other things. You can still learn what you need to know and share what you’ve learned from those 360 years. Cheer up, your a controversial human being now, Frank would be proud.


Thanks Fern, you made me laugh. I needed it. Why is being me so contra? I think what I’m doing is correct.


Well, what you are doing is correct or significant to who you are but to those that don’t understand that or have an imposed value it is just rhetoric. You must know this. It is like when you are a kid and see everything but still have to learn what not to say.


So TPB in Biloxi “think” that “discomfort” generated by deeply treasured literature is something they must “ban”. What a shame, that kind of discomfort arises because of recognition that all of the life around them IS ALIVE.

I begin to think the reporting on the banning of the book treats this as though the children are silage and the oxymoronic education ban a silo. Why is there no public information about a public choice in a public school and public education?

The treatment seems to assume that these public-citizens-to-be are expected to retain precisely the framing and PLACE of this stage of their education. Is this a desirable perspective walking down a path to privatization? Shhhh… no controversy, the fragility of the children MUST be treated as being GREATER than that of their elders so that the latter can feel justified in weakening their resolve to be able to face the world and things that make them “uncomfortable”.

With all due respect, this is not education it is more a wailing that the fragmented incapacity of the school board must be reinforced at the shallowest and most immediate moat/mote and pre-empt any strength by claiming there is a break and applying a cast to keep the children from walking on their own. Weird interpretation of the meaning of a ‘cast system’


Made me think :-((…wrong audience for message, okay, Thanks…always was kinda like a bull in a china shop…I’ll aim better next time…


The President of the United States of America bragging about “grabbing women by their pussies” makes me uncomfortable. It is not language I like to hear, especially from the “leader of the free world.”

How about you pull him instead.


When I was in 8th grade, I did a book report on “To Kill A Mockingbird.” The book was in the school library. No one had any problem with it. Reagan was president. The school was a Department of Defense Dependent’s School (DoDDS). My dad was in the Army.

Meanwhile the kids of those people who are complaining about the n word being in a book in the school library are watching cartoons with people fighting and killing each other. But the parents complain about the n word in a book that’s bigger than most of those kids will want to read anyway. Talk about misplaced priorities…


have you read phil rockstroh’s “2 or 3 Things I Know About Late-Stage Capitalism”? you’re not alone in feeling a disconnect. you are not insane; the system is!

feel better? :upside_down_face:


I am of the mind that no book should ever be “banned” in America. _To Kill a Mocking Bird _ is a classic in American literature and should be taught for that reason. however, there are contemporary authors (Tamara Harris, Natalie Baszile) that also could and perhaps should be on English class reading lists…


feeling better? well, not really but you did make me giggle so that was a good thing…I have never been a capitalist because in order to have true capital you have to have first the raw material and we’ve gutted the planet of raw materials…


Oh my, not what I meant. More like, a never stop looking or seeing it is a gift.


Congratulations, Biloxi, upon winning the coveted “dunce-of-the-month” award! You are clearly deserving of this (dis-) honor!


I know what you’re feeling, Ditton. Every day now I feel like a stranger in a strange land!



The purpose of books and speech is to make people uncomfortable. You grow by dealing with ideas that are different from your own, visions that are different from your own, words that are different from your own.

If you aren’t uncomfortable from time to time, you’re not growing.


You got it, lobo! Love Leon! Just listened to the “Carney” album about 4 times through in the last 2 weeks. Magnificent!


Oh, really? So my kid-vision still works? Cool, I really didn’t want to give up my innocent take on a complex thing like life. Tanks.