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A 'Complete Fabrication': FCC Chair Ajit Pai Finally Admits Claim of Attack on Net Neutrality Comment System Was Total BS


Hello Upthepeople, The Dumbo-K-ratic party does its best work in the horizontal position!!!


We are obliged to take Republican politicians and functionaries seriously. That is so great.


The trick is to do it without risking anything spilling out of your pockets. Schumer and Pelosi help them with that.


Not so many . . . EVERY SINGLE ONE of his staff and Cabinet are in on the corruption. And if anyone elected as a Republican as a federal legislator isn’t, that would be the rare exception. We are ruled by thieves and dominionists.


More corruption. We ought to impeach Drump for enabling corruption


“Isn’t lying to the nation as serious as propositioning a subordinate?”

With Trump as president, are you seriously asking this?