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A Confedaracy of Dunces: The Democratic Establishment’s Assault on Sander’s Begins


A Confedaracy of Dunces: The Democratic Establishment’s Assault on Sander’s Begins

John Atcheson

"When a true genius appears in your world, you may know him by this sign; that all the dunces are against him in a confederacy." —Jonathon Swift

Well, it’s started. You knew it would. The Democratic establishment is going into attack mode as their anointed one – Hillary Clinton – is in danger of losing.

Take a look at some of the assaults that have been launched within the last five days:


Please forgive the cross-post. Funny how it translates from critique of the privatized prison industrial construct.

This is the predictable legacy of western "culture" masquerading as "human nature". Important to remember is that the first thread dropped from the fabric is nature, de-fined (etymology includes: to finish, conclude, come to an end; bring to an end; define, determine with precision) as something to use, an object from which to extract, ultimately, perverse power by fragmentation.
Sort of what this mind, fingers and keyboard are currently doing. Yet this is a "product" of virtually 99.99% of what is not defined and as not being of value according to the 'criteria' (etymology: 1660s, from Latinized form of Greek kriterion "means for judging, standard," from krites "judge," from PIE root *krei- 'crisis') from which it arises.

Funny to think of the sound and fury over corruption based on brains being placed on remote control spinning around this vast bubble of everything excluded so that 'end product' 'market share' can dominate the criteria/crisis. It is 'precision' based on 'probability' enjoyed at the expense of 'recognition' (etymology includes - Sense of "formal avowal of knowledge and approval" is from 1590s; especially acknowledgement of the independence of a country by a state formerly exercising sovereignty (1824). Meaning "a knowing again" is from 1798.).

Life is poetry nurturing, or by contrast starving oneself and/or others, by choice(s).


Paul Krugman, aka, Little Lord Fauntleroy, doesn't like the "bully" Bernie Sanders, just smile and be happy with milquetoast politics. Chris Cuomo, another dandy, last night badgered Bernie several times over whether he agreed with slick Willy's "The Era of Big Government Is Over" nonsense. ( Of course, the government is the people, and the people's administration will be as big as is necessary to do the people's business.)

Little Lord Fauntleroy


"All of these are coming from credentialed liberals who have been staunch supporters of the Democratic Party."
Thomas Friedman is a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party? Who knew?


This is an excellent assessment. And to those who use the media's magic for making significant persons and issues disappear, you might want to take this analysis into account. Ultimately, those who say that there is no protest, and that people don't care DO the mainstream media's work for it... by adding their view to a manufactured consensus that shuts out any voices contrary to that which is preferred by 1% interests:

"Bottom line, until Sanders, the terms of the national debate were dictated by the Plutocracy, and there was no way to pierce the carefully constructed interlocking web of money, media, and myth the Oligarchs constructed. Oh, there were voices – but they were largely consigned to the fringes of society, with little or no chance of breaking through to reach the masses of people who’ve been duped, fleeced and fooled into believing that government is inevitably inept, taxes are a curse, and an uber-free market our salvation."

In a functioning Democracy (and it's debatable if the U.S still qualifies as such), this premise would be operational and offering a solution to the plutocratic controls of the nation's political processes, assets, media, and military:

"...if we stand together, we can put this evil genie back in its bottle, and we can take back our country and make government work again, and make it work for us.

"That is the source of our power. And it is the only power that can take on the confederacy that is gathering now, to hold on to what they’ve taken."

Vote count anomalies don't just happen in 3rd world countries, after all.


Those who stand in the way of progress--and this applies to everything from new ideas to new inventions--insist that what was true in the past is necessarily true in the present. Since THEY can't see any alternative to the status quo, they assert that there is none.

You constantly harp on a change in WHO is in office but you never talk about, or appear to understand, how deep the MONEY CHAMBERS go and that so long as the Big Money remains in place and the Supreme Court allots it the "right" to purchase elections... as soon as one batch (the batch you rail against) is theoretically tossed out, another batch will replace it.

That's like saying you want to clean house among journalists without ever getting to the crux of the issue: who owns the media and what means, motives, and ends this ilk intends to see satisfied.

Your analyses are repetitive and superficial. Much like a parrot.

And since this IS an election season and Think Tanks are allotted funds to hire idiots to sit on message boards, the FACT that you are "up first" and ready to roll AGAINST Sanders on a daily basis strongly suggests that you have no OTHER job to go to.


I always read Acheson and have found little to disagree with. Good analysis on the what the Democratic establishment has in store for Bernie. Things are getting interesting as Sanders gets more support from the disfranchised population.


Liberals are the Milquetoast of the bourgeoisie. They love to hold hands and sway with "We Shall Overcome" even laying claim to the progress the reds and radicals they once distanced themselves from have achieved but, you can always count on them to turn on you. Always. It's a good sign that we are in motion.


The 'Town Hall' last night was a more blatant attempt than usual by CNN (which confirmed their moniker of being the Clinton News Network) to take down the Sanders movement. All the questions Chris Cuomo asked Bernie, and those selected from the crowd, were from Clinton talking points about Sanders' supposed vulnerabilities: Will you bring back the era of Big Government? Will you raise taxes on the middle class? Is Planned Parenthood the establishment? Are your plans realistic? Are you a one note candidate?

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton was allowed to speechify without interruption on her supposed strengths--foreign policy, experience, being Obama's favorite, and that 11-hour exercise in irrelevance called the Benghazi hearing. Is Libya a foreign policy success? Is Syria? Is Egypt? Is Iraq? Is Afghanistan? Is Gaza? Is Yemen? No, a string of no's.

