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A Code of Honor and Conduct: On Making People Uncomfortable

Thanks, some days you wake up in the morning to find everything you held dear to your heart and soul is gone, poof. The phase-shift can be brutal and messes with your whole day.


Yeah, those days seem to be coming around more often now, don’t they? Never give up! Anything is possible.

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I am a supporter of public education and have seen a respectable school charter years ago that specifically stated creating good consumers was the job of public education.

Did the public say that?

¿quién sabe?

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Never ever give up…although some daze well, it just hurts.

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Damn right! I just turned a handful of young adults onto Leon at a social event. It’s music to my ears to hear, “Who the hell is that?” The music of my (our) youth is still relevant, still listened to by each generation, still a mainstay in the soundtrack of American life. Totally cool.

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