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A College Education Instead of Mindless Militarization


A College Education Instead of Mindless Militarization

Adam Vogal

As the United States military continues to sell the idea of joining its ranks to high school students throughout the nation as the best way for many poor students to get financing for college, the will to create true social responsibility for our nation’s underserved and underprivileged children is getting further out of reach.


Thank you, Mr. Vogal for defining the dis-ease (Mars rules) and how it cannibalizes its own youth. This is not about WE, citizens; it’s about power that’s corrupted all aspects of the U.S government along with social, cultural, and economic venues. It IS the Beast!

“Unlike those countries, America has a failed economic and political system that favors enriching the elites behind the Military Industrial Complex over ensuring that America has a well-educated populace free from the necessities of wasteful spending that war making creates. Unlike the common sense shown in other countries, our representatives choose the military over education every year when they make the federal budget.”

This is the diabolical, naked truth:

“An economic system that gives children the choice between remaining in poverty and being indoctrinated into a kill and maim or be killed and maimed situation is a very broken system.”

Eisenhower saw it coming… and did his best to warn the citizenry. But so few understood what the infusion of so many Nazis into the ABC agencies would mean to the seeding of a Deep State apparatus that operated totally in the dark without revealing its hand (neither any basis for accountability) to citizens. By the time the Cancer grew to its current proportions, the remedies available hardly seem up to the task. But Earth Changes (also predicted decades ago by the likes of Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, Moira Timms, Mary Summer Rain, Sun Bear, Gordon Michael Scallion and others) are going to play a huge hand in the ultimate calculus.

This model is not only unsustainable; it’s doing phenomenal harm to persons, places, animals, plants, and all segments of this miraculous planet’s biospheres.

Earth Mother is now showing Her hand.

Open-minded, courageous forum readers may wish to check this video out. Similar is produced on a monthly basis. Witnessing the Scale and Intensity of all of the natural systems coming apart virtually simultaneously is a massive wake-up call:


Interesting that you constantly shift the conversation toward some dark ex-Nazi plot directing the disintegration of a global system that was founded in colonialism and can actually be traced back to European barbarian culture and their eventual perfection of the use of gunpowder to dominate other populations. I guess James Marrs really got to you. Throw in some channeled spirits, astrological references…whew.


My sources are many. Project Paperclip is well-documented. Your incredulity hardly alters the truth. Amy Goodman interviewed Eric Lichtblau, author of “The Nazis Next door.” It’s a chronicle of some of the individuals assimilated into America with very dark histories. I don’t suppose you’ve read it? Why allow for scholarship to ruin a perfectly brainless opinion, right?

There are major overlaps between:

  1. The Deep State and its immoral objectives and preferred use of such things as torture and planned assassinations. (Mike Lofgren is a good source for info on the Deep State’s operations)
  2. The death of JFK and who was behind it added to what it meant in terms of the direction of U.S. politics
  3. The growing strength of both the CIA and the MIC–as warned about by President Eisenhower
  4. The use of “alphabet agencies” to push financial policies onto nations to place them into debt. Then, as is plainly the case with Greece, the bankers have them “by the balls.” John Perkins, “Confessions of a Professional Hit Man,” documents these tactics. (They represent a hybrid of Nazi tactics crossed with those of Organized Crime.)
  5. The Shock Doctrine is Naomi Klein’s brilliant analysis of how the tactics in #4 come into play to direct the course of nations. Ms. Klein documents how the use of financial force (and assorted carrots and sticks) undid the objectives of leadership in South Africa, ruined Russia’s economy, and has taken aim at our own as so much privatization of the commons reveals.
  6. Janine Wedel has done a terrific job of exposing how shadow elites have operated behind the scenes to deregulate many laws that at one time protected the public’s interest. These protocols have been used in many nations and are executed by the same tight group of insiders.
  7. Cathy O’Brian and other victims of mind control/trauma have worked to recover their suppressed memories and speak openly about campaigns in place that use sexual abuse ON children for nefarious purposes.
  8. Ted Gunderson, former head of a major dept. of the FBI became the “go to” person with many stories of child ritual sexual abuse and mind control. He had a huge body of evidence and may have been killed.
  9. Former Senator John Le Camp sought to get the testimony of young people subjected to sexual abuse–that served political figures in high places–into court for the purposes of holding the pedophiles accountable. At every turn FBI and judges and police lost information or refused to submit what was on record. His book is entitled, “The Franklin Cover-up.”
  10. The Catholic Church has a MAJOR interest in covering up sex abuse on a wide scale