Like Atcheson, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, and others have pointed out there is clearly a beholden class that includes the names above to which I would add the CNN post Town Hall panelist, Van Jones, who last night played the part of Iago whispering doubts into Othello's ear about Desdemona's fidelity, though never coming right out and saying it. "Sanders has enthusiasm on his side . . ."

Well at least lines are now being more clearly drawn. Will America listen to the voice of the people or a desperate candidate who has unleashed a string of disingenuous attacks against someone whose campaign message is flowing like a mighty river of truth to power? Or will America listen to a candidate whose campaign relies on lying and trying to polish a turd?


Young people ignore the New York Times and its columnists. They also ignore network news and CNN and they read Buzzfeed, not the Huff Post. They even ignore Common Dreams. They get their news from late night comedians and from their friends on Facebook. And they support Sanders, perceiving Clinton and Obama as Republicans.


young people "support Sanders, perceiving Clinton and Obama as Republicans."
I suspect you are correct, younger minds in general are more open minded, not having enough time to have have been propagandized to the level desired by the powers that be.


When you can't gerrymander your opposition out of success, you need a confederacy of dunces.

Hillary might do in a pinch, but Bernie is 50 shades bluer. And this movement is not color blind.


I feel more hopeful after reading the comments here on CommonDreams. We know here that a vote for Bernie Sanders is actually a vote against the Democratic Party. If the campaign to nominate Sanders is successful, it will transform the Democratic Party into a Party for the people. Too many of the Democratic apparatchiks have become beholden to moneyed interests to the point that they have lost sight of what is important. Beating Republicans is NOT the point if you beat them with a Republican in Democratic clothing. This election may very well turn into a transformational movement in which the country exercises its right to vet money from politics once and for all. Perhaps with each new ad attack, voters will only be galvanized further against the Establishment? Perhaps the fifty percent who don't vote will be inspired to actually vote for the first time because real change has manifested itself in Bernie Sanders? Perhaps this is one of those magical moments in which all the money in the world won't be able to stop the peoples candidate from becoming the next president of the United States?
I, personally, will be driving around my State at Primary time blaring from my loudspeaker the necessity that the 99% must vote for Sanders or else we're stuck with the Establishment for at least another four years. I will encourage everyone to send ten dollars to the Sanders campaign. I will debate anyone who has the time to listen as to why Sanders is our only hope this time and why we shouldn't be confused by Obama's false message of hope and change and Bernie's real message of hope and change. I'm sure like the rest of the readers here, we will be glued to our TV sets this Monday to find our if our 'hope and change' have a shot this time around.


There is a HUGE back and forth right now on Salon in response to a hit piece against Bernie Sanders. All the usual complaints and rebuttals. The Shillary people seem resigned to the "lesser evil" that she would represent versus a Rethug president. However, we are at a point where we do need fundamental change or at least the beginnings of it and for the government to actually represent the desires of the American people that is supposedly speaks for. That recent work by two political science professors which concluded that the great majority of political work done in D.C. has nothing to do with what the people say they want in poll after poll is depressing. Not very encouraging to see the system bought and paid for so overtly. Shillary has already admitted that her campaign will cost more then 2 BILLION dollars. That kind of "assistance" comes with a LOT of IOUs and she will be glad to pay them off.
By the way, one word that was used to describe Sanders' supporters was "idealists" as if we couldn't really function in that real world of politics. Well, the people have shown that they are fed up with "real" politics because they lose every time and the corporate grip just tightens further.


Acheson hits the mark about the mainstream status quo frontal attacks on Sanders but he left out the democratic party's flanking maneuvers. Suddenly Hillary keeps mentioning Obama who went from being a liability by association to the corporate coup's oligarchy and trade deals to being almost a race based asset to counter Sander's civil rights credentials. It looks that obvious and cynical.


The Democratic establishment's assault on Bernie should tell us Bernie is for real. And when he wins the primaries in Iowa and N.H. the vitriol against Bernie will be ratcheted up.

The next denigration by the corrupt HRC and her party hacks? Did you notice the Clinton News Network's not so subtle question about Bernie being too old and why has he not released his health records? Cuomo made Bernie one year older than he is and Bernie had to correct him. But the seed was planted and we can look for the denigration of Bernie because of his age in the future.


Chris Hedges has written effectively about the laziness and downright co-option of the liberal class to vested interests. Anyone who really believes that Hillary is what we need to for all that "incremental change" is fooling themselves. I'm expecting, for instance, that if she is elected that it won't take long before she tells us that she now has "new information" and has decided to approve the TPP.


Both parties are shills for Wall Street, which I agree with and when it comes to Wall Street cronies, there is not much difference; however Bernie is not a Wall Street crony and has a long track record to prove it! And if Bernie becomes the next POTUS he could be the next FDR.


Can you actually be that clueless about what Sanders has done by running as a Democrat?

A vote for Sanders IS A VOTE AGAINST the Democratic Party establishment.

As is OBVIOUS from the way those Party establishment mavens are furiously smearing him.

You style yourself as Mister Green, but those glasses you are wearing are some other color...


The only thing missing from your post is that recent history shows that vote counts can and will be tampered with, and that if matters threaten the interests of the elites, they can contest votes and use the Supreme Court as the last leverage AGAINST Democratic consensus.

What's really fun is watching the anti-Sanders crowd (those who insist that he's just another Obama) watch how the Establishment Pundits and media corps. do their utmost to utilize an arsenal of character assault weapons. Kind of blunts their arguments...

Anyone hear the Fat Lady sing yet?