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A 'Commitment to Reclaim Our Lands and Our Future': 100+ Groups Mark 'Day of the Landless'

A 'Commitment to Reclaim Our Lands and Our Future': 100+ Groups Mark 'Day of the Landless'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Over 100 global organizations declared Friday to be "Day of the Landless." They marked the occasion with a statement denouncing neoliberal plunder of the planet's natural resources and reaffirming marginalized rural communities' claims to land and food sovereignty.

Nestlé is one of the worst offenders, and should be banned everywhere!   Multi-NaZional Korporations are NOT people, and their owners must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity through­out the world.

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In the 60s Brazil embraced the Chicago boys like Milton Friedman and the rising Dictatorship weaponized agriculture into agribusiness. Today, there is MATOPIBA as the years for which the red clay eeks out legumes under the worlds largest and heaviest agrotoxin applications, agribusiness - supported by the USDA since at least 2012, as “investment” is wreaking havoc on societal and ecological balances, we watch to see how long it takes to turn into fully toxic red dust deserts - look familiar?. This region also sits atop one of the most important aquifers in SA. Does it matter? To industry … meeh, screw it…

In the mean time, traditional agricultural practices by indigenous peoples and other traditional communities, are scorned, undermined and their lives threatened… for short term greed.

I’ve got a pair of size 14’s I’d be glad to punt up – --…

Technocrats working for the European Union are proposing that African Nations lease out Cities and tracts of farmland to European Corporations on contracts from 50 to 100 years. These Corporations would then go in and rebuild local infrastructure based on a profit driven model and “Manage” that property for the duration of the lease.


Today is Vietnam Veterans Day. Thank you to my fellow Nam vets. For serving in whatever capacity and frame of mind you did so. ALL Americans and others suffered from that war.

Today is also my birthday :-/ …and…I flunked my physical for the draft, 4-F, can never serve…what a horrible time for so many that we still bleed. Anyway, back on topic, I guess…just look what happened to Mexico because of NAFTA.

Well, happy birthday young man. Hope you as well as can be on this spring day, sort of.

Thanks :-))) spring has hit with a vengeance and I can’t stop coughing :frowning: but at 68 it’s good to be called young, funny, I remember those daze like they was yesterday hehehe.

Just kidding you old fart. We must both be good looking. I’ll be 70 in May and I aged a bunch at 69. I was doing pretty good till then.
But it’s good to be able to get out for a walk at this point.
The music is still good too.

American Indians continue to lose their lands to American corporate pounders. The Keystone XL is for the Koch brothers.
Small land holders all across this land have their land seized for various fossil fuel projects from fracking to pipelines and stripmines.
Then there are the Palestinians who have their lands seized because they are the wrong religion.
So land day is for all these people too

Ownership is the problem.
It’s a mental construct having nothing to do with ultimate reality. A temporary fiction an invention of the mind.
We are here to be good stewards of our precious planet, merely stewards ,seeking to take good care of that over which we have been given stewardship-including our bodies ,the bodies of our mates and children,the land on which we live ,and all else that we have in our care.
We are asked by life to sustain ,things are not our possessions but simply articles that have been placed in our care .They are ours temporarily, only for safekeeping.

There us enough of everything we think we need to be happy ,but we do not believe that so we seek to “own” whatever it is we desire ,imagining that if we own it ,we can keep it forever.From this understanding we create the experience of security ,our sustainability and our happiness.
Nothing could be further from the truth .The idea that we can own things has caused so much damage to our own psyche and more damage to our species than we could ever know.

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Still rockin’ in the free world…when was the last time you listened to Monster by Steppenwolf? It came out in 69 and is still relevant today! Maybe more so :-(((

Fracking makes the air unbreathable and the water undrinkable and thus the land unlivable. Always first do no harm.

Some Palestinian orchards are hundreds of years old and passed from generation to generation. Then because the families are the wrong religion the invading religionists cut them down an build condos with swimming pools.

I’ll check it out.

They know not what they do …We have the blind leading the blind.
Nobody impliments the precautionary principle anymore .