I am also interested in the growing body of evidence–part of a Disclosure movement–about life forms from other planets having crashed on this one. There are hundreds of former military personnel, pilots and others who have gone on record exposing this paradigm-changing phenomena.

Nor do these 10 references in any way limit the scope of those topics I am interested in… topics that dovetail to present a very different picture of reality–human psychology–and human possibility than most here dare to imagine.

That there are DARK forces BENT on controlling citizens’ understanding should not be hard to figure out since it’s gone on since the Vatican made books off-limits that it keeps in its own library.

The work of Edward Bernays on how to use mass media to brainwash people is also widely known as is, for many, the recognition that U.S. media is nothing short of a massive engine of indoctrination fueled by the use of lies told often and recurring streams of propaganda.

Hundreds of engineers and scientists now have openly demanded a re-examination of events of 911.

People who are dull-witted, faith-based devotees of father figures (and other paternalistic top-down authoritarian institutions), or afraid to look beyond what they’ve always taken for real… may shut these things out… but millions are awake to them.

And I’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg.

Unlike this forum’s paid message shapers, I am anything but a one-subject thinker. And I am VERY well read and also well traveled.

This “Bud’s” for you, genius. Learn something:


The premise of the author would be a great idea if:

Everyone was suited to attend a college or University–they are not.
There was an expanding economy able to provide meaningful employment to all the university grads that would result–there isn’t.

This goes all the way back to the great depression and the end of World War II. In September of 1945 the biggest worry in Washington was what to do with the approximately 10 million troops who would be mustered out of the military now that hostilities had ended.

Improvements in both production and management had so systematized and automated US industry that the US had excess productive capacity it couldn’t keep busy with its existing labor force which now would be expanded by some 10 million returning GI’s. Short of another war (and the entire country was sick and tired of war by 1945) there was no way to find enough work to keep the restless energy of so many returning GI’s occupied.

So the bright idea was to send them all to college as the reward of a grateful nation for their service. And It worked–till a new bogey man to oppose could be found. (Hello cold war with the former ally and now Godless Communist USSR!). In the interim, programs like CARE allowed farmers to have markets for their excess capacity by feeding starving countries whose rations were financed by US foreign aid to the country with the stipulation that it be spent on US products.

The Marshall Plan did for US industry what CARE did for US agribusiness–it gave them US government subsidized access to foreign markets to sell their goods under the guise of humanitarian aid. These programs were sold to the citizenry as gestures of kindness to suffering peoples. They were sold to the elites as a means to avoid another great depression.

As it now exists the author’s suggestion (just like the military service option) is but one more desperate attempt to find some way to keep the more restless energies of youth occupied until someone can figure what to do with all of these people for whom there is no meaningful work or future. Like the New Deal alphabet soup collection of relief agencies, and the Fair Deal foreign aid inhitiatives, the strategy will work for a little while.

Unlike the US of the 30’s or the 40’s however, this country has no industrial or resource base to be able to pursue a war solution to its profoundly wrecked economy. Neither does it have the capacity to finance the purchase of its products as it once did under Harry Truman’s Fair Deal foreign aid initiatives.


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Right. Prior to the 1970s, the City University of New York was free, but admission to the five colleges was very competitive. People who couldn’t get into City, for example, went to the less competitive NYU. But then the student movement arrived, the campus was barricaded, and before long an open admissions policy was instituted. All graduates of NYC public high schools were guaranteed admission, necessitating the building of community colleges, remedial courses and - tuition. The tutition is reasonable compared to private colleges, but the prestige of the CUNY system has disappeared, even though many programs are still first rate.