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A 'Complete Fabrication': FCC Chair Ajit Pai Finally Admits Claim of Attack on Net Neutrality Comment System Was Total BS


A 'Complete Fabrication': FCC Chair Ajit Pai Finally Admits Claim of Attack on Net Neutrality Comment System Was Total BS

Julia Conley, staff writer

After spending a year claiming that the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) public comment system had been hacked while the agency was gathering feedback on net neutrality protections—resulting in the loss of comments in favor of the rule—commission chair Ajit Pai was forced to admit on Tuesday that no such breach had taken place, just before a report on the matter was released by the FCC's inspector general.


I have no idea what in the life of this man led to his full fledged narcissistic presence with intent to sell out to the highest bidder. Must be part of the Bannon/Mercer profiling in their selections.

Mercers are no doubt being combed, scrutinized and files compiled. I really can’t wait for that dam to collapse!

My deepest gratitude to those who make it their mission to dig up the truth about the dirt these (*)!@&& s are constantly burying. The people and organizations working on investigative reporting take the shit strewn by these abusers, compost it through public process so that society is able to have the necessary instruments to thrive and battle these knuckle draggers. Given what their legacy to the not yet dead planet is, some equalization therapy should soon be on the horizon


Nor do I, but I can guarantee you that he believes his position to be the result of “meritocracy”. Probably wanks off to AynRand.cum, the scum.


Lying for a Living is hard work for Trump Administration officials.

Lie, Deny, then Arrogantly Admit.

The Trump M.O.


Now what? Will ISPs be subject to the old regulations enacted while Obama was in office? They should be, as it is the will of the people.

Stop abusing the American people!


Well I guess this puts Eejit Pie in line for a cushy promotion to some other position in the trump regime of fraud and corruption…


More likely he’ll stay right where he is until he’s finished his punch-list of tasks for his task masters, the ISPs, then he’ll return to them and someday soon be the CEO of one of them.


MUNICIPAL BROADBAND … why is the 5G brain fry fest such a tamale?


Re: “invent[ing] a fake DDoS attack to cover up the fact that they lost comments from net neutrality supporters.”

They didn’t lose the comments, they threw them away.
Why doesn’t he lose his job? Isn’t lying to the nation as serious as propositioning a subordinate?


Jail Pai. The lawyer Pai obstructed. Ajit Pai intentionally and methodically obstructed and convoluted research for a public service and lawyer Ajit Pai has to GO TO JAIL. LOCK HIM UP!!


Boy I bet the Democrats in Congress wont take this news standing up.


Cosmic powered biology in the information age!


S__tpie figured that if this tactic worked so well for Goebbels and Hitler it would work fine for him.

I DO agree with Trump that Guantanamo needs to remain open…to house people like S__tpie and his boss after they are brought to justice.


another whore for the corporations, much like the lying General’s son Michael Powell.


The Nation’s Founding Fathers saw communication to be so important to the new country that they wrote provisions in the Constitution for a Post Office and even Post Roads to get those communications from Post Office to Post Office! Technology has found ways around the old mud and horseshit of mail delivery but modern Internet is still in the spirit of mail delivery envisioned by those sweating nation-builders back in Philadelphia that summer. By jacking around with OUR Internet, especially in trying to “privatize” it with whatever lies he and the private corporations could concoct, Ajit Pai was (is?) dicking with OUR Constitutional Right to communicate! That is a crime against EVERY ONE of 320 million Americans! 320 million crimes. No “slap on the wrist” would be an effective deterrent to someone as sold out to corrupt corporations as Pai. I would think that a fifteen year stay at the GrayBar Hotel would give Mr. Pai time to take a hone-study course of ethics and good government.


You are steamin’, Dreamin!!
Please return early and often!!


Admissions of no hack along with no voter fraud all come after the Republicans have changed rules and passed laws based on those baseless accusations. It’s nice that the FCC and Ajit Pai are forced to admit to the truth but they do so after they have gotten what they wanted and have used it to thwart the will and rights of the people.


Hello theoldgoat, This scum was a VERIZON bought and paid for liar/LAWYER. His interests align with destroying anything good. If he didn’t read Ayn Rand then he is doing a good job of following her philosophy. I believe that he (Ajit a gyp Pai/Pee) is in the same category as the scum as the UN thing (Nikki Haley) as I believe that both are first generation children of immigrants, born in the US!


Why would we expect anything else. Pai is a liar just like so many others in the Trump admin including the Liar-in-Chief himself.


We’re gonna need a bigger cesspool